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Rick Warren

(Inter)National Study Day

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Forum Friends,



Last year Australian/New Zealand UAI members began a tradition and invited all reader/believers to participate. The Paper chosen for study this year relates to their upcoming national conference. Below is the announcent from ARENA magazine:



National Study Day(s) – 23/24 May, 2009. Paper 100 ~ Religion in Human Experience



This year ANZURA's National Study Day is set for the weekend of May 23-24. As a warm-up for our annual conference, we would like to explore the very nature of religion in human experience. In Paper 100, one of Michael's Melchizedeks offers us his insight into this most intimate aspect of our lives. We hope you all have the chance to get together with fellow readers to share this remarkable paper.



As you may recall, last year we extended an invitation to the worldwide readership to join us in this day of study. From small seeds big things grow—imagine in 100 years each reader setting aside "our day" to join with others and reflect on the refreshing truths poured freely across the world by these Papers.



...Spiritual growth is mutually stimulated by intimate association with other religionists.... p.1094:2



Join in!

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