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Wilfred Kellogg, the sleeping subject? So what?

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I think that if you need an outer authority to help you accept truth, then you're not allowing yourself to be led by your inner authority.


As a student of history, I am interested in the existence of the sleeping subject as a historical question. If the sleeping subject didn't exist, then the story would have been a cover for Sadler and/or other human authors for the Urantia Book. Sadler, already familiar with trance mediums, could have concocted a story as a vehicle for his own ideas. I am not saying this was the case.


The point is that we have to take on faith that the sleeping subject existed, based on our own personal spiritual experience of reading the papers. No one knows for certain who wrote the New Testament Gospels, and yet they've revealed the person and teachings of Jesus to billions of Christians for two thousand years. I would judge the Urantia Book the same way, based on the content of its teachings rather than its authorship.

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