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Ancient Mythology and neighboring Local Universes

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Anyone familiar with the Arthurian legend as retold by Geoffrey of Monmouth, will recognize the name of "the blessed isle" of Avalon.


It has been many years since my grandmother departed this life, but she was a scholar of history, and I think it is to her credit that the names of Alvoring, Fanoving and Wolvering seem familiar in my memory.


I believe it is the nature of the internet that those terms most commonly searched are those most readily returned in a search, so I have had no success in searching for those names in connection with ancient mythology, particularly the Norse legends. Is anybody else able to shed light on the possible overlap?


I am interested particularly in the idea that those names may have been carried down through oral traditions from the days of the Melchizedek teaching. In support of this idea I suggest that Avalon was accredited as "the blessed isle" as a result of confusion in the retelling of details when the light of faith burned low and later generations regarded as fables the teachings they received from their elders.

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