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About Me

It took sometime for me to get registered but with the help of the board, Meredith, and others, I have finally been able to Register.

I have read the Urantia Book and it has helped me a great deal. I found so many truths in the book that I could accept.

I am retired from a variety of positions that I have had and had many experiences that I can relate

to meanings from the Urantia Book through my work.

I have several problems. The main one is that I am very hard of hearing. That is why I enjoy communicating with like minded people on the computer and I've reallly enjoyed this for awhile.

I had a study group before I lost my hearing and have gone to many seminars given by the

Association of Research and Enlightenment, started by Edgar Cayce.

I am so happy now that I've found the Urantia Forum on the computer.

I have always loved my homes that I live in, but when my dear husband passed away, I have moved several times to different apartments and now live in a wonderful one that has an indoor swimming pool which I use very often.


Your friend Carola (Bonnie)


PS> You can see my picture now in my profile. Plus I have not been able to get the daily page for a great

long time but today I called Chicago and got them updated to my change of address, phone number and

e-mail address because I haven't been able to log in since June of 2011. Even though I have been reading

almost a full paper every couple of days to keep me informed, I guess I am pretty far ahead of you and I did

miss your comments because they helped clear up a lot of questions that I have had reading so far ahead.

I am now back in Milwaukee in a very nice apartment. Hope you check my new news 'About Me'


Love, Carola (Bonnie)

Please e-mail me now at: bonnie5328@live.com. I am sooo happy to be back again.

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