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Urantia Book Forum, conversations with other readers
Joe DiMaggio

How do I get rid of this?

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I have looked at the user settings, deleted my cookies, etc and this summary list just won't go away. Sometimes is does on its own, but it keeps coming back. Any one know how to control its presence?



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There is an "options" drop-down at the upper right of the first post in a topic. At the bottom there are "display modes". Select one of the other ones. This one is "outline mode".


It appears to be set when accessing the forum from google searches for some reason. The above will allow the user to set it to one of the other modes.



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Thank you, Joe. I like how you asked a question,

found out the answer, and posted it after your question.

I've never clicked those "mode" things and had to try it

before learning what you meant. It is good the answer

was here because at first, sure enough, I clicked

the wrong button the first time and nothing happened.

When I went back and clicked "standard" the page looked normal.


There is a lot of new "lingo" -language- for the technical

process that I don't know. Like today I learned that

VOIP means "voice over the Internet". Last week

I learned that I can get another WINDOW of this UAI Forum

to work with as I type in another, by SIMPLY "right click"ing

the "Urantia Book Forum, conversations with other readers

(whereas, left clicking that took me out of my working WINDOW



One detail.. previously I've swapped which-side-is-which (of the mouse) to click,

by experimenting with the mouse "set-up" in my own "Control Panel"


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No worries Ellen. This falls under the heading of "teamwork".


Thanks, Joe. I have another question:


Why do I never receive posts from the UAI Forum OR the UAI List that I originate?


Also... fyi, since other "cults" have adopted the term "team",

I have gravitated towards the word "crew". It has a similar

meaning and I enjoy imagining we're on a ship of

valient progress heading toward the open sea..


LOVE to you and all,


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