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  1. Hi Rick, Just to let you know that even though I haven't responded much lately I have been following your posts and really appreciate your maps and commentary following each reading. Rick B.
  2. "P.1422 - ยง6 Before the end of this Passover week, by apparent chance, Jesus met a wealthy traveler and his son, a young man about seventeen years of age." - On this reading I noticed and thought about the phrase "by apparent choice". Was this meeting arranged and, if so, by whom? The midwayers? Gabriel or Immanuel? Maybe Jesus heard about them and decided to meet them beforehand? Rick B.
  3. Regarding the single in-person visits to Elizabeth and Mary and dreams for Joseph and Zacharias, maybe the propensity for undue veneration of supernatural beings especially in this miracle minded age prevented a live group visitation. Appearing to them individually may have played down this effect. Rick B.
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