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Hi my friends


Months ago I had an idea. About graphics and wonderful help to study. Certaintly I am inspirate in our friend U-rantian he had been created a beautiful graphics and I think is important to make a new topic about graphics. Many of my graphics are not so lineal but illustrative. Many of them are easy to understand and others are a little more complexes and many of course I have it in my mind. I think it's a great tool for study.


Please if you see any mistake please tell me or if you want to study some particular topic and if you like a graphic for this study tell me too. I am happy to colaborate. I hope this work help you.


Jose Alberto Wonsover


Let's go... This is my first graphic



Edited by Jose Alberto Wonsover

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Guest U-rantian

Hello JAW


You know the graphic that you just posted is a good one about escaping from duty, not to care about our Father's Business, there is a relation with this section



Especifically the following, the unending conflict.

P.1223 - §7 "Much of my difficulty was due to the unending conflict between the two natures of my subject: the urge of ambition opposed by animal indolence;

P.1224 - §0 the ideals of a superior people crossed by the instincts of an inferior race; the high purposes of a great mind antagonized by the urge of a primitive inheritance; the long-distance view of a far-seeing Monitor counteracted by the nearsightedness of a creature of time; the progressive plans of an ascending being modified by the desires and longings of a material nature; the flashes of universe intelligence cancelled by the chemical-energy mandates of the evolving race; the urge of angels opposed by the emotions of an animal; the training of an intellect annulled by the tendencies of instinct; the experience of the individual opposed by the accumulated propensities of the race; the aims of the best overshadowed by the drift of the worst; the flight of genius neutralized by the gravity of mediocrity; the progress of the good retarded by the inertia of the bad; the art of the beautiful besmirched by the presence of evil; the buoyancy of health neutralized by the debility of disease; the fountain of faith polluted by the poisons of fear; the spring of joy embittered by the waters of sorrow; the gladness of anticipation disillusioned by the bitterness of realization; the joys of living ever threatened by the sorrows of death. Such a life on such a planet! And yet, because of the ever-present help and urge of the Thought Adjuster, this soul did achieve a fair degree of happiness and success and has even now ascended to the judgment halls of mansonia."


Could we all try to make up a graphic describing this civil war within us?


I will start with the first one, you or others may follow so that at the end we may get the whole graphic :(

the urge of ambition opposed by animal indolence;


Positive trait:

Urge of Ambition



Negative trait:

animal indolence



Anyone the next two.




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Thank you U-rantian for your commentary.


Yes it is about escaping from duty. Thank you for complement with images too. I hope some day with graphics too study the very importance of visualization.


For the moment I share other graphic that I have in mind and then continue with this important topic and follow you.



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Guest U-rantian

Hi B)

P.215 - §1 In this connection, however, it may be noted that Teacher Sons are the supreme co-ordinating personalities of Trinity origin. In such a far-flung universe of universes there is always great danger of succumbing to the error of the circumscribed viewpoint, to the evil inherent in a segmentalized conception of reality and divinity.

P.215 - §2 For example: The human mind would ordinarily crave to approach the cosmic philosophy portrayed in these revelations by proceeding from the simple and the finite to the complex and the infinite, from human origins to divine destinies. But that path does not lead to spiritual wisdom. Such a procedure is the easiest path to a certain form of genetic knowledge, but at best it can only reveal man's origin; it reveals little or nothing about his divine destiny.

P.215 - §3 Even in the study of man's biologic evolution on Urantia, there are grave objections to the exclusive historic approach to his present-day status and his current problems. The true perspective of any reality problem--human or divine, terrestrial or cosmic--can be had only by the full and unprejudiced study and correlation of three phases of universe reality: origin, history, and destiny. The proper understanding of these three experiential realities affords the basis for a wise estimate of the current status.





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Hello all on this site,


I enjoyed seeing everyones creativity. keep it up.


Was wondering why there are so few design posts until I saw it was a bit of a pain to squeeze as 10 MB pic down to 280 KB.


I like making posters and images to reach out and hopefully draw folks in.


Ever onward,




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