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Animal Domestication

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778.6) 69:7.3 It was easy to tame some animals, but like the elephant, many of them would not reproduce in captivity. Still further on it was discovered that certain species of animals would submit to man’s presence, and that they would reproduce in captivity. The domestication of animals was thus promoted by selective breeding, an art which has made great progress since the days of Dalamatia.


There is a breeding experiment in Russia that started in 1959. They took wild Silver Foxes and attempted to domesticate them and of coarse they manged to pull it off and now have Foxes as friendly to humans as any dog. The technique they used to domesticate the Foxes I thought was intersting in relation to the u.b. They selected only the top 1 percent of foxes in each generation that showed the least amount fear toward human beings. It actually only took them about 10 generations of Foxes to get a true domesticated fox. Now 50 years later these Foxes physical traits have even changed with some having blotted coats, some with white coats, they all mostly have more floppy ears and curly tails. These foxes are now sold for about 4 or 5K from this breeding center.


Here is a good Wikepedia article on them. There are some awesome youtube videos on them as well.



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