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Guest rich.sachs

i have never sought for anyone's removal on any forum i've ever been on, but i do know that it is done all the time. i make what i consider simple, strong statements but i know that they come across like something many readers want me banned for life for. i'm not afraid of any topic. the only requirement for posting to me is that you are a tub reader. i would never overspend my time on looking at the issue of whether someone should be banned or not. i will never understand this whole issue but for pointless opinion i'll state mine. unless you're lude for no reason or talking about physically abusive crimes, i would not ban a tub reader. i would delete posts that are spam for ads. i will never see anything threatening about words on a page in cyberspace from my living room. i'm not scared if anyone tries to give me their opinion about any topic. i skip posts i don't want to read. the majority is not always right, tub is very explicit about this in terms of human government, i believe it's in the paper about the government of another similar world, but it's also elsewhere in the book. 72:9.3 2. Upon nomination by the state governors or by the regional executives and by the mandate of the regional supreme councils, individuals who have rendered great service to society, or who have demonstrated extraordinary wisdom in government service, may have additional votes conferred upon them not oftener than every five years and not to exceed nine such superfranchises. The maximum suffrage of any multiple voter is ten. Scientists, inventors, teachers, philosophers, and spiritual leaders are also thus recognized and honored with augmented political power.


speaking of majority, the majority of many orders of beings went into rebellion with lucifer and caligastia.


I am starting this topic to give everyone a place to air out why another member should be removed from the forum. If you find someone you cannot stand or agree with and that you feel should be banned from this forum, here is the place to do it. Give your reasons for this person's removal. Having this out in the open gives the person to be removed a chance to defend himself or herself.


The forum staff has received many removal requests. We are understaffed, we are all volunteers with jobs and with other projects. The most time-consuming part of maintaining the forum from my perspective is dealing with removal requests. The staff decides after many discussions whether to approve someone's request. Most of my time is spent dealing with members who complain about other members. 'Live and let live' does not seem to work here for too long. Soon someone comes along who knows everything, who is always right, and who cannot tolerate ambiguity.


You are free not to read or respond to posts by someone you consider an idiot. Many may agree with you, but is the majority always right? The forum staff tries to come to a fair decision. The question is did we do the right thing? With your insight and with your help, perhaps we can make better decisions. I am hoping the forum does not become too narrow that it only includes people who think a certain way.


Thank you all.


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