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Forum Friends,


This link leads to a wonderful and well written new report on Urantia Now's website, about a younger reader pledged to take the revelation on the road. On the first day Teuvo introduces the book to two people he happens to meet, one just out of prison after two decades. It's heart warming and fascinating at the same time.








Against All Odds


Jan 13, 2013
Teuvo Orjala


How can I tell this story the way it deserves to be told? I guess Ill start from the beginning.

Within the last few months, momentum built for a traveling evangelism tour around the U.S. With a little luck and some gracious support from The Urantia Book Fellowship, an anonymous donor, and many others involved, this dream became a reality.

I found myself flying over Tijuana sitting next to a nice young girl who had just joined the Army and was heading home to Ohio. We joked about being from states no one knows about and I told her that I was going on a two month road trip which of course lead to me telling her about the UB and giving her a flyer. (INTRO 1) She seemed semi-interested but after reading the card said she had a friend in Canada who would love the book. She said he also loved yoga and spirituality like me. It was a very warm and easy first introduction.

So after landing in Chicago and getting my bags I headed to the train to make my way into the city. I sat down exhausted and the train took off. After about ten minutes, a man sitting about four seats in front of me stood up and started to talk. For a second I thought he might be robbing the train. Boy was I wrong.

He introduced himself with his full name but all I heard was Melvin. Though he had his back to me I could hear him talking about how he had recently been released from prison where he had spent 22 years. He said that he was trying very hard to find a job and that he refused to be a victim of the system. Expressing that all he really wanted was honest work. Then he talked about the skills he had like being a mechanic, painter, and an all around hard worker. He ended by saying that he was slightly embarrassed to have to do this but that he refused to “twiddle his thumbs” and that he was sorry if he had made anyone uncomfortable. Then he sat down.

I knew before he was even finished talking that I would be offering him some kind of help. So I approached him and asked if he would like to come sit by me and chat. He came over and started to talk with me about how he had gone to prison in the first place. Chicago being one of the worst murder capitals of the nation, they have some very strict laws on the books.

Melvin grew up in a rough neighborhood. When he was 17, he went to a party with a group of friends and one of the people in the group had a gun. They weren’t gang-bangers, but one kid thought he was cool or tough or something. While at the party that kid was confronted and he ended up shooting two people. One died, the other was paralyzed. According to Illinois law, if you are aware of someone having a weapon while they are in your company and they kill someone, you can be charged with murder. So all six boys who went to the party with him went to prison. Melvin received 44 years and ended up doing 22. He is now 41.

After hearing this story and having already witnessed his courage and genuine desire to do right, I felt incredibly humbled. I offered to buy him dinner. So we got off the train and I called Allison, who I hadn’t even seen yet and told her to come meet us for dinner. We walked over to Qadoba and sat down to wait.



Having helped me carry my bag he asked why it was so heavy and joked that it “better not have a dead body in it”. As we sat down, I opened it up and showed him the stacks of outreach materials which filled the bag to every edge. He saw this sticker and asked if he could have one.

Then he asked what the Urantia Book was. (INTRO 2) I told him that my Father had found it in San Fransisco and that to me it was the guide to the galaxy. He asked to see one and I pulled mine out to show him. He instantly looked in the index and saw the sections about the universe and started to get the happiest look on his face. We both quickly started to realize that I had just introduced him to what he had always been looking for. He asked more questions and just kept getting more excited by the fact that he had somehow discovered this book. When Allison, Mike, and Jay arrived, we all got food and sat down to eat.



By this time Melvin was so excited that he was almost getting emotional. He shared that he had written a book in prison called “Holy Men Without Religion”. He said he was a theology junky and had always been looking for a better explanation about God and the universe. So I decided that I was going to give him the only book I had brought with me. He was so excited and grateful and kept saying that he was for sure going home to read the book untill 4 or 5 in the morning.

As we parted ways it felt like I had a new brother. I told him that everything that had happened was because he had, against all odds, made a commitment to God to keep his integrity in check, even after being screwed over by life and the system. With nowhere to work or a place to stay he still refused to give in. He refused to let his morals go or to give up in God.

This was the most humbling, inspiring introduction of my life. And this was only day one.

Written By: Teuvo Orjala

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In his next report, from Kansas (central US), Teuvo locates another truth seeker, "as he passes by":




Everything Matters


Jan 22, 2013 by

Teuvo Orjala



There is no way to train someone how to effectively share their personal religion. It only comes, in my opinion, from a wholehearted faith in those beliefs which you hold as eternal realities. When you are trying to share with someone about the UB or about Revelation you are being tested. They are watching your every move and slightest sign of reservation. If they are a conventional Christian it can only take a single word or a slight look to lose them. You must have conviction matched with a genuine passion for that which you are proclaiming. Its a fine art that takes practice to become good at.



So this was day 5 of our tour. Starting the trip with my introduction to Melvin was a blessing and a reminder of what is possible if we do the Fathers will fearlessly. But I can not deny that I was anxious about having another introduction as amazing as that.

Yesterday I went out in Kansas City’s College District and put up flyers and stickers and placed materials in book stores and coffee shops. As well I introduced six people to the UB but none of them on the same level as Melvin. Just casual introductions for the most part. So today I was nervous that I would again not find any Truthseekers. But again why do I doubt.

Allison had a lunch meeting with a young man at a Starbucks downtown. While she was doing that I got my gear and walked the streets. This district was full of shopping and very nice hotels and restaurants. As I walked down the street I noticed a girl come out from one of the stores and put down a yoga mate on the sidewalk. I kept walking but turned to see if she was actually going to do yoga, and in fact she was. The store was centered around yoga gear and it was their way of attracting people to come in.

I turned around and came back. I watched her for a moment and then she asked me if I did yoga. I told her I did Bikram and she asked where. Telling her San Diego lead into talking about why I was in Kansas City. As I shared with her about the UB I could start to notice the spirit of truth waking up in her. After really pouring out my heart felt introduction to the Revelation she asked if I had a book she could see. (INTRO 12) As I was about to pull it out she said that she was about to go on break and how about we meet and I can show her the UB on her lunch. So we meet thirty minutes later and talked about the Revelation.

Her name was Alyssa. She belongs to a none denominational church and had recently gone on a year long mission to Africa, Asia, and South America. She asked great questions about what the book said and as I talked to her about Caligastia and why we lived on a faith based planet I could again feel the spirit of truth lighting up in her.




I had brought with me one of the Foundations books just in case this happened and how thankful I was that I did. As we walked back to her store I offered to give her the book as I could see she was a seeker of truth. She graciously accepted. If I did not practice yoga and have a commitment to keep my own mind, body, and spirit strong I may have never have had this introduction. I’m more and more realizing that everything matters when it comes to how we spend our time. These are all key factors to how well prepared we are to do the Fathers will.




Source: http://urantianow.co...ify&utm_id=6493

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Forum Friends, following are Allison's and Tuevo's latest blogs from the road trip "Raising Awareness Tour":




Kansas City:


The first stop on this tour was Kansas City. Tuesday was my first full day of evangelism on the streets of America. So how is this done? Well seeing as how we do not live in the times of Jesus where you walked everywhere and Religion was the bases of culture we must be more creative.

Being someone who introduces people to the UB all of the time I’m very aware of the simple fact that people have almost always never heard about it. This lead me to develop stickers and other print materials for this trip to use as a way to start and get the word Urantia planted in peoples mind.

Who remembers

? With there video and there mass awareness companion they became a household name overnight. They raised awareness to their cause by putting the worlds eyes on the words “Kony 2012″ through a video and marketing. In San Diego the night they had their “cover the city red” I woke up to every street corner being covered in Kony posters and stickers.



This spurred me to think about why we don’t do this? Do we not have a cause as worthy as catching a single African war lord? I sure think we do. And the only way we will have as the UB calls it ” A Sudden Awakening” is to let people know the good news that the Revelation is here. This must be done through both the simple medium of print and promotion and through the powerful medium of film and music.

So as I hit the streets of Kansas City I placed stickers on everything I could find that I thought would catch peoples eyes. As well I went into coffee shops and tea houses and put flyers on bulletin boards and tables. In the course of doing this I was able to have about six introductions to the Urantia Book. And in a matter of four or five hours I caused maybe a few thousand people to see the word Urantia and maybe even a few checked it out. Those successes will only be measured in the years to come.



The next day Allison and I went down to the “Plaza” district of town and did outreach. Allison meet with two men about her book and I walked the streets placing material and looking for people to talk with. That is when I meet Alyssa doing yoga in front of her work. We had lunch and I introduced her to the Urantia Book. Also while strolling I meet Charles and bought him a sandwich while we talked about life. He had a incredible spirit and attitude for being homeless in the winter.

On our way out of downtown I saw a Unity Church. We decided to stop by and how thankful we were that we did. Marylin greeted us at the door and asked if we were there to get married. After a good laugh we explained to her that we where both on a book tour and also both attended Unity in our home towns. She seemed to quickly take a liking to us and gave us the “full tour” of the building.



This Unity is amazing! They offer meditation every single day of the year in a beautiful room with stained glass and pillows. They also have a two huge sanctuaries, an vegan restaurant, and a great book store. It was really wonderful to see such a large Church dedicated to the open minded principles which Unity is founded on.




Then Marylin asked me what the name of my book was. I told her the Urantia Book but that I wasn’t the author. She said she had never heard of the Urantia Book and I told her I would love to get her a copy. We also asked the lady in the book store and she had never heard of it either. This was so amazing to me. So me and Allison both got her books and she took them with sincere gratitude. What an experience to have the director of such a large, loving, and open minded Church receive the Revelation. Its truly why I’m on this tour.




After that we headed to a different district in town and I dropped off Allison at a hospital to meet with the director of Nero Sciences. I decided to just go up the street and download my cameras and re-charge. As I walked the streets I continued to put up stickers and then noticed a cool looking book store across the street. I grabbed a UB and headed in. The two men behind the counter gave me a funny look right off the bat. I set the UB down on the table and asked if they had it in stock. One man got up and left like he knew what was coming and the other looked at the book, read the cover and said “I don’t give any time to things like that” I said “things like what” he replied “comic book cartoon bullshit like the Bible”. I said “that’s cool, this isn’t Bible”. The conversation continued to me explaining to him that this book was about everything and was not a “Religion”. He softened up and said he would put it on the shelf.





That evening we visited a local study group, actually right around the corner from this neighborhood, which we were invited to by BoB Bryn. We didn’t know what to expect and Allison and I were pleasantly surprised. Their group was very fun and full of energy. Seeing as how we just kinda showed up with little warning they were all very excited to see us and keep telling us how inspiring it was to see young people out living the teachings.

This was a full few days in Kansas City. Many new people now know about the Urantia Book and local readers where inspired by our presence and commitment to living the Revelation. I know that there is a long road ahead with many incredible experiences but I must say I’ll go back to Kansas any day.

We must thank Susan Cook for her warm welcome and wonderful accommodations. Now on to Oklahoma!!




Source: http://raisingawarenesstour.com/kansas-city/

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What an amazing and eventful time we had in beautiful Oklahoma City! We arrived in Edmond, OK from Kansas City on Thursday evening, and were welcomed with a beautiful dinner with two beautiful Urantia families, where we shared about our journey and prepared for a weekend full of many events. Teuvo went out for the day to do some outreach on our first day, while I got caught up on some much needed work on the computer! Then, we prepared for the events to come.



On Saturday morning, I headed down to Full Circle Bookstore in downtown Oklahoma City, which is the bookstore known for their author events and book signings. This was a last minute event, which came together quite well! I set up to do a mini presentation, and when I walked in to get set up, quickly saw that there were several other events going on around the store at the same time! This was great and challenging at the same time.. great because there were so many people around, and challenging because many of them had microphones, and I didn’t! I actually have one, but decided that I just wanted to be more personal with my audience that day.



It was a nice intimate talk, in which a few familiar faces came, along with a few new people who showed up as well. There was a very nice man in particular, who seemed to be very interested in my presentation. Afterwards, I spoke with him, and he shared that he is a counselor, and works with abused children. He was interested in the part that I shared about the feeling of the soul retracting in the body when it has endured a traumatic event, and is unable to feel or show any emotional connection to the outside world, possibly, as a way to protect themselves from the pain they may be experiencing. He wondered if this may also happen with the children that he works with, as well as people who are in comas, and if he could possibly speak to their soul in this place, and help to bring and refill their soul back into their body again as well. I was so glad to talk with him about this experience, and hope that this may be of some assistance in the work he is doing with these children as well.

Later that evening, Teuvo and I went to the beautiful Urantia gathering that had been planned for our arrival, to share about the work that we have been doing on our trip. There were many people (20 or more?) that came together, young and old, with food, laughter and sharing, and it was truly a wonderful time of communion with our brothers and sisters. Some wonderful conversations were had about sharing the teachings of the revelation, and how we can best do this, and sharing plenty of information about the work that I am doing as well. Several of the young adults there were interested in joining in on the sharing of the revelation, and were left with many ideas and information of how they can get and be more involved. It was truly a wonderful time.

The next morning, we went to Unity Church of Oklahoma City, where I performed some music with Susan Wright Mogilka, and we prepared for my presentation with the congregation after the service. It was truly a beautiful service, with much fellowshipping afterwards as well.



My presentation at Unity in OKC was one of the largest I have had so far. It was in a large room with an earpiece mic (which was great because I could move my hands when I talked!), with a large screen and projector for me to use as well. There were about 40+ people in the room, and they were also able to video tape the presentation, which was wonderful as well.

After sharing about my experiences, the people there asked so many beautiful questions, and were so open and willing to share. I simply love speaking with the Unity community, because they are so spiritually open, and understand much of the information I am sharing with them. They also have wonderfully deep questions, and inspiration to share as well.

I was asked to come back to speak with several other groups of people here, and I was thankful. At the end of the presentation, they all stood up and held their hands facing me and my friend Susan, and sent us all of their love and blessings on our journey. It was beautiful.



After this, I went home to rest and regain some strength and energy, while Teuvo went on to visit with a young reader to give some inspiration on his journey, and then attended a study group, which I hear went wonderfully with many young adults who attended whom Teuvo got to speak with there as well.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience with lots of sharing and events one right after another in OKC, and we are thankful.

With many opportunities to return again, we are happy and look forward to our return. icon_smile.gif


Thank you OKC.. now it is off to Okahoma!! icon_smile.gif







Source: http://raisingawarenesstour.com/sharing-the-experience/

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As we move from city to city we encounter many diverse experiences and many unique flavors of reader groups. One of the things that has begun to strike me is the paradigm we represent and how different people react to it. And what paradigm is that you ask? EVANGELISM!

When I first started to say this word a year or so ago I was warned that it was an uncomfortable or hot button word to use. I asked myself, why? Does the UB not tell us to be “positive missionary evangels” of our religion over and over? So why the bad taste about this practice? I think it’s due to a few factors, including the experience many Americans have had with institutional religion being “pushed” on them. But in fact that is not at all what being a “positive missionary evangel” is all about.

If you have been following this blog you are well aware of the very natural and positive ways in which we have gone about sharing the good news with people as we travel. I would say that you would be hard pressed to find someone who felt pressured or judged in our interactions with them as we share the revelation.


So I keep asking myself, “What works best?” When I have incredibly successful introductions, how do they start and what is it that I do to make them a success? It so happens that as I was pondering these thoughts, I had an experience in Unity Church that answered that question for me.

It is as simple as the power of conviction. After grabbing a plate of food after the service I sat down a table to enjoy my meal. I know nobody and just took a empty chair across from a couple. As I was eating I introduced myself and they asked me what I thought of the service. I shared with them that this wasn’t my home church and that I was visiting from San Diego. Then it happened. The man asked why I was traveling and I said “I’m an evangelist for The Urantia Book.” He looked at me right in my eyes and asked what The Urantia Book was. I told him it was a Revelation that I had been reading since I was 20 years old and that it had changed my life. What happened next was a little help from God.


He started to ask me questions about the book and if it was related to Unity. I told him it was not but that it was based upon the same principles of acceptance that make Unity so great. He then asked to see one and at that very moment I noticed that there was a book on the shelf directly behind him. I pointed it out and he turned around and grabbed it. Immediately he opened it up and started to flip through the contents. As Allison gave her talk he was reading the UB and even downloaded it on his wife’s tablet so that she could read it as well.

Just then another man sat down on my right at the end of the table. He asked me where I was from and what I was doing and again I told him very directly, “I’m a traveling evangelist for The Urantia Book.” The look on his face was priceless. It was like I had just told him the answer to a question he had been dying to know. He leaned in and said, “Tell me about his book”.


At this point I had the audience of the first man, his wife, and now this new gentleman. I explained the origin of the UB and the basic concepts it presents. I talked about the fact that it has no human author and the reasons our planet has received this revelation. The new gentleman asked if I had a book he could buy as the one of the shelf was being taken home by the man and his wife. Thinking I had a copy, we went out to the car to get it but in fact I did not have one for some reason. He complimented me many times on my passion and conviction for sharing this book. As he left he said he was going straight to Barnes and Noble to get a copy. I have little doubt I will hear from both these gentlemen some day soon.

Every introduction I have had on this tour that has been really profound was born from my genuine and very real faith in the power of these teachings. I did not sit down at this table thinking I would introduce these folks to the revelation. I did not sit down thinking that I would find two sincere Truthseekers who would immediately take to the book.

I have realized I no longer have to plan for these things to happen. They just always do. And this is due to the fact that I have committed my life to sharing the truth that I have discovered and that has changed my life. It took time to get here. That is why I am on this path. I want to show others that there should be no fear in proclaiming with absolute conviction that which you hold as the truth. And as you practice it gets easier and easier, to the point that you don’t remember when it was any other way.









Source: http://raisingawarenesstour.com/the-power-of-conviction/

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Oh what a beautiful time in Dallas! We arrived on Monday evening to our dear friends Bill and Kay Cooper’s, who are long time friends through the Urantia movement. The next day was a work day on our computers, and then on Tuesday evening, we went to a wonderful Urantia gathering of the Dallas area readers, where Teuvo and I each did a presentation and had some wonderful question/answers and sharing afterwards! There were about 15-20 people attending, and a few new young readers that we met as well! What a wonderful time.

The next day, we went out to do some outreach around downtown Arlington, TX. What a wonderful town! I personally loved the weather, now being in sunny Texas, it was nearly 75 degrees! I must say that being in warm sunny weather in the middle of January has put a pep in my step, and I was filled with energy the whole time we were there!


We first went to the Arlington public library, where both Teuvo and I placed a book, The Urantia Book (both English and Spanish translation) as well as my own book into the public library. We then went to the administration office to see if we could leave some material for them to put up on their bulletin boards about our books, and the non-profit organizations we are working for. I mention this part, since we were told that their library could not post any materials unless it was on behalf of a non-profit organization, which we were both thankfully working for! Hooray!! icon_smile.gif

We then went out to lunch with Bill and Kay at the first organic/ health food restaurant we have eaten at on our journey thus far.. and we were sooo thankful!! icon_smile.gif The food was prepared by one woman, and it was served by suggested donation. The restaurant has apparently been very successful this way, with the food always being so good and healthy, people often donate very graciously for their meals there! What a great idea!


Just as we were about to leave, some amazingly wonderful things unfolded and happened. I wanted to stay and do some more outreach and introductions with Teuvo before I had to leave and prepare for my book talk later that day.. so.. God created a miracle, and we did not even have to leave the restaurant!! Just as we were leaving, I decided to ask this nice man at the counter if he would be willing to take a picture of all of us together outside. Well, this man ended up being a professional photographer, and was delighted. When he asked what we were traveling for, and we shared with him about each of the books we had, he asked to see them, and was very excited! He was thrilled, and began paging through the books with joy. He then asked if he could do a photo shoot with us and the books and proceeded to spend the next hour shooting each of us with our books and material. He gave us some information of places where we could go to place these wonderful books, and even gave me the contact information of a radio show host, where I could have an interview on NPR in Dallas.. how cool!


Just as we were packing up from this, there was a table of three older women who were watching all that was taking place. One of them asked about the books we were sharing, and we told them about the Urantia book. Then, much to our surprise, when we asked if she had ever heard of the Urantia book, the woman said, “Why yes, I have. In fact, I spent two full years reading it from front to back, and then loaned it to a friend, and I never got it back! I would love to have one again.. do you know where I could purchase one?” Teuvo was delighted, and said that he had some in the car for sale, and just as he was walking out the door to the car, she said “Wait! I’ll take two! I want to bring one to my church to share it with them as well.”


Well now, that was wonderful




I then went on to prepare for the event that evening while Teuvo continued to do more outreach in Arlington until it was time for the event.

The event for my book presentation was at an independent bookstore called Lucky Dog Books in Dallas. This was a huge new and used bookstore, with a few different locations in Dallas, and had a nice meeting room for book talks in the back. With chairs all facing in a circle, in a living room type setting, I set up my projector, using the wall behind me as my screen, and the room slowly filled to about 15 people. It was one woman’s birthday, and she thought she was going to see live music, and decided to stay for my talk instead. She ended up being a wonderful addition to the group, as she asked lots of interactive questions through-out the talk. This brought on some wonderful conversations, and at the end, she asked about my personal spiritual development, and how I was raised, and how this was nurtured in me before the accident. This brought on the topic of me sharing about the Urantia book, and much to our surprise, she was familiar with it already! She was curious to learn more about it, and Teuvo was there to talk with her more about it then, and was able to give her some information. This was wonderful, and a perfect example of how wonderful it was to have him there to speak with her more about the revelation, while I continued to answer people’s questions about my talk. Thank you Teuvo!!



The next morning, we got to spend some time with Bill and Kay, and we were also able to have breakfast with Bill’s mother, who was also raised on the Urantia book! Wow! What a beautiful woman, with such a sparkle in her eye.. I have met her once before, and was delighted to get to see and spend some time with her again icon_smile.gif

I was then able to spend some time with Kay learning about a new book and project she is working on, providing guidance for parents raising young children! I was delighted, and took notes, and felt honored to see where she was at in the book writing process, and can not wait until this book is done. This is a guide book that will be of much assistance to many new parents, and I feel that it would be wonderful if it could be placed in all of the hospitals, and to have a copy go home with each new parents!


All in all, it was a wonderful, and very warm visit in Dallas. We were happy to meet and see many new and familiar faces, and we look forward to being back again!! icon_smile.gif








SOURCE: http://raisingawaren...the-revelation/

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Hi Everyone! Wow, what an amazing journey it has been! I have completed my last events on this first leg of the tour in Austin, Texas, and what beautiful events they have been!

First, we arrived in the absolutely beautiful city of Austin on Thursday evening, and what an amazing city it is! This is both my and Teuvo’s first time in Austin, and being a musician myself, I was looking forward to it!!


We had our first free day in many weeks on Friday, and went out on the town with our dear friend and Urantia reader, Bruce Brown! Bruce was kind enough to take us to see some of the great sights in Austin that night, beginning at a restaurant which had as many pictures of world known musicians that you can imagine! It was so beautiful to see IMG_1336-e1359443086673-768x1024.jpgWe then went to hear live music (outside!!) in 70 degree weather, in January. It was amazing.. this town has more outdoor restaurants with outdoor live music than anywhere else in the world. Truly like being at a huge summer outdoor music festival, all year round! icon_smile.gif We haven’t even gotten to see all of it yet.. and I for one, can’t wait to see some jazz, and hopefully get to sit in and sing with some of the musicians around here too.. how fun! icon_smile.gif

Saturday was our big Austin Urantia gathering, which was amazingly wonderful as well, and I will let Teuvo share with you more about the gathering in his blog!



On Sunday we went to Unity of Austin, where I was asked to do a presentation after the service. Wow! What an incredible and exuberant crowd of people at Unity of Austin! Everyone was so bright, peppy, and filled with the spirit of joy and love, and wasn’t afraid to shine their beautiful love light on everyone they saw! I have visited many different Unity’s across the country now, and I was ignited by this one, and how alive with the Spirit of Truth everyone was! Blessed be!

They announced my presentation, and had me come up and speak with the community during the service about my talk, and then had reserved a room specifically for the talk after the service, which many people attended after the service! The room quickly filled up, and the chairs were filled, with standing room only. What a great presentation and way to end the first part of my tour!





There was one girl in particular, who was not there for the service, but had heard that I was in town and speaking, and came with her mother and daughter to hear me talk. She had been in a car accident, and endured a coma and brain injury as well, and was looking for some comfort and validation of what she was experiencing inside. We got to share with each other before, during, and after the presentation, and I was so glad that she came! She was mostly concerned with, and dealing with the inability to feel an emotional connection to the outside world, and was comforted to know that she was not alone with what she was experiencing inside. I shared with her about Reiki, and how that can help to heal this part in the brain, and Network Spinal Analysis Chiropractic (which is a gentle form of Chiropractic care, that they have here in Austin!!), she is excited and looking forward to trying them both. We also talked about the importance of doing visualization for healing, as well as getting enough sleep in a quiet environment so that the brain can have enough energy to heal. She was glad to hear that the emotional disconnect with the outside world was a natural stage in the process of the brain healing, and that it would come back again in time. I remember this stage in the healing process well, which took many years for me, and was the experience that made me question that if I could not feel an emotional connection to the outside world, if I was truly alive? She left with a book, and I shared with her some pages to help validate some of these feelings she was enduring inside, and hope to meet with her again before I leave. Thank you God, for this beautiful connection, and hopefully validation that we are not alone with what we are experiencing inside.. and that this too, shall pass, and that we can and do have the power and ability within ourselves to heal.





I have nothing but love and gratitude for all of the wonderful people we have met, worked with, and stayed with along our way for the first part of our journey. Now, it is time for some rest, and to plan some more events for the next part of the tour. It looks like I will be heading East from here, where I will work on planning more events and continue to tour in the Southeast, and Teuvo will continue on to travel out West and tour, until we meet again

Thank you so much, to everyone! For all of your loving support and dedication for helping us to share the revelation, and be of loving service to our brothers and sisters on this planet. Jesus said to go out two and two, and we have done this now, and will continue to, and hope to set an example for many more people to continue.


Now it is on to pave the way for many more tours and wonderful journeys to come!!


With much love, and light,


Allison ^j^


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Austin Texas. Before we even arrived people were telling us about how great Austin was. Boy they were right! Austin is a vibrant city with a cultured beautiful people.

This Raising Awareness Tour has had a dual purpose. Allison is touring to promote her new book “The Angel Inside”. I am with her to meet with current Urantia Book readers and find new readers. While in Austin I had great success if fulfilling my purpose. I meet with not only the largest current standing group but also tracked down a new Urantia study group in a rather unsuspecting place.


Sharon and Ted Lanier hosted a gathering for us on Saturday night at their home south of Austin. We had a good turn out and I gave a, now improving, presentation about my travels and the paradigm my generation is working to create. Many seemed very inspired by what I had to say and the vision I presented for the future. Then Allison gave her talk about her book and afterwords we spent time getting to know each other. The son of a reader was a really amazing violin player and shared his music with us. He’s only 18 and is reading the book!


While in conversation about the Austin readership they mentioned that there was another group that meets in this same area. I was very curious to know where they meet and why they did not attend this social. Sharon looked up the information for the host of the group and I was able to get in touch that night and found out their study group was the next morning, Sunday, at a Target right down the road. Besides that I really didn’t know much. Only that they did possibly have one younger reader. So I decided to make the journey back down to the city and find out for myself.


I have to say that as I drove down to Austin on a foggy Sunday morning I really felt like I was on an adventure. Heading to a Target of all places to find a little known about study group with the purpose of enrolling them in the work I’m doing felt like I was truly accomplishing my mission for this tour.

As I walked into the nearly empty Target (it being 9am) I found the setting area in the front but didn’t see anybody. I noticed there was a little nook and as I came around the corner there was a table with five people and Urantia Books! Ok so think about this. I contacted this host the night before about ten-o’clock. He knew nothing about me and I about him. I showed up with a box full of Urantia materials, a sweatshirt with a quote from the book, and a huge camera. They were a little shocked, but in a good way I think!



As we got to know each other they had a lot of questions for me about how I got there and how it was that I was actually a “traveling evangelist’ for the UB. They seemed to think it was pretty amazing. I told with them about how I shared the book with people and gave them ideas of how to do it in there lives. There study group has seven regulars and two were missing this morning. And we actually didn’t end up reading at all. We just talked the whole time and I told them about my travels and all the projects the Fellowship is working on and supporting. They seemed very impressed and supportive of all I had to say. I believe it was quite a rewarding experience for all of us.

As this tour continues to unfold I have no doubt that I will have many more wonderful last minute surprises like this. To have the joy of being lovingly welcomed into the home of our Urantia Family and then to go and find a faithful group of students of the Revelation was a 24 hours that proved to me I’m right where I’m suppose to be.



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Well I didn’t even have to get to my seat this time to already have an introduction to the Urantia Book. Because of my bags being to full I had to carry two Urantia Books on my way through the Austin Airport. This caused many heads to turn and people said things like “wow little light reading”. I would joke and tell them yes and ask if they had heard about the UB.

As I lined up to get on board I started a conversation with the lady to my left. It quickly moved to what the big blue books I was carrying were and she actually had heard of it and had a friend in Austin who was a reader (Ill find him later!). While walking down to the plane we talked about why I was traveling. In that short time I told here how I had discovered the book. This story is based around the fact that my parents had gotten a divorce and that I was looking for answers around marriage and love. She seemed very interested. She asked if I would like to sit by here and show her the part I was referring to.



Heading down the runway for take off I found the Marriage Papers and she started to read. It turned out that at this very moment she is having trouble with her marriage and very seriously considering what to do next. She talked about how much she loves her husband but desired to get advice about how to act on these feelings shes having.

After she had read for a while, and we talked about a few key parts, she asked me for my advice. Her husband has a drinking problem. He is a good guy but has always been a drinker and in the last ten years or so has really let it go. She feels that their relationship has taken the back seat and no longer are her needs being met. She doesn’t know what to do because she expressed that she is kinda afraid to be alone.

My advice for her was simple. He drinks because something is missing. Whatever that something is you can not find or give to him. What you can do is be a stand for his life and yours, and help him move towards a path of figuring out why he feels the need to get intoxicated. I of course mentioned in my opinion its a missing of God.


I also shared about Landmark Education and how I had witnessed many people finding answers to these same questions. Funny thing was that her best friend had been suggesting to her to do the Forum (Landmark) for many years already. So I had now reaffirmed not only the Revelation but Landmark Education. I joked that she had more then enough for a lifetime to work with.

Our conversation was very rich and rewarding for both of us. We shared lunch and she even had some organic carrots. In all reality evangelism is as simple as being present for people when they need you. 99% of the time people are in need of something. Someone to listen, maybe some advice, and at times the answers to the universe!


P.S. As we landed she downloaded the Urantia Book Ipad App. icon_smile.gif


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We, the Uranita Community, are in need of an awakening and there are many ways to wake up. You can quietly sit by someones side put your hand on their shoulder and whisper “wake up” or you can CLAP your hands and scare the crap out of them. Which one do we need? Both.

There is a new paradigm that is being created by the work of this tour and that is Traveling Evangelism. That in fact we actually can and should be training and promoting “Positive Missionary Evangels” of the Revelation. Individuals who can travel the country, and world, with a specific mission of Disseminating the teachings as well as creating networks and community with current readers. The Raising Awareness Tour has accomplished that already with great success.



Readers we have visited have said things like “their lives and work inspired all of us to keep learning new ways to share the amazing revelation we are so blessed to have.” and “they have me and others thinking about what we can do to promote outreach locally more animatedly and with greater zest, zeal, and verve. Teuvo’s self-styled self-reference as an “Evangelist for the Urantia Revelation,” alone, has engendered in us a greater enthusiasm for sharing the revelation and attempting to embody its values more directly, unguardedly–even boldly!!”

Its an honor to hear my fellow brethren excited and enrolled in this paradigm we are literally bring to life with every day this work continues. What I have started to realize is that this is the beginning of a new era in our culture. A time when we are training young leaders to go out proclaiming boldly and proudly that the Revelation is here! Supported and encouraged by a worldwide network of believers who together make it possible to travel and work for the Kingdom with great efficiency.



A number of reasons have been factors in why we have been slow to make this aspect of our culture one of great importance. Even though the Publication Mandate itself states “An early publication of the book has been provided so that it may be in had for the training of leaders and teachers.” The reality is we are all crystal clear as to what we are called to accomplish. Before Jesus left our world Urantia he clearly stated our mission and his reason for living a life in the flesh. I quote “There is but one law to obey — that is the command to go forth proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom. Cease to fear men; be unafraid to preach the good news of eternal life to your fellows who languish in darkness and hunger for the light of truth.”

What I am learning while traveling with the purpose of sharing these teaching is that I’m doing much more then just evangelizing. I am growing, I am serving, and without a doubt in my heart I am doing the Fathers will.



I encourage you reading this to consider how to help contribute to this work. There are a thousand ways and we need help with every one of them. Just imagine a core of a hundred young talented missionaries always touring the world placing books, meeting with leaders, working with study groups, and transforming the culture 365 days a year. This is the goal we are working towards. This is what our master instructed us to accomplish. Is the time now? CLAP!

Please visit our
Support The Tour






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There is something big brewing in Phoenix, Arizona. After traveling for almost a month visiting readers and study groups across the country I have acquired a pretty good idea about the culture, attitude, and happenings of our Urantia community. The study groups and readers I visited with in the Phoenix area lifted me up and gave me great hope.




While in Phoenix I continued my mission of engaging current readers with the purpose of enrolling them in becoming more active in the work concerning the Revelation as well as their own communities. On Wednesday night I visited, and gave a presentation for the Tempe study group. We had a great turnout and I was able to make many new friends while sharing with them our goals and vision for the future. They seemed very interested and inspired by what I had to say.




Thursday I got dropped off on Mill Street down at the ASU Campus. It was early so I started my morning with tea from Starbucks as I waited for the city to wake up. As I was getting ready leave I noticed a homeless man sitting down next to me. Sadly my very first inclination was to write him off. This is due to the reality that a fair amount of the time they are “gone”. But I noticed my Thought Adjuster telling me to listen and I looked over and he was looking right at me. Eye contact is one of the first signs of a Truthseeker in my opinion. So I said hello and we started to chat. His name was Micheal and he was a good, kind man. He asked me about my travels and I shared with him why I was in Phoenix. He stood up and was very interested in the Urantia Book. I gave him some material and went on my way.




So I stared my walk through ASU campus. This was one of those days where I have no plan except to place print material. I get a little anxious as I don’t know how I’m going to engage people in conversation. I really don’t have a platform to start from except for “hello, how are you?”. As I walked through this beautiful campus, the birds chirping, I was just struck by how wonderful it was.




Such an ideal setting to learn. After putting up a bunch of flyers, which I know many, many people saw, I made it to the center of campus or the “Mall”.

As I approached I noticed a booth for the Catholic club and a Christian club. Rounding the corner I saw three chalk boards with writing on the top that said “Why I Hate Religion”. I was kinda taken back for just a second. I assumed that this group was no more then 30 feet away from the campus Religious groups literally bashing them to their face. It only took a few minutes to notice what was really happening.




This group was a non-denominational Christian organization that was creating an open forum for people to express their frustration with organized Religion. When people would stop to write on the board they would engage them in a conversation and hopefully enroll them in visiting their Church I assume. BRILLIANT! Let people be heard and then share with them how your organization can change their view. Stealing that idea for sure!

I did have one destination on my map though for the day. A friend who used to attend ASU told me about the Mormon Religious Studies building that had a free lunch on Thursdays. So after talking with the people at the “Why I hate Religion” booth I headed over there to check it out. I must be honest that at first I was a bit uncomfortable. Everyday and every adventure brings varying levels of comfort and confidence. And just because I was going into a Mormon Religious Studies building to have lunch holding a brand new Fellowship Urantia Book didn’t mean I was lacking confidence I think, it just had me feeling a bit tepid. I know how strong the Mormons are in their faith but also know that they are very easy to engage and believe in Revelation.




After grabbing a piece of pizza I went out front by a beautifully painted picture of Jesus overlooking Jerusalem to sit down and hope to have a conversation. After sitting for a bit with no luck I decided to walk out front. As I did a young man was standing there and looking right at me (eye contact) so I commented on his In And Out Jacket and asked if they have them in AZ. That lead to why I was there and the Urantia Book. Within a few minutes he was flipping through the contents. Right in front of the building! One of those moments I wish I could have captured a picture. If I would have taken out my camera and took his pic I would have ruined all credibility I may have built in those few minutes.

He was very open and we discussed Revelation and Melchizedek for about 20 minutes. I told him how to get a book and he said he would go home and check it out. Seeing as how we were kindred spirits I was very frank and straight with him about the teaching in the UB and how amazing they were regardless of who wrote it or where it came from. I assured him it would not be the last time he heard about it. As we were finishing out conversation my host Joshua in Phoenix came up and finished the conversation with us.




The next day I visited a study group in south Phoenix. This was a lead I received from Bruce Brown and turned into quite an adventure. I meet with three wonderful sister believers and shared with them all about the tour and all the things the Fellowship is working on. They shared with me some amazing resources and history. It’s always such a blessing to meet new readers. The energy is always so high!




Visiting ASU and Phoenix was an incredibly prosperous event for the Kingdom. Inspiring current readership to take new action as well as introducing scores of young people to the UB. And as an added bonus I got to spend time with amazing hosts and friends to re-charge and digest the last month. We made commitments to have a student club at ASU in the very near future so that we can be side by side engaging the youth of tomorrow about their feelings of God and the Universe.






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