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If there are times in your life you feel quite alone

there is something wonderful you should know

Every child of time has a personal friend

that shares your life and loves you so.


This friend I speak of is your Guardian Angel,

and a faithful friend indeed

For they share your emotions happy or sad

and comfort you in times of need.


A little known fact of these beautiful beings

is that they are God's children too

They also aspire to pass life's tests

and find Paradise with me and you.


Though while on this earth they remain unseen

their beauty and love will soon be revealed

For beyond this world both our destinies expand

where Gods truth's are no longer concealed.


So don't despair, you are not un-loved

and certainly never alone

For your faithful Angel holds your hand

through this journey of life to our spiritual home.


And there you will meet this glorious friend

who shared your tears and laughter

All feelings of loneliness will pass away

and love of this companion will remain ever after.


Then many glorious friendships will begin to grow

between all the children of God's creation

And the adventure will begin as life extends beyond

all your earthly expectations.







By Suzanne Marie Kelly and Friend

Source: http://www.elan-vital.net/

Copyright © 1992-2010 Suzanne M Kelly






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