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  1. Thanks, Rick!! ..think i'll start from least, up --ell! : Urantia Book Study..............25 toQuestions about the Urantia Papers..............................................792,298
  2. Hi JR,

    I've enjoyed reading your observations and comments.


    PS. by the way, the UB says ALL time is relative ~e

    1. bonnie


      I am very happy to know about JR. He would make a marvelous leader for

      President of the USA. What a leader, personality, knowledge and wisdom.

      I would like very much to join in with him to make a team worth working for. I am an active reader of the UB and will do all I can to advance it. Cosmically speaking and thought provoking can become a powerful assistant. Bonnie/Carola

  3. Hiya' Joe, i think we have plenty of chance here and now to fulfill destiny in ways similar to Van etc.


    Glad to hear you speak up! -Ellen

  4. Got your CD (from the Ub7 Conference) on right now . . . good stuff! like those

    -oo oo's- especially!

  5. You said, "I am most interested in building strong relationships with fellow kingdom builders knowing that we will be serving together, off and on, through time and into eternity."

    Me too! Nice to meet you! Glad you're here . . .

  6. I am grateful you are here. Thank you.

  7. Good goin'', RICK!!

    Thanks for putting both of these here.

    I hope we see some interesting discussion of the import these have to our studies.




    You have talent, and


    discernment. --Ellen

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