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  1. Be greeted in the spirit Martin and welcome..."to a world in light, Life and Love". Your life experience is truly a very positive change and the effort which you accumulated brings much spiritual fruits.There is 2 books called "How I found The Urantia Book" with many readers personal stories, perhaps you will like. Compiled by Saskia Praamsma (Squarecircles.com: http://www.squarecircles.com/)


    AS to answer your question about being (physicallly) sick on the morontia worlds....i have not read anywhere that this can happen with our morontia body, but my intuition tells me that you can still be somehow spiritual disorientated and i gather it is equal to normal mental confusion ( as we know it) but can with the best of my knowledge sometimes be bordering on spiritual sickness. But we progress somehow differently on the morantia worlds...., we slowly become spiritualized in our journey from mortals to finaliters. As ascenders we grow in comprehension, knowledge, understanding and insight into a universe of Light, Life and Love. There are lessons to be learned and the wisdom of that is the" food" of our personality.

  2. Hi EllenRG


    well it is a mota from the book..:-) guess you know....

    as of your second question::.Urantia/Uranium I am unsure of any relationship.... but the name Urantia refers to the name of our planet in local universe langauge.



    Every single person is different. Thank God. Together we "talk URAntia" ANY way, i think.. :-]) &'m intrigued by similarity between "URANTIA" ...and.... "uranium". Perhaps origin/history/destiny relates?? --Ell[/color][/size][/font]


    With Light, Life and love Jean

  3. You write.."But the sharing of spiritual fruit, the simple economies of synergistic multiplication of unified effort do not happen on these forums and will not happen in Second Life.


    Permit me to enlighten you somehow about the universal fact that sharing of knowledge, from one soul to another, need not be by a physical appearance and witnessed and percieived in close proximity.

    Spiritual intimacy between universal souls and personalities are and can be done from the Center of the Universe to the furthest corner of the fourths outer space circuit.


    Your argumentative defense (your answer) of your proposition is inversely proportional to the truth contained.


    You further write....

    ("That faith is concerned only with the grasp of ideal values is shown by the New Testament definition which declares that faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.)


    What is " the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen" ? other than a minds attempt to grasp reality in all its universal greatness.

    Faith is NOT necessarily grasped ideal values but can and is in many "shituation" mere imaginary illusion from (of) a confused and/or self-deceived personality.


    You ask...

    If I may ask, do you belong to a study group? where people meet, in person, together?


    No....." seem to be a solitary messenger flying on angel wings of light, life and love..." and this makes me contented. :lol:

  4. As of what is happening in Denmark i can give a short description:


    Library placement in the main 4 state libraries.

    Various study group attempts, meeting with people ,talks all very unsuccessful as of no study group. Even many meeting were very fruitful as of sharing knowledge and positive communication.

    Presentation at various fairs. Well received by the public as of interest, but no serious reader ever visualized in time.

    Translation of app 1/3 of the book: [url="http://urantia-bogen.org]

    A huge collection of secondary books, graphs, cards, old email dabates (1985-1995 related to TUB.

    Creation of 4 danish pamphlets and other information material.

    All this and 2 readers established in 30 years :lol: :D


    Difficulties may challenge mediocrity and defeat the fearful, but they only stimulate the true children of the Most Highs.

  5. wow.. do I really sound like newbie :lol: why did I deserved this " Martinius" quote. :D :D

    Bill.....why would the study in this Forum be of any more benefit to the participants than if it took place inside SL... I wonder ?

    Principally it is all chat, secondary but equal it is the contents of what knowledge which are shared which makes the change within the personality.


    Perhaps your reply was intented to be informative and positive...but unfortunately it is read by me, an european as someone trying to smart talk, duty teach a pupil......sorry if my interpretation is mistaken but I see no reason whatsoever to quote as you do and write as what you have.. in response to my desire to find UB readers inside SL...unless you read my topic as someone trying to apprehend or kidnap UB readers from this Forum into another. but I doubt this is so :D


    With Light, Life and Love... Yman Juran alias Jean Ascher

  6. Am spending time inside Second Life (SL) and have created a full readable version of TUB and have also established a study group and like to find if any other UB reader here in this Forum, like to join up with me.

    My SL name is Yman Juran..so if inworld, just IM me.


    With Light, Life and Love......


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