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  1. I hope I'm not derailing the thread by jumping in at this point. I haven't had time to read the entire thread but I thought the following advice directed primarily at the female of the species, quoted with permission, might be of interest to anyone concerned with the humane application of eugenics:

    Young men are very confused about what constitutes manhood for the very good reason that the mass media and their own family and friends have hundreds of bizarre images, many quite contradictory. Throughout history, but even more so now that rape is a serious crime in most countries, the opinions and behavior of young women shape what young men do more than anything else.


    A girl may be so horny she loses her good judgment*, just as a boy is likely to be. But somewhere in the back of her head must be the fact that there are serious consequences to allowing sex to become trivial. Not just the risk of an unwanted pregnancy or a disgusting disease, but of warping your own mind and the mind of the guy involved. The recent tendency to treat sexual activity as "just having fun" can be literally fatal. The high suicide rate is only one indicator.


    Boys pay attention to what desirable girls say about them. Certainly if you are cruel about it, he will simply call you a dirty name and avoid you. He may also say dreadful things to his friends about you. But if you explain your values politely and quietly -- not in front of others -- at least some guys will pay attention. You can also set the standard by what you say and do publicly, and how you behave, how you dress, and so on. Do you know how to have fun in a playful manner without being so suggestive that you create sexual tension? Can you dress with style and class without looking like a hooker? Can you promote high academic standards without sounding like an intellectual snob?


    Remember that you are not just dealing with boys near your own age as who they are now, but as what potential they show and how determined they are to use that potential wisely. Rich boys may well be spoiled brats, while poor ones who are working hard to get a good education and pull themselves out of poverty are way more admirable. The rich ones may spend money on you, on entertaining you and buying you gifts, while the poor or working-class guy can't compete on that score. But you expose yourself to charges of being shallow if you waste your time on the spoiled brats.


    I may be running off topic here, but I think it's clear about my point: girls have an important responsibility to set high standards for boys without crushing their hopes of gaining your approval. To do that, you must set high standards for yourself, of course. It means you have to study what you believe is and is not important, learn to make wise ethical judgments, and basically to grow up yourself. That takes time, which is one reason why dating when you are very young is a bad idea. Some few girls may get lucky, but a great many more have really awful results from immature judgment. Take your time.


    *Not to be too rude, but you can deal with that yourself, you know.

    Original by AuntB93also at Multiply

  2. This is a wonderful thread, truly "full of wonders"! and I have already found food for further consideration.


    As a relative newcomer to the revelation, I would like to ask anyone with the patience to help an aspiring student with an ongoing study of the Thought Adjuster. The attached file contains my observations so far:Thought_Adjuster_8_21_2011.pdf


    I would be grateful for corrections where I have made errors, or suggestions for aspects not yet covered (please include a page number!)

  3. 100:5.6 In times past, divine beings have revealed themselves to certain God-knowing persons, not because of their mystic trances or morbid visions, but in spite of all these phenomena.


    Likewise, it's good to know the irrelevance of such distortion in overall spiritual growth. True religion is revelation of the soul, and in the end, is a process of self-revelation accomplished through a relationship with the divine, whether or not the mortal mind comprehends it as such.


    101:3.1 Religion is so vital that it persists in the absence of learning. It lives in spite of its contamination with erroneous cosmologies and false philosophies; it survives even the confusion of metaphysics. In and through all the historic vicissitudes of religion there ever persists that which is indispensable to human progress and survival: the ethical conscience and the moral consciousness.

    Once again I find myself confronted by how little I really understand! And amazed at the goodness and patience of our Father.

  4. After studying this paper last week, it occurs to me that justice and mercy are important elements not only in this paper, but throughout the substance of the revelation. Justice, it could be argued, is the remedy for injury - someone has been hurt. Justice is about making good the damage and remedying the cause of the injury, rather than causing equal injury. So mercy is justice tempered by love (I think I read that in one of the papers :unsure: )


    As usual, when I gain more insight, the subject becomes much more important to me suddenly!

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  5. I think the whole "former lives" preoccupation is a side-trip

    A hazard which I have to say, seems to be ever-present. There are no end of diversions to distract us from what really matters: the quest to find God.


    Very simply put, the morontia mind is an evolutionary phenomenon that develops, in part, due to contact with the cosmic mind which is the mindedness of God.

    Again, you make me think of the principle of harmony, tuning one string to resonate with another. I hope I'm not missing a more important point here!


    The cosmic mind contains space reports and the Adjuster is also privy to universe broadcasts. These things can be imparted to the morontia mind, but not easily to the material, animal mind. As spiritually evolving humans, we have incomplete consciousness of our souls, and until the first circle, the soul has incomplete consciousness of our minds. Therefore, the spiritually evolving mind may at times enjoy a glimpse at the thoughts of a higher existence without understanding what they actually mean. And, it is this partiality that creates so much mischief, as well as potential evil.

    This would certainly seem to support the basis of the study of noetics (unless I misunderstand). Perhaps it also suggests that the study of the field, in isolation, is another blind scientific alley.

  6. Much info today on flying with the Angels. But is the Melchizedek saying Adjusters do some kind of work or service, on or for us, while we fly and "sleep"?

    ...But the Thought Adjuster is wholly and fully conscious, in fact, exceptionally efficient since you are unable to oppose, resist, or otherwise hinder creative and transforming work....


    I'm pretty sure that's exactly what is meant: if you use MS Windows, you've probably encountered a situation in which the operating system has downloaded needed updates for itself, but cannot install them while the computer is still in use. Once you shut down and restart your computer, the updates are installed while the operating system itself is not available to the user. A poor analogy, but I hope it helps. Will there come a stage when we will no longer need to be unconscious for the Thought Adjuster to perform maintenance on us? Perhaps. To me, TUB raises almost as many questions as it answers; rather than being a comprehensive manual and guidebook in the search for God, it seems to be a simplified primer, but for some of us, it may also help to focus our activities during this stage of our development.




    To me, paper 39 contains some very wonderful information; firstly, angels are much more than just "nice people with wings"!


    39:1.6 Seraphim equally crave assignment to the missions of the incarnated Sons and attachment as destiny guardians to the mortals of the realms


    Given the other statements about the angelic nature, it seems that the Seraphim find an abiding joy in service as the "big sisters" of the struggling mortals.


    39:4.13 ... It is not so much what you learn in this first life; it is the experience of living this life that is important. Even the work of this world, paramount though it is, is not nearly so important as the way in which you do this work. ...


    yup - It ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it! Attitude determines altitude.


    39:4.15 5. ... A mortal never returns to his native planet during the dispensation of his temporal existence, and if he should return during a subsequent dispensation, he would be escorted by a transport seraphim of the universe headquarters group.


    Given the abundance of anecdotes about children who can recall in detail previous lives, and people who seem to recall, with the help of hypnotherapy, previous incarnations, I have to speculate that the picture is more complex than simply "live once on earth and move on". How might these phenomena be better explained, if we accept that a mortal never returns to their native planet as stated? Is there perhaps some mechanism by which memories are duplicated? or passed from one person to another? Does TUB invalidate the notion of multiple parallel continua, in which for every possible course of action, branches develop to accommodate both possibilities?


    39:5.6 In the more advanced epochs of planetary evolution these seraphim are instrumental in supplanting the atonement idea by the concept of divine attunement as a philosophy of mortal survival.


    It seems that physics theories increasingly favor the importance of vibrating patterns of energy, which would tend to support the idea that attunement to the frequency of the divine is not only possible, but essential. We can sing in harmony with the First Source and Center, or we can try to sing our own discord which no doubt will be painful!

  7. Thank you for sharing your insight J R. There were many points you made that I felt were worth commenting on, but really I would just be echoing what you had already said, so I will just quote this for emphasis:

    He wants children who will look to him for guidance and inspiration – and then courageously get to work doing something worthwhile!

  8. 188:5.6 The triumph of the death on the cross is all summed up in the spirit of Jesus' attitude toward those who assailed him. He made the cross an eternal symbol of the triumph of love over hate and the victory of truth over evil when he prayed, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." That devotion of love was contagious throughout a vast universe; the disciples caught it from their Master. The very first teacher of his gospel who was called upon to lay down his life in this service, said, as they stoned him to death, "Lay not this sin to their charge."

    Thank you Bonita. I'm sure you won't be surprised if I tell you that I had to remind myself that those were not your words, but those of the Midwayer Commission, a body of people without whom I might never have begun studying the revelation. And this quote particularly, of those you cited, has given me something new to think about.


    When I first thought about this, in the context of the Urantia Book, an idea struck:

    What is one thing almost impossible for a Creator Son to experience? What is one

    of the most difficult things for we his creatures to endure? My guess: injustice.

    Only on such a world, in such a state, could our Creator experience such a thing.


    The opportunity for Michael to suffer this unbearable cup may have been

    too important, too valuable, too unique?

    Thank you Nigel. Your "just a thought" underlines and reinforces what Bonita pointed out to me.

  9. I'm really hoping somebody can help me with this: I have asked for enlightenment directly, and waited patiently but I'm not sure I've received a complete answer so far.


    As I understand it with the limited knowledge I have so far of the revelation, the suggestion that our Father would require a blood sacrifice is an affront to him. And so is the suggestion that he would punish those who refuse all correction, without end. A merciful and simple complete extinction makes far more sense to me.


    Christ Michael (better known as Jesus) lived a complete mortal life, proceeding to the morontia resurrection stage as part of the plan to receive mastery of his creation, acknowledged by all within that creation and the celestials beyond. But if this is accepted, was it really necessary for him to be tortured to death like a criminal? What purpose does such a barbaric, ignominious and undignified death serve if it was not a punishment by proxy?


    The redemptive value of traditional Christian teaching forms the basis of a very special, close bond between the believer who sees in Jesus the only possible sacrifice on their behalf. Is the revelation saying that there is no need for such a sacrifice and its acceptance? And what about the foreshadowing of the events, particularly Jesus' death and resurrection in the old testament by such things as the annual day of atonement? As I learn more about how the Bible has been ... changed ... throughout its history I find it harder to trust in its entirety, but am still reluctant to abandon its' teaching altogether.


    To everyone who has helped to enlarge my understanding thus far, thank you sincerely. And to everyone who is willing to help me try to understand further, again, thank you.

  10. Anyone familiar with the Arthurian legend as retold by Geoffrey of Monmouth, will recognize the name of "the blessed isle" of Avalon.


    It has been many years since my grandmother departed this life, but she was a scholar of history, and I think it is to her credit that the names of Alvoring, Fanoving and Wolvering seem familiar in my memory.


    I believe it is the nature of the internet that those terms most commonly searched are those most readily returned in a search, so I have had no success in searching for those names in connection with ancient mythology, particularly the Norse legends. Is anybody else able to shed light on the possible overlap?


    I am interested particularly in the idea that those names may have been carried down through oral traditions from the days of the Melchizedek teaching. In support of this idea I suggest that Avalon was accredited as "the blessed isle" as a result of confusion in the retelling of details when the light of faith burned low and later generations regarded as fables the teachings they received from their elders.

  11. p865:06 Their chief work today is that of
    personal-liaison associates of those men and women who constitute the planetary reserve corps of destiny. It was the work of this secondary group, ably seconded by certain of the primary corps, that brought about the co-ordination of personalities and circumstances on Urantia which finally induced the planetary celestial supervisors to initiate those petitions that resulted in the granting of the mandates making possible the series of revelations of which this presentation is a part. But it should be made clear that the midway creatures are not involved in the sordid performances taking place under the general designation of "spiritualism." The midwayers at present on Urantia, all of whom are of honorable standing, are not connected with the phenomena of so-called "mediumship"; and
    they do not, ordinarily, permit humans to witness their sometimes necessary physical activities or other contacts with the material world, as they are perceived by human senses.


    Regardless, I doubt the Midwayers have interest in the gods of gold, silver, brass, iron, wood and stone:

    re: gods of gold/silver/brass &c. I'm with you on that one.


    What interested me was the suggestion that Midwayers can manipulate the physical world and that there might be a parallel of some kind between the incident reported in the biblical account of Nebuchadnezzar (first victim of mad cow disease?) and the materialization of the papers.


    Further insights would be welcome, as long as curiosity does not distract us (i.e. me!) from the serious matter contained in the papers.

  12. Once again, Bonita, I am indebted to your knowledge of the papers. One of the things I am beginning to discover is the extent to which divine revelations have been "modified" to suit the agendas of those who seek dominion. I can't rule out the usefulness of well-educated, trained guides in some circumstances, but by and large, we seem to learn best by, as one physicist put it:

    standing around the blackboard and explaining to each other what we don't understand

    That is, by encouraging one another. By sharing what we have learned.

    One of the most important lessons I have learned is that a good teacher can learn from the pupil.

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  13. This is a very important topic to me. As far as I know, beyond the Urantia Book Foundation whose members are so generous in their efforts to spread the new revelation, there is no "Church of Urantia" in the sense of buildings, sunday worship, a priesthood of any kind.


    If I have overlooked something, please let me know.

  14. Thanks for letting us know Jean,


    And welcome to the Forum! The Web's the thing for bigtime dissemination (and do we have a message!).


    TB&G2U, Rick :(


    Great idea! My daughter (not a reader ... yet!) spends a lot of time in SL and I have an account (rarely visited), so this might give me an incentive to get in there a bit more.

  15. I can't point to statements within the Urantia Book that would support this idea, but I have heard it suggested elsewhere that the past lives which many people describe are closer in nature to "virtual" experiences; things which were imagined, and as such, potentially real but never actualized in experience. These experiences seem to have been stored in what, for want of a better term, I describe as the cosmic information field, possibly something like akasha. And the supposed reincarnate has unwittingly accessed and adopted this virtual experience believing it to be something that they experience pre-natally.


    The big puzzle for me, about reincarnation, is instances in which a child remembers a previous life experience that can be verified against documentation even though the child has never been exposed to any recollections or documentation from which to construct any memories. The best explanation I have for now is something similar to the theory outlined in my first paragraph.

  16. Thank you Rick, I haven't studied that paper yet but it is significant to me that Islam is not listed among the religions. Had it been listed, I would have had to question its presence in the list, since Mohammed died roughly two hundred years after the destruction of the libraries of Alexandria.


    I should like to express my gratitude once more to every one of my fellow-pilgrims for your helpfulness in answering my questions.

  17. I am hoping students of the Urantia Book who are more widely read than myself can tell me whether they have identified quotations within the book from sacred texts other than the Bible? For example, does TUB quote from the Maharabhata, the Koran, the teachings of the Buddha, or even (stretching the idea) the Analects of Confuscius?


    In the paper which I read most recently, the following line was quoted (paper 27, section 1, paragraph 7):

    And there shall be no more sleep. The presence of God and his Son are before you, and you are eternally his servants; you have seen his face, and his name is your spirit.

    This sounds very much like a quote from a sacred text, but I cannot tell which one.


    As an aside, that last clause resonates particularly strongly with me. It is a stage which I hope we will all attain eventually.

  18. I hope I am not hijacking the thread by posting my introduction here. Nigel very kindly asked me, in a PM, and my answers are below.


    • How did you find the Urantia Book? Mr.Proctor, in a nearby town, very generously gives of his time, substance and learning, to help curious individuals like myself discover the revelation.
    • What topics most interest you? Aspects of physics, particularly as relevant to the Nebadon universe, the revealed history of events predating mainstream written history.
    • Are you an expert in any particular field? within the revelation, I am a curious newcomer. Beyond the revelation, I am a student of history and music.

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