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  1. we have a small group here in orlando, way too far from naples. bummer about the lack of finding readers in your life, it's hard for most of us readers i guess, there's just not that many, and even major cities have no groups.



    Well I might be moving to Cape Coral soon, maybe I can find a study group there, or another reader to get together with. Ya never know....

  2. Amy,


    Just wondering, did you read this quote?


    73:3.3 This Mediterranean peninsula had a salubrious climate and an equable temperature; this stabilized weather was due to the encircling mountains and to the fact that
    this area was virtually an island in an inland sea
    . While it rained copiously on the surrounding highlands, it seldom rained in Eden proper. But each night, from the extensive network of artificial irrigation channels, a "mist would go up" to refresh the vegetation of the Garden.



    Yes Bonita I've read that one, but it does seem to contradict what I posted above, hence my dilemma.

  3. I've become aware of something that had completely escaped me in the Urantia Book until now, and that is that the Edenic peninsula was not a peninsula at all during the times of Adam, and was not surrounded by water at all. During that time the Mediterranean basin was dry according to the UB, and did not become filled with water until later:


    [80:1.1]...During the earlier days of the violet race the Mediterranean trough was protected by the Gibraltar isthmus and the Sicilian land bridge...




    [80:1.4] But during earlier times there was little to hinder the westward migration of the Adamites.


    and then...


    [80:2.4] About the time of these climatic changes in Africa, England separated from the continent, and Denmark arose from the sea, while the isthmus of Gibraltar, protecting the western basin of the Mediterranean, gave way as the result of an earthquake, quickly raising this inland lake to the level of the Atlantic ocean Presently the Sicilian land bridge submerged, creating one sea of the Mediterranean and connecting it with the Atlantic Ocean. This cataclysm of nature flooded scores of human settlements and occasioned the greatest loss of life by flood in all the world's history.


    So okay, WHEN exactly did this happen? The UB is not very specific about the actual time the Mediterranean basin was flooded, and it had to have been some time after the beginning of the Adamic regime, but before the Adamic default, because:


    [76:0.1] WHEN Adam elected to leave the first garden to the Nodites unopposed, he and his followers could not go west, for the Edenites had no boats suitable for such a marine adventure.


    So it would seem that the Mediterranean basin flooded during the reign of Adam and Eve in the first garden, but the UB makes no mention of this gigantic event whatsoever in the story of Eden and the Edenic regime and culture. I find this MOST curious.


    Also quite interesting is that the first garden was situated on a chosen site that subsequently remained above the cataclysmic flood that was later to occur, during the Edenic regime of Adam and Eve.


    I can't really pin down the exact time of this flooding of the Med basin, but it had to be after the installation of the Adamic regime and before the default, which narrows it down to within one hundred years because:

    [75:3.1] Adam had just finished his first one hundred years on earth when Serapatatia, upon the death of his father, came to the leadership of the western or Syrian confederation of the Nodite tribes.


    ... and as we know it was not long after this that the default took place, as Serapatatia and Eve matured their plans for five years or so.


    I find all of this quite a wowie. Why does not the story of Adam and Eve in the first garden mention this enormous event at all? Surely it had to have had some impact upon the garden and it's culture, as well as the surrounding peoples, many of which were wiped out.


    Most curious...


    Still more curious is that after the default we are told that:

    [75:5.9] But still more trouble was brewing: The news of the annihilation of the Nodite settlement near Eden was not slow in reaching the home tribes of Serapatatia to the north, and presently a great host was assembling to march on the Garden.


    Well excuse me, but they would have to have been to the east since to the north was now the Mediterranean Sea and all who lived to the north had been flooded out.

  4. He intended the more to teach forgiveness, to “resist not evil treatment of one’s personality, evil injury to one’s feelings of personal dignity.”


    Now I like that! I've been practicing it lately too. I came under quite vicious attack lately from my landlord, for not having a man in my life when I really don't want one and have no desire for one. He was very nasty to me, and I remembered that "a soft answer turneth away wrath," and held my peace. It would have in no way served me to tell him off, that would only have been self-destructive.


    I am instead directing my attentions and energies toward finding somewhere else to move where I don't have to deal with him, and asking God to spiritualize my thoughts.



  5. I would ask another question on this subject:


    Why the angry emotional zealousness when anthropogenic climate change is questioned or refuted? Seems like the truth contained in a scientific theory should allow it to stand up to whatever scrutiny it is subject to.


    The whole global warming thing has become something of a religion on the Left, replete with it's own dogma and adherants to that dogma. My brother, a serious believer in the gospel of global warming, landed all over me getting very nasty with me for watching the documentary The Great Global Warming Swindle.


    How dare I question his dogma!!!


    I told him I wanted to see both sides of the matter, and that perhaps he should keep an open mind, whereupon he snarled at me that I was the one with the closed mind! Wait, I'm the one with the closed mind, for wanting to hear both sides of it?????


    I believe that global warming and all the politics surrounding it is a manufactured crisis foisted upon us all for the purposes of political and economic power

    over us, such as in the carbon trading schemes and the continuing Federalization of environmental programs.


    It is also a means of guaranteeing continued funding to scientists who sign onto it, for whom there is not funding if there is no crisis. Hence their hostility to any other view of the matter. Then there is the U.N., which is always seeking to expand it's power, which is why it created the IPCC in the first place.


    The hostility of the political Left is motivated by their overpowering need to guilt-trip us all into opting into their political views by accusing us of destroying the planet.



  6. Welcome Amy!


    Call or email Urantia Foundation if you haven't yet. Reader Services keeps a database and will connect you with anyone listed as a contact. 1-888 Urantia, toll free. urantia@urantia.org


    And if there isn't anyone, study online with us.




    I've tried them Rick, and there's just no one near me. BTW, are you the same Rick Warren who wrote The Purpose Driven Life?



  7. My name is Amy, I'm currently living in rural Alabama with my big dog and I've been reading the UB since 1976. I've been trying to find other UB readers here but haven't been able to. I am hoping there is a study group somewhere in this state that I might at some point be able to visit. They can't all be Southern Baptists, even though there are ten of their churches per square mile here.


    I very much need some spiritual fellowship at this point.

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