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UAI JOURNAL - Latest Issue Announcement

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Forum Friends,


Chief Editor Suzanne Kelly recently announced the publication of the latest issue of

The UAI Journal. Below are the table of contents and her introduction. See the full issue with photos, art and contact info HERE

1 The Lucifer Rebellion Adjudication Time Frame..... Chuck Thurston, USA


2 Editorial................................................................Suzanne Kelly, USA


8 The Art of Teaching Truth..................................... Sheila Keene-lund, USA


9 Jesus' Pedagogy.................................................... Margarita Maria Nino Torres, Colombia


11 Teachings of Jesus and Teachings about Jesus......Christopher Moseley, United Kingdom


15 The Common Goal of Love.................................. Jennifer Martin, USA


17 We are what we teach......................................William Wentworth, Australia



Greetings fellow UAI Journal readers,


This issue includes additional presentations from the UAI conference in Colombia 2012 as well as several informative articles, which focus on teaching and understanding. Contained in these exceptional essays are concise explanations of the author's understanding of their subject matter and their desire to share the knowledge with all the truth seekers of The Urantia Book.


Our first article by chuck Thurston, The Lucifer Rebellion Adjudication Time Frame, is one that I have studied for some time. Chuck has done an incredible job in explaining this highly controversial subject and points to a key component regarding the time frame surrounding this event when he states: Because the rebels refuse to recognize the judgment against them, the adjudication cannot be completed until ALL sympathy comes to an end, including on the mortal level. Anyone who lives on planet earth can clearly see there is still much sympathy for and collusion with these rebels, just read the newspaper or listen to the daily broadcast of any radio station. Rebellion against God is a very serious and deadly affair. The Urantia Book refers to the Lucifer Rebellion as an orgy of darkness and death, which is certainly an apt description for much that has transpired on our world. We would have to live in a cave not to recognize that it is still transpiring! I completely agree with Chuck's statement "To be wise as serpents, we must expect that he will again have a crafty and effective plan to systematically pervert the instruction and poison the teaching that we have been given in The Urantia Book. It is my personal belief that this is being played out in the teaching mission through "unknowing participants" where the explanations described in The Urantia Book are being undermined by new and attenuated material exclaiming the adjudication has been completed, and false prophets are adding to the pure information with debased and self-aggrandizing statements. But this is something each of us must weigh and then again choose sides. Chuck I commend you on your insight, understanding and explanation of this highly debatable subject!


Utilizing my editorial license I would like to interject:

First, regarding man and his liberty, it can be true and false as well

But when proclaimed in arrogance, by men of power it's served only to themselves.

True liberty is regardful of social equity and continually espouses, understanding fraternity

Its fairness is cosmic, its obligation Divine it is the possession of all, it'
s yours and mine.

But, unbridled self-will, and self-expression unregulated equals unmitigated selfishness, ungodliness eventuated

Self-motivated liberty is illusion in conception an affront to humanity, a cruel deception.

Masquerading license, in liberties garments is the forerunner, to abject bondage's armaments.

And as to personal liberty, there is but a fine line in respect of self, to admiration of mind.

True liberty is the fruit; of control of self, false liberty is self-assertion for wealth

Wealth of power over others is the greatest of errors, where true liberty smothers.



Take a step back and open your eyes EVIL'S



For liberty is freedom, divine and mortal

of our own freewill, we must enter the portals

Of perfection and love, the divine infinite adventure,

or choose its opposite, iniquity, finite expenditure - smk


Our second article by Shelia Keen Lund The Art of Teaching Truth, is another presentation from the UAI international conference in Colombia held in April 2012. Though short in its entirety its message is unending. Shelia, in her opening statement, has expounded upon the first and foremost directive which is the bedrock of all faith systems currently being practiced on this planet, do unto others... Teach that man's whole duty is summed up in this one commandment: Love the Lord your God with all your mind and soul and your neighbor as yourself. [Paper 163:4.8, page1805:5] Shelia then strengthens this directive throughout her essay by intelligently helping us to understand that


"the art of teaching embraces how truthfully we are reflecting in our lives the essence of what we teach"


Our next article Jesus' Pedagogy, from Margarita Maria Nino was also from the UAI conference. In her presentation Margarita clearly comprehends the human objective of the education that Jesus strived to convey to those who followed him. She breaks down for us the methods Jesus used as he instructed his apostles on teaching the crowds into eleven simple suggestions. We should all strive to utilize these methods in our attempts to relay the philosophies of The Urantia Book to our family and friends.


Staying within the teaching theme our next contributor Christopher Moseley examines the teaching of Jesus vs. the teaching about Jesus in his article Teachings of Jesus and Teachings About Jesus, and how they became admixed and distorted. Christopher asks each of us can we, the early bearers of the fifth epochal revelation, learn from the evolution of the Christian Church anything that will guide our movement away from destructive splits and schisms? Chris makes an exceptional point in this historical metamorphosis by pinpointing the impetus for it "Orthodoxy" is a Greek word meaning correct belief, and it took hold as the teachings of Jesus began to give way to teachings about him. This is an excellent commentary and through reading it my understanding of the differences on the teachings of versus the teachings about Jesus have been considerably increased!


...Our fifth article, The Common Goal of Love, by Jennifer Martin is an explanation of the understanding of faith that she received while on a trip to the holy Land. As the only urantian on the tour she was able to put into perspective the multiple goals of religious faith as experienced by differing points of view, belief, and experience that encompassed her fellow travelers. What a wonderful insight she gained on this tour as she compared passages within The Urantia Book to the reality she faced with each differing personality and their understanding and beliefs. Due to the religious conflicts that are prevalent in that part of the world she realized their faith is just as real for them as my faith is. And that understanding she related, helped me to accept that within this religious conflict there are individuals all seeking their own experience of connection with the Divine. As is depicted in the title of this essay, upon reading this quote; Man's greatest spiritual jeopardy consists in partial progress, the predicament of unfinished growth: forsaking the evolutionary religions of fear without immediately grasping the revelatory religion of love. [Paper 99:4.8, page 1090:4.1] She personally confirmed "Religionists" common goal of love will be the unifying force.


...In our final essay We Are What We Teach, by William Wentworth, we are transported back to his early years and are allowed to see what crucial question began his search for the truth and upon finding it discovering what to do with it. William not only found an explanation he found a desire to share it: to teach it and thru time to understand: We teach to the best of our ability and hope that we have made a positive contribution, but the results of our efforts may take decades or more to yield fruit, and the fruit may be in a form which we may not even recognize. However William also expertly recognizes that Our path through life is like the wake of a ship, and what effect that wake has depends on the direction and speed of the ship. As we cruise through our life journey to find god through the ups and downs, through the learning of lessons and the teaching of our found truths, we should find comfort in knowing that smooth seas do not make great sailors, and all great captains begin their voyage as deckhands under the tutelage of those who have mastered the waves of knowledge and who are able to impart their successes through example. William, excellent cartography!


Happy and enlightened reading!

Suzanne Kelly


The Journal Archives In 4 Languages 1999 - 2013

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