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Meredith Van Woert


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Hello all,


flynsnake posted today. Carolyn (2-believe) responded to his post with a forum rule remark. And I supported Carolyn with the following post on the subject, "The Grays and the Urantia Book". flynsnake thinks extra-terrestrials are spornagia. I wrote:


Thank you, Carolyn!


To flysnake: Carolyn has warned you. The moderators will not abide with you posting your comments on the subject. We study the Urantia Book in this forum, not extra-terrestrials, ufos or other such subjects not referenced in the book. If you want to discuss the subject, you will have to find another website where they allow this type of discussion. But not here.




QUOTE (2-believe @ Dec 16 2007, 11:47 AM) *

Dear flynsnake and all concerning this thread,


Please refer to rule #5, paragraph 3 of this Forum.


"posting of...materials...which present specific factual information concernng extra-terrestial or spiritual realms which can not be referenced in The Urantia Book is not allowed.


All who brought this topic including my posts are totally out of line.


We need to move to a new topic.



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