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Bill Martin


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Bill, You wrote in part, "That is the reason premature death makes it nearly impossible for a Spirit-Fused mortal to achieve the Corp of Finality."


That's not quite the case, either....Page 449 - "When it becomes apparent that some synchronizing difficulty is inhibiting Father fusion, the survival referees of the Creator Son are convened." Scheesh, don't you people EVER look it up in the book for what it actually says?


(my reply)




You are sadly mistaken. The quote above is about Son-Fused not Spirit-Fused Local Universe ascenders. The current thread was speaking about the unborn, those who die early and ARE candidates for SPIRIT fusion, not SON fusion.


(my PM to her)


Nameless Until Fused


Please attempt to moderate your dilatory mistatement of the facts of the Urantia Book, or at least keep your misquotes within the context of the thread to which you are posting. As far as your affectation for being smarter than the rest of us-You Are Forgiven. I have never before resorted to exercising my moderator prerogatives to curtail your supercillious treatment of people on this forum. Justice has been tempered with mercy, in your case. But when you intentionally misstate the facts to cast others in a poor light, i will stop you.


Your behavior has consistently contravened the elements of fair play and good manners. You evince a childish and troubling lack of respect for the feelings of others. Why you behave this way puzzles me, but etiquette ain't in it. Knock it off!


Bill Martin





Just so you don't think I am piqued because someone is disagreeing with something I wrote, I will leave this one up to group wisdom. I guess it is obvious to discerning readers that this person has a poorly socialized personality and almost invariably "goes for the jugular" and my interest is in having a warmer and friendlier atmosphere here. We shall see.




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