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My Teacher




Thank you for the light


On my path


For I see more clearly




The way beneath my feet,


It's direction and composition




Into the becoming


Of me.




Without you


Where would I be


But wandering still, groping


In the dark


Lost still and hopeless




I learn and grow


And share with others




You have so patiently


Taught me.




But not so well as you


For me


My growth, your reward


And more I hope


Your reward and dedication


A gift to me.




What am I to do


But light my own lamp


By your example.




Since there were two


There have been two teachers


And two students




In love


Truth, beauty, goodness


One with another


Thank you Father






My Teacher

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Whispers ... feel the wind at dawn

Whispers ... air coming through my window.

The moon and sun whisper secrets ...

The moon is moving away,

Whispers ... dawn caress my face.


Cosmic rays enter through my window

Whispers ... air ...

Colorful crystals shine at dawn.

Whispers ... very subtle, gentle ... quiet.

Awaken life.


Whispering notes, and wide awake!

The moon is there, looking around

The sun whispers, things promised.

Whispers ... dawn...

Listen ...very still.

Whispers ... day.

I hope ...





Graciela Emma Gatti.




Alina :)



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