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Remembering our journey.

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Guest Star

Hello everyone.


Lets imagine that we are arriving on Paradise and remembering the long travel and experience we have.


We have found The Universal Father. We are a perfect spirit. We are at Paradise.

We have lived the Perfect Rest.

We have traveled on the billion spheres of Havona, this was our spiritual development

We have lived the Ideal sleep.

We went on Uversa and his others spheres.

We went on the ten Major Sectors.

We went on The Minor Sector UMINOR and his spheres. All this was our intellectual development.


We went to Salvington and his spheres.

We went to Edentia and it spheres.

We went to Jerusem and it spheres. All this was our morontial development

We have lived a life in the flesh. We have did the sincere choice to find The Father and to sincerely wanted to do His will.


Correct me please or put more information if neccesary.




Claude Martel.

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you are thinking like the urantia book is written, making no concessions to the time-bound space-fettered mind and starting out from reality at the center and working outward. Your imagination is a powerful tool. Used with reverence and sincereity it can transport your mind through limitless potentialities and possibilities to discover the unseen Father in the universe and within.


It is good to reach out through time and grasp future reality to bring it here and now.


P.135 - ?4 Relationships to time do not exist without motion in space, but consciousness of time does. Sequentiality can consciousize time even in the absence of motion. Man's mind is less time-bound than space-bound because of the inherent nature of mind. Even during the days of the earth life in the flesh, though man's mind is rigidly space-bound, the creative human imagination is comparatively time free. But time itself is not genetically a quality of mind.


Even when we land on the shores of Paradise and emerge from time into eternity, recognize the Father, are mustered into the Corps of Finality, we still are only SIXTH STAGE SPIRITS. More is to come even after, especially after we reach perfection. Once we are complete, then we become more replete, God adding unto us. As far as we will ever penetrate the mysteries of God, the greater will those mysteries grow. The more we get, the more there is to have. As much of reality as we discover, the more we will realize. An unending eternity of eventful discovery beckons us onward . The beauty is that we begin right here, right now doing the next right thing.


First we need to learn to be content with uncertainty. fatten upon dissapointment, have indominatible courage and be sustained by living faith.


P.438 - ?2 In the more advanced planetary ages these seraphim enhance man's appreciation of the truth that uncertainty is the secret of contented continuity. They help the mortal philosophers to realize that, when ignorance is essential to success, it would be a colossal blunder for the creature to know the future. They heighten man's taste for the sweetness of uncertainty, for the romance and charm of the indefinite and unknown future.


good night


may you wake up tonight

in a dream worshiping God

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