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Rick Warren

Links For Study Group Hosts

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Dear Forum Members and Visitors,


The links below will take you to just a few of the web-tools available for the Study Group host. In these days of instantaneous global communications, student/teachers might be closer to the Web than the 3 lb. book.


The word Urantia is spreading exponentially across the planet, thanks in large part to the Web. And the teachings in the UB can't be fully grasped without reflecting on them with fellow pilgrims. Therefore has a great revelation crossed paths with a great innovation. Already are there live Study Groups forming on social networks provided by the Web. Soon enough, there will be 3d virtual study groups popping up everywhere, eh?



Read/Search The Urantia Book (15 languages)


Download The Urantia Book


Topical Studies


The Urantia Book, Audio Version


Download Urantia Foundation's Index


OPAD Index Page


Forum Main Index Page


Artist's Concept Of The Master Universe (Gary Tonge)




Urantia Book Internet School (UB scholastic study courses)





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