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Rick Warren

The Third and Fourth Generations

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Dear UAI Members,


Younger readers have a website all their own. To go there, take this link: UB Youth Site. It features an international guest book with over 250 entries, an intro page, an invitation to submit original articles and artwork, a calendar, photos from tours past, contact info and more.


Mike and Gabe MacIssac are two of the organizers there. James Woodward recently reported Mike is swinging through northern Europe on the way home from the Sydney conference, seeding the Book as he goes. This a joint UAI-UF-Youth collaboration. Mike and the youth group have organized several tour events and other projects over the last few years. That's all recorded on their website too, pictures included.


If you know a younger reader interested in connecting with other readers of the upcoming generations, please pass the word. Young readers are a precious and irreplaceable asset, they are the future leaders, teachers and administrators of the revelation. As time passes UAI and the Foundation will draw more and more upon the considerable talents and wide-ranging skills of the youth group, the third and fourth generations to have the revelation.


Below is the text from UB Youth Site Overview page. It states their objectives and answers the obvious question: How old can a younger reader be?


The Urantia Youth Group does not solely represent young readers, we represent the next generation of readers. Many of us have had the privilege of discovering this new revelation from others who have studied the book since this truth was revealed.


We welcome all readers young and old. Join us in discussions and share with us your adventures as we journey through life.


Our main objective is to: -


Encourage the socialization, study, and participation with the current readership

Assist with the circulation of The Urantia Book in circles of truth seeking youths

Openly discuss issues and views, as young readers, with each other and the readership as a whole

Study the teachings of The Urantia Book with integrity

Encourage the development of habits that favor the growth of balanced characters and spiritualized personalities


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