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Personalities of the Local Universe

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Guest rich.sachs

(414.12) 37:9.7 The Susatia. These marvelous beings reside and function as permanent citizens on Salvington, the headquarters of this local universe. They are the brilliant offspring of the Creator Son and Creative Spirit and are closely associated with the ascendant citizens of the local universe, the Spirit-fused mortals of the Nebadon Corps of Perfection.


nothing else, like what is there function? marvelous - superb; excellent; great; such as to cause wonder, admiration, or astonishment; extraordinary. i guess we're not meant to know more about the susatia and their administrative work.


(414.13) 37:9.8 The Univitatia. Each of the one hundred constellation headquarters clusters of architectural spheres enjoys the continuous ministry of a residential order of beings known as the univitatia. These children of the Creator Son and the Creative Spirit constitute the permanent population of the constellation headquarters worlds. They are nonreproducing beings existing on a plane of life about halfway between the semimaterial status of the Material Sons domiciled on the system headquarters and the more definitely spiritual plane of the Spirit-fused mortals and the susatia of Salvington; but the univitatia are not morontia beings. They accomplish for ascending mortals during the traversal of the constellation spheres what the Havona natives contribute to the pilgrim spirits passing through the central creation.


sweet and looking forward to it.


(415.1) 37:9.9 The Material Sons of God. When a creative liaison between the Creator Son and the universe representative of the Infinite Spirit, the Universe Mother Spirit, has completed its cycle, when no more offspring of the combined nature are forthcoming, then does the Creator Son personalize in dual form his last concept of being, thus finally confirming his own and original dual origin. In and of himself he then creates the beautiful and superb Sons and Daughters of the material order of universe sonship. This is the origin of the original Adam and Eve of each local system of Nebadon. They are a reproducing order of sonship, being created male and female. Their progeny function as the relatively permanent citizens of a system capital, though some are commissioned as Planetary Adams.


if all of the adams and eves volunteered for the urantia mission ((828.4) 74:1.3 When the proclamation was issued calling for volunteers for the mission of Adamic adventure on Urantia, the entire senior corps of Material Sons and Daughters volunteered) then they can take any human form, so what do they look like on edentia? from the mating of the gods i can see how we have animals that can produce a tremendous, like hundreds or more, number of offspring in one litter.


(415.2) 37:9.10 On a planetary mission the Material Son and Daughter are commissioned to found the Adamic race of that world, a race designed eventually to amalgamate with the mortal inhabitants of that sphere. Planetary Adams are both descending and ascending Sons, but we ordinarily class them as ascending.


only 200 years before the failure, talk about a lack of patience. not even, 105 years plus, what a short period of time. (841.1) 75:3.1 Adam had just finished his first one hundred years on earth ... (841.7) 75:3.7 For more than five years these plans were secretly matured.


(415.3) 37:9.11 The Midway Creatures. In the early days of most inhabited worlds, certain superhuman but materialized beings are of assignment, but they usually retire upon the arrival of the Planetary Adams. The transactions of such beings and the efforts of the Material Sons to improve the evolutionary races often result in the appearance of a limited number of creatures who are difficult to classify. These unique beings are often midway between the Material Sons and the evolutionary creatures; hence their designation, midway creatures. In a comparative sense these midwayers are the permanent citizens of the evolutionary worlds. From the early days of the arrival of a Planetary Prince to the far-distant time of the settling of the planet in light and life, they are the only group of intelligent beings to remain continuously on the sphere. On Urantia the midway ministers are in reality the actual custodians of the planet; they are, practically speaking, the citizens of Urantia. Mortals are indeed the physical and material inhabitants of an evolutionary world, but you are all so short-lived; you tarry on your nativity planet such a short time. You are born, live, die, and pass on to other worlds of evolutionary progression. Even the superhuman beings who serve on the planets as celestial ministers are of transient assignment; few of them are long attached to a given sphere. The midway creatures, however, provide continuity of planetary administration in the face of ever-changing celestial ministries and constantly shifting mortal inhabitants. Throughout all of this never-ceasing changing and shifting, the midway creatures remain on the planet uninterruptedly carrying on their work.


the love of god has permanent beings on every sphere to care for those there, and still most mortals are eliminated permanently. (1198.8) 109:4.5 I have observed a Thought Adjuster indwelling a mind on Urantia who has, according to the records on Uversa, indwelt fifteen minds previously in Orvonton. We do not know whether this Monitor has had similar experiences in other superuniverses, but I suspect so. This is a marvelous Adjuster and one of the most useful and potent forces on Urantia during this present age. What others have lost, in that they refused to survive, this human being (and your whole world) now gains. From him who has not survival qualities, shall be taken away even that experienced Adjuster which he now has, while to him who has survival prospects, shall be given even the pre-experienced Adjuster of a slothful deserter.


so say 70+ mortals perished before this ta fused with a human.


(415.4) 37:9.12 In like manner, all divisions of the administrative organization of the local universes and superuniverses have their more or less permanent populations, inhabitants of citizenship status. As Urantia has its midwayers, Jerusem, your system capital, has the Material Sons and Daughters; Edentia, your constellation headquarters, has the univitatia, while the citizens of Salvington are twofold, the created susatia and the evolved Spirit-fused mortals. The administrative worlds of the minor and major sectors of the superuniverses do not have permanent citizens. But the Uversa headquarters spheres are continuously fostered by an amazing group of beings known as the abandonters, the creation of the unrevealed agents of the Ancients of Days and the seven Reflective Spirits resident on the capital of Orvonton. These residential citizens on Uversa are at present administering the routine affairs of their world under the immediate supervision of the Uversa corps of the Son-fused mortals. Even Havona has its native beings, and the central Isle of Light and Life is the home of the various groups of Paradise Citizens.


the son-fused mortals are the permanent citizens of the superuniverse, so they get put in charge of beings who came before them, the abandonters. they choose names from english for everything in this book, why they would add the word abandon to the abondonters i can't figure. i do understand why the word agondonter was chosen for us as abandoned mortals as we are in agony. (579.1) 50:7.2 On Jerusem the ascenders from these isolated worlds occupy a residential sector by themselves and are known as the agondonters, meaning evolutionary will creatures who can believe without seeing, persevere when isolated, and triumph over insuperable difficulties even when alone.

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Hello Rich!


..., why they would add the word abandon to the abondonters i can't figure.

As a noun, abandon can imply:


o -- unbounded enthusiasm; exuberance.

o -- a complete surrender of inhibitions.


Perhaps the authors intend this term ("abandonter") to mean "those who can

show others how to free themselves from the grip of local/narrow mind frames"?


Anxiety must be abandoned. (557.5) 48:7.21 19.

Whodathought B)


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