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  1. This forum has been so great for me! You are all great contributors. You insights have kept me humble and even more open to absorption. Keep up your great works! Ray
  2. This is fascinating for me to envision the spirit of one individual hovering/encompassing an entire world(s), unfragmented, that can communicate on an individual basis with me.
  3. I have had a private inquiry with Bonita regarding the spirit of truth; since I had recalled that she had mentioned or that is referred to 'the Spirit of Truth' as a person sometime ago in one of her posts. For all the years I've been reading the UB I always forseen this spirit as an all encompassing force of our Creator Son utilized as an aide in recognizing both truth and beauty as represented by the Father-Son, Creator Son. Bonita has provided me with some quotes that refer to this Spirit as a 'he' or 'him' which I took to be in reference to a masculine spirit-force not a person. Perhaps an entity that is a personal entity? Am I the only one that always thought this way?!
  4. Alina, I believe you hit on something for me! Let me think these thoughts over and pray on it. Thank you.
  5. In other words I have to achieve godlikeness to attain to deity-likeness.
  6. I have achieved deity-likeness by personal unification of all my parts i.e: the 4 actuals.
  7. Let me see if by my left-handed thinking, if I were to say that my deity-likeness is due to my unique individualistic unification of my parts by choosing those godlike attributes which will bring harmony and balance to my selfhood. Then could I say, that by this process of synthesization that my parts are made whole - that is to act as 'oneness' - I now can be godlike, acting as a whole person, once I achieve this 'oneness' of my total being - deity-likeness. Does this make any sense to you all?
  8. Alina, I was thinking in the realm of the totality that is discerned by deity-BEING; the realm of totality discerned by a human-BEING - then the personalization of deity-BEING - selfhood; and the personalization of human-BEING - selfhood. The term God always refers to the personal - no? We can become personal - godlike, then in what way do we become deity-like in reference to the totality of our reality. Looking for descriptive references here. I'm not sure how else to word this?
  9. Alina, I've been following this topic and I still question what is a concept of our being godlike in contradistinction to diety-likeness; thus far have seen nothing in dialouge addressing this. Do you have your own concept or do you know where references or inferences are in the UB?
  10. Thinking out loud - "Love comprehension of Deity" may be seeing the totality of the person, the Universal Father, whose nature we comprehend as T,B, & G - must also create within these paramaters and therefore be inclusive of three lights. As Alina stated - balanced and harmonized. The individual scientist, philosopher, or religionists undoubtedly may have biased viewpoints. That is their own problems. I certainly had difficulties in overcoming strictly material humanitarian insights to become a spiritualized and personalized human being. Love applications may be prepersonal, personal, and superpersonal. Do I not have a deity-level personality capable of these applications as I become god-like person? If I apply love impartially i.e. justice do I still call it love? Do I not need wisdom when utilizing love personally or in other applications: master-slave relations, husband-wife relations, parent-child relations, brotherly-sisterly relations, love of career etc..The crux then is to love the sinner but not the sin in a sense I may love you but not in your totality because then I would love you as deity in all your totality. Still hammering it out...........
  11. (648.3) 56:10.20 To finite man truth, beauty, and goodness embrace the full revelation of divinity reality. As this love-comprehension of Deity finds spiritual expression in the lives of God-knowing mortals, there are yielded the fruits of divinity: intellectual peace, social progress, moral satisfaction, spiritual joy, and cosmic wisdom. The advanced mortals on a world in the seventh stage of light and life have learned that love is the greatest thing in the universe — and they know that God is love. (648.4) 56:10.21 Love is the desire to do good to others. "Love comprehension of Deity" is quite different than one-on-one love relation with God, the personalization of Deity, that we can have a relationship with. Now the door is open for what is our Deity-likeness and how do we interpret this "love comprehension of Deity?"
  12. Alina, we're back to the foreward, whereby definitions on Deity and God are given. We're told we reach religious maturity when we recognize personal Deity after first having an understanding of our personal God. I reiterate that the Universal Father as manifested Personal Paradise Deity personalizes. As God, the Universal Father - we can share a relationship with. Yet, this same God, the Universal Father can also act as Deity. The only way I was able to visualize such divergencies was by picturing one ball of exploding power as the one unified source. Yea, a compression of the Infinite One from the Infinitude as self-recognition. Yet, if you continue to look at this power as it 'flickers' - you'll see the various manifestations of His Deity Powers manifested as the 7 absolutes. For me this satisfies both the maps and the map readers. Never before have we been given such a revelation when distinguishing an Infinite Deity.
  13. Dear Bradly , thank you - I now dare to ask if socialism and comminism in theory is to be viewed as anathem to our econmic capitalistic system or cannot something be learned and utilized to progress to a service motive? Would that not be a sign of progress and growth? Or do you see or foresee something other not yet conceived or tried as of yet. Your economic knowledge would have a deeper insight than mine. Knowning full well that communism is atheistic in practice and in theory. Socialism as far as I know is not this. I believe you do have something in mind that might be on the horizon.
  14. Not in disagreement with you Bradly. Was making the point of material secular values are a starting point for transference for higher spiritual values. Humanitarian aid advances both human values and spiritual values. What I'm saying, being human we sometimes have to start from this lower virewpoint to progress to the higher.
  15. In some other thread Bradly exponded the virtues of western capitalism - be it humanitarian values - had on world economy and the subsequent value it produced in third world countries. I applaud those shared insights. Much food for thought. Even idealistic and spiritual thought. What I also see historically is that two of our greatest enemies Germany and Japan - let me throw in Vietnam - are now great trading capitalist societies. In short, America's big footprints currently in Iraq, Afghanistan, will eventually include the democratization of countries in the MidEast Spring Uprising - which I believe will include influence on Syria and Iran. Military occupation, corporate capitalism, the military-industrial complex, apparently has human sectarian value. Does might make right? It appears at the very least a necessary step in getting attention. The fact is that we don't force religion upon anyone. Regardless of all this, the secretarian humanistic values can be used as a starting point to jerk someone into a broader realization of current realities. I often wondered why the UB was revealed in our Western Civilization - especially in the USA. Not that it should be forced upon anyone - but that its revealed in such an environment that is at its peak of materialism and yields such worldwide power.
  16. Addendum - also see humanitarian values as necessary for the promotion and protection of the more advanced societies of today.
  17. Thank you Alina for finding those quotes. The reason I wanted to review them was that Bradly pointed out fear dominance as an overriding problem. I don't necessarily disagree. As an inherited animal attribute for survival I see its good. Also see the need for humanitarian secular values that may or may not be elevated to a spiritual level at some point in one's life. If done so then the individual may or may not utilize spiritual values in cultural, scientific, or religious activities. As of today though, such use of values seems to be or must be done discreetly when applied to cultural and scientific arenas. The blending of these three arena has seen today a fanatical offshoot - which to me tells us we are not ready to harmonize these three aspects of living in an harmonious environment. Even if I see the cup half filled, we have a long long ways to go. I believe the revelations of the restated gospel of Jesus Christ will in time make its impact in the not too distant future. In brief, what I am saying is that we can't live in an ivory tower while we progress in an unnatural or not normal progression as on other advanced worlds.
  18. Alina gret thread. Do you know if there is a quote in the UB that states that there is no emotional maturity/growth without spiritual progression or words to that effect?
  19. The more we study and learn by experience - the more we are confronted by inner conflicts and moral strugglings. Not sure about protestantism - though I do see it breaking away for a more personal relationship with God than the Catholicism. The river of truth that flows through most established religions is also recognized by the UB. Because of this later teaching, I have become more eclectic than ever before. I feel that these new discoveries are aided by my Thought Adjuster and that my soul is progressing.
  20. You're good, Bradly. I currently came across a documentary on mysticism as an experience is to view oneness - unity with the universe - granting a peace beyond human understanding. Just started viewing it. I believe that the UB is very cautioonary about this. So far, I would assume that the Dali Lama is a mystic. I'm not against this approach seems that it certainly would give faith in divinity a boost. Seems to me that this mystic approach would in reality eliminate the need of the UB - since truth, beauty and goodness would be encompassed with such an experience. Actually I am envious of those having had this experience since it is beyond words and study. Have experienced 'flashes' and moments of peace - but nothing of lasting duration. In short, although we are out of step - seems it would be more digestible with a mystical experience that changes one's viewpoint/attitude with this experience. Oh yes, the easier road for me - guess I most struggle and progress slowly.
  21. Thank you Bradly. How then do corporations now legally defined as 'persons' fit in for you? This is not 'morphing to me. Russia and China regardless of their political or societal declarations are now competitive capitalistic societies. The Dali Lama I know very little about... but from what I've seen - he lives outside of the world reality as it is today. Sorry, but I see him as a 'good' person but not realistic. In favor of his living in an isolated reality, but practically - don't get him. A major sift to service motive is not evident. Yet you did previously post something to the fact that capitalism is allowing for humanitarian programs. Are we still in the midst of secular humanitarianism or have we started to step into the moral spiritual arena? Or does it really matter - as long as values be they humanitarian or not prevail?
  22. It's hard to believe after reading your above post that I actually read the same paper! I quess I was viewing from a half empty cup.Spiritual Pressure from above would be welcomed. Yet, I know one of your areas of expertise is the economy. Do you visualize the way capitalism is and has been utilized is in a flux of change? Do you see the profit motive taking a back seat?
  23. Finished reading paper 52. Again it reminds me how far we have to yet travel. Discouraging at first - but also full of hope. The many mental misfits and a different order of capitalistic family life are for me great barriers to be overcome. A new economic order seems inevitable and seems to be starting. World War on terrorism is in place and hopefully can be resolved by common sense - common political sense if possible ( an oxymoron)? But the Hope for me is the early advent of this revelation! If I heard correctly - has been revealed 50 years earlier than planned. We are seemingly the 1st generation to seed this revelation for the next millenium to come? At least that is my understanding. I was hopeful that the aztec calander ending was the origination of a new era for us. The advent of a Teacher Son! But I can't rush the Divine Plan.
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