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Bonita Said

'' Yes, Urantia is quivering on the brink of an enthralling epoch but the epoch won't settle down for a millennium. There will be plenty of adjustments and readjustments of society and culture in the mean time. ''


99:1.1 This new and oncoming social order will not settle down complacently for a millennium. The human race must become reconciled to a procession of changes, adjustments, and readjustments. Mankind is on the march toward a new and unrevealed planetary destiny.


Yes Indeed , I Agree , No Doubt Its Gonna Be One Hell Of A Roller coaster Ride

In Our Times Ahead , A Bumpy an Scary Ride For Many .

Interesting Times Today and The Days to Come .


Although The Epochs Of Light An Life Are Inevitable !


The Power of LOVE IS Supreme


Not The LOVE Of Power

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