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  1. To answer your question Bill, though you may have directed it more towards John than myself...


    I believe that the need to compete with each other is a big role our society currently plays at the moment, especially in a capitalist society. We are so removed from our neighbours that it seems difficult for us to come together. Reason being, our governments thrive on us remaining distanced from eachother, by thinking that we are so different from one another in our competition to have more than our neighbours next door. We are more easily controlled in such a society. Our governments know this, and they depend on it. It is our control device. Our greatest barrier from establishing that Brotherhood of Man.


    I do believe that the need to seperate ourselves goes back to tribalism, in which competition was heavily in play; and that yes, it is the sign of a lesser evolved society. That it seems our next step is to come together, as we evolve, and that this Love for our fellow man will replace any sort of "differences" we may think we have from our neighbours, which will create a more evolved society structure...and will be, for us, the moment when real progress begins to be made upon this world.

  2. Claude,


    My personal life story I don't believe would belong in this thread. But for the sake of confinement, for the sake of staying relevent i'll give you a quick capitulation of my religious life: I sought the bible at the age of 10 and began to get very obsessed with the idea of extraterrestrial life, though I couldn't unite the link between the two. I then came to various forms of occultism and occult practices before reverting to atheism. I have then came back to Jesus in March and have been obsessed with the idea of extraterrestrial life again, though I couldn't link it until a month later when I would discover The Urantia Book, understanding finally the link between the two (but to a relative degree).


    Conclusion: My Life is lived for The King of Kings, and I am ready to learn more about our King through study of The Urantia Book.

  3. What does "cheminement" mean? I may be glad to share my thoughts with you.


    I believe the feeling is synonamous Claude: we are all able to discern this material-minded winter before the springing-summer of a new age. The Spirit of Christ is on this planet, this is true. So, in essence, Christ is here now...but not yet quite flourished, as his true Coming, or revelation upon mankind will be.


    I think we can all agree on that my friend.

  4. I believe what Claude is experiencing is an account of these words...


    "And now concerning the travail of Jerusalem, about which I have spoken to you, even this generation will not pass away until my words are fulfilled; but concerning the times of the coming again of the Son of Man, no one in heaven or on earth may presume to speak. But you should be wise regarding the ripening of an age; you should be alert to discern the signs of the times. You know when the fig tree shows its tender branches and puts forth its leaves that summer is near. Likewise, when the world has passed through the long winter of MATERIAL-MINDEDNESS and you discern the coming of the spiritual springtime of a new dispensation, should you know that the summertime of a new visitation draws near."


    I believe we are all wise enough to discern the signs of the times. YET, on such matters of WHEN no one should speak. For as we are able to discern the times, we do not know WHEN that time will come...but again, we are capable of discerning the signs of the times.


    I think this is what Claude is more or less attempting to communicate. But to speak of the WHEN is going just a step out of our limit. We do not know about this When, so we are not permitted to speak.


    Do you understand what I mean to say Claude?

  5. I guess Claude, you gotta' limit your discussions to what has been revealed by the UB...and i'd recommend, if you have questions about something outside of the pages of the UB, that you post on other forums where your conversation is more fitting.


    You might understand how difficult it is for a beginner here to discern what was said in the UB and what WASN'T published in the UB.

    It is not an easy task, and why I favour the idea of nothing else being discussed here except what was revealed in the book...and not other internet sources.


    It just complicates our study of the UB to be confronted by things OUTSIDE of the book, when our study is concerned strictly with what is IN THE BOOK itself.


    See what I mean?:)

  6. I will give you my thought Claude...


    I think it would be more effective, personally, to mail off 1,500 pages with ONE similar message on it.


    That way, the person doesn't (as Jen pointed out) receive the misfortune of receiving something that they have absolutely no idea what to do with. You could, perhaps, construct your own message...and attach a helpful website such as TruthBook.com to it. So if people have further questions, they have a place to go likewise (with quotes from the UB) about what they might think regarding it all.


    Just a constructive suggestion:)

  7. Still we are at a stand-still concerning the potential for a deceased human to communicate with the living here on Urantia.


    I am inclined, from the text to believe communication is possible. (As that is the way I interpret the text)


    While others are still inclined, from reading the text, to believe it impossible for communication to occur; Even after reading the same text.



    I wonder if other text exists for us to draw a more feasible conclusion in regard to whether it is possible for the deceased to communicate to the living children of Urantia...I am very interested, with exploration of the text, to learn more.

  8. This is a good topic, and one which I have given much thought to lately.


    You find many who call themselves followers of Christ pointing their fingers at others saying, "You're gonna' go to Hell and BURN!"

    While they believe themselves righteous, and are far from it; as they have failed to learn Jesus' compassion. "Are you his accuser?" "Judge Not." Yet many who call themselves Christ's have yet to perfect his Love within themselves for others.


    That was Christ's message, not fear.


    Fear has been used as a control-device by political powers throughout the dawn of early religious forms. Yet Fear is not the way to God...the Way is Love, and sadly, many who speak authoritatively on this subject of God's Will and the Way to Christ fail to understand this simplest of messages.


    I believe that is why it is necessary for us to put the spotlight on this truth...and to be The Living Example in relation to all of our fellows, so they can see, and experience with their own eyes the blessings which have been given to His PeaceMakers.

  9. I believe that Mindfulness is key.


    To be mindful of our service to others, through love, through patience; to see the light of God within each and every one of our brothers and sisters. Dutiful service to others is Divine in and of it's self. If we tend to the garden of life in this regard, I believe we are achieving God's Will. As the purpose of our Eternal Lives is but to Perfect ourselve's in this Way to God.


    This takes practice, which is Mindfulness. And attaining to the ever-present mind of God is key to attain to His Will which makes us likewise: The Living Example, as Christ Michael is to us on our world.

  10. I have been thinking about what you have said about the bible being more directed for a simpler time, whereas the UB has been revealed in a more advanced time of thought.


    And I find it very relatable to my own experience. I myself find the UB more advanced in it's explanations, as compared to the biblical text. So I would definitely agree with what you have said regarding the nature of both books.

  11. "Can a soul communicate with us after death? Then

    what is spiritism and channeling? Who are promoting them?


    ...never does a dis-Adjustered human being after death manifest

    active identity or in any manner establish communication with

    the living beings of earth. Such dis-Adjustered souls are wholly

    and absolutely unconscious during the long or short sleep of death.

    There can be no exhibition of any sort of personality or ability

    to engage in communications with other personalities

    until after completion of survival."



    Remember the point that is made, is that the DIS-Adjustered being cannot communicate with the living beings of earth.


    Also, the clause of communication with the living beings of earth is held in the last sentence of the self-same paragraph: "There can be no exhibition of any sort of personality or ability to engage in communications with other personalities UNTIL after completion of survival." Which I interpret to be, the reunification of the Adjuster with the deceased human.


    Those without the aide of the Adjuster cannot communicate, yet those with the Adjuster may.

  12. Thank you very much for sharing. I am familiar with similar experiences having to do with astral travel, and the common floating that occurs in dreams.


    I believe there is no mortal who could have written this book and brought such a measure of intense knowledge to surface. As we all begin to wake up from the material dream, more and more of us are going to come to the UB.

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