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A "true spiritual clarion"!

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hI yoU! I think it would be better

if Obama's choice for person to give

the invocation at his inauguration would be

OUR Rick Warren who says,


"Revealed truth,

both personal and epochal, shows the true light

in the form of a personal God, a loving Father of all.

Our God is a creator and provider of the universal purpose,

as well as love in the manifold forms of truth, goodness and beauty.


"God designed the universe with you in mind as co-creator,

God needs your experience. Father delegates free will

to its farthest stretch when granting it to terrestrial creatures like you.

All that is expected in return is that you sometime become a member,

perfect in all ways, of the never ending, ever expanding cosmic family.

And that you assist in the most stupendous of all projects:

building this innumerable family of perfect children

across time and space,

even to supreme, ultimate and absolute limits.


'...The sincere pursuit of goodness, beauty, and truth leads to God....p2078' "

(The URANTIA Book)

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I think that a great opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate some REAL "spiritual power" in the USA has been lost with the selection of the other "other" Rick Warren to lead the inaguration festivities with "prayer".


When SINCERELY reviewing the events of the struggles of an enslaved race in USA history, Pastor Warren is not the "voice" of that real struggle - even if he started "channeling" a "most high", it still feels like he's taking credit for something that he had nothing to do with - go figure how THAT happens.... B)


As a matter of fact, were it not for the civil rights "movement" of the 1960s in the USA, an objective observer of "christianity" could make a open and shut case that "christianity" WAS completely neutralized as a "spiritual power" by the "isms" of the 20th century and its wars. ("Christianity" not only was unable to stop the blood bath of materialistic ideology, it actually did most of the groundwork for initializing it, imo).


Pastor Warren, whether he realizes it or not, borrows a lot of his psychological "techniques" from the gang of "christians" that prevailed during the two world wars of the 20th century, techniques exquisitely perfected with our latest perpetual war mongering coordination of propaganda, "religion" and "globalization". Warren does not promote or even realize that the ONLY role of government should be to protect the INDIVIDUAL against force and fraud (might is right). And that RELIGION is what suffers the most perversion when church is NOT left alone by the state.


The second burst of "spiritual power" among "christians" was the Solidarity Labor Movement (did they "steal" the idea from the United Midwayers of Urantia...? ;) ). But that's a whole other "history" that's on a completely different trajectory from USA...


Let's hope that the MUSICAL GIFT of the enslaved race in the USA - jazz - with its transcendental improvisations, be heard at one inaguration ball, at the very least....


Who knows, maybe even Pastor Warren could learn something new about "soul"....something that isn't "driven"....?


As for ALL of us, sooner or later we need to start transferring the seat of our "identity" (conservative, liberal, gay, trans....scheesh, wha'ever) to our SOUL - and depending on what you might identify yourself the most with is what you'll have the hardest time getting over....many "judeo-christians" will need to get over themselves as armaggedon "prophets"....or wha'ever....

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You can play jazz for the inauguration only if you are planning to turn it into a comedy. Everyone knows that comedies always play jazz as a CUE CARD to the audience to let them know that there is something funny going on and that they are now supposed to laugh. If they didn’t play jazz during a comedy, the audience would have no idea when they’re supposed to laugh. It’s just like psychodramas always play classical music when one of the characters is insane. You know, like, Hannibal always gets classical musical accompaniment. They play Mozart for the inauguration you know someone’s going to get eaten. Wouldn’t it be great if they played the Godfather soundtrack for Obama swearing in? It would be appropriate since he is a cousin to Dick Cheney afterall. Sheesh. I vote for our Rick Warren too.

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