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Good Day to all!


I start this topic for all lovers of poetry have the opportunity to publish their work related to topics that relate directly or indirectly to the study of Revelation.For those who are attracted and inspired by this style of expression, we know what it means and how pleasant enjoyable time spent writing in solitude.

So courage to post! The invitation is done!

Dear Pike, all yours! :)


At this time I remember the point 20 of Morontia Mota, says:


(557.6) 48:7.22 20. Only a poet can discern poetry in the commonplace prose of routine existence.


This point,gave me a poem which in time will translate into English, is a bit complicated for me for the grammatical structures and the way I write. "The Flight of the Poet" I wrote some years ago,when I first started with my first readings of the UB. We'll see. what comes out!


For now I have part of the translation of "Feel my union with you"

Hope you like it... or better, first you mean! :)






Feel my union with you


Oh! Divine Glory in my soul!

Since there is no longer here anymore

Neither the afterlife.

Today is now"Always Present"

In the cosmos of my mind.


The distant, is near.

Near, moves away, sometimes.

Only to return between particles

arriving from ... here ... and there ...


I find you always in the center.

In my hands at all times.

That's not really the time.

It is only the reflection

This bright mirror!


Yes, this truth is just the shadow.

but just glimpse of your presence!

in my soul, and increasingly

Looking at the sky or the ground.

It does not matter where you look!


While the sentiment is present

and united to the Thought!

We Are One!


This Universe is my country!

Y... The Kingdom of Heaven is!



Graciela E.Gatti



Edited by Alina
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I posted this allready but this is better place for it




We started the journey,

and must walk the trail.

Trails are many,

and only one is right.

Take my hand Jesus

and don't let me go a stray.

I will follow you,

no metter how is the way.

I know you'll lead me,

there where I'm ment to be.

I love you Jesus,

and I love your way.

Bless me with knowledge

to follow your way.





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if anyone has poems from Phil Bosmans I would be greatfull if you would share it with me.


I read one lately but it is in Croatian.

I will translate it to english and share it with you.



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Meredith once posted this poem.

It deserves to be here.


Be thankful that you don’t already have

everything you desire.

If you did, what would there

be to look forward to?

Be thankful you don’t know something,

for it gives you the opportunity to learn.

Be thankful for the difficult times.

During those times you grow.

Be thankful for your limitations,

because they give you opportunities for


Be thankful for each new challenge,

because it will build your strength and


Be thankful for your mistakes.

They will teach you valuable lessons.

It’s easy to be thankful for the good things.

A life of rich fulfillment comes to those

who are also thankful for the setbacks.

Gratitude can turn a negative into a positive.

Find a way to be thankful for your troubles,

and they will become your blessings.

By Wynne



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'' if anyone has poems from Phil Bosmans I would be greatfull if you would share it with me.''


HI Brother Pike



IS This Him ?








Wednesday, January 21, 2009 11:37:37 PM

Gold thouht


It sometimes seems to us, that two different men live in us. One which all acts perfectly and we present this man to the world and it is also the second one , who we put to shame, and we conceal this. In every man exists something like this, how the internal discord and cohesionless. Everyone would like to be good, and only makes acts, which he often does not understand alone.

Why is it so? Therefore, that man is not God, it is not also an angel, nor a superhuman, and only a small pilgrim in long, far road of his life. His own weaknesses make him incritical and gentle in relation to others. Someone, who is uncritical in the face of himself , he will be hard and incapable to understand in others. He will not be able to comfort anybody, to add a courage and to forgive. Happiness and friendship are there where men are sensitive, gentle and soft in words, and in mutually contacts. — Phil Bosmans


Phil Bosmans is the Flemish Catholic priest, a monk of Monfortaners. For over forty years he's lived in a small monastery in Kontich near Antwerp. His optimistic prescriptions on life, creating in form of aphorisms or poems,it is a result of the deep belief, of the own experience and the understanding in the suffering , poorest and lonely men. In his poem he says that:


"I will not stay on this world eternally"


I will not stay on this world eternally.

Between eternity and my birth,

and the eternity after my death

I have the measured time of stopping exactly

on our small planet.

My time.

I can not withdraw it , nor prolong also.

My time is settled pitilessly.

And so what? It can say one with whole certainty :

It mustn't be sad,It should stay on the sunny side,

and let the time runs with its rhythm.

It is well to delight with the light, love ,

men and beautiful events.

To these who did not find the sunny place of stopping

to beautify the day.

Let my time will not be a street of

fast movement between a cradle and a grave,

treat the place of stopping will be in the sun.

Life can be hard,terrible hard.

Life be able to be heavy,terrible heavy.

there are moments , when you feel this

in the deepest layers of your soul.

In such painful moments

every man looks for a consolation.

It without a support and consolation

it isn't impossible to live.

Edited by Coop
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Friend... sister...


Friend, sister;

are so similar in part

to silence, to murmur.

You talk notes

of the non-audible;

quiet, I transmit

in waves of feelings,

of emotions

that are rooted in the words

never pronounced.


Friend, sister;

your tears, water


filled with multiple

colors of the aurora

that contains everything;

bountiful, generous

of the human soul.


Friend, sister;

you see in your writing

arpeggios, sounds

born in the deep

Sea pearl

living essence.


Never fly so high

like that day

that looked at the sun

and you say: here I am,

here I am in an exit

composition eternal

cosmic waiting for the day

that your symphony

at last be heard;

glorious silence

full of soul

of depths.


Friend, sister;

I .......

humbly, I,

I've heard.

When you shut

I stole your silence.








(30.4) 1:6.5 Some degree of moral affinity and spiritual harmony is essential to friendship between two persons; a loving personality can hardly reveal himself to a loveless person. Even to approach the knowing of a divine personality, all of man’s personality endowments must be wholly consecrated to the effort; halfhearted, partial devotion will be unavailing.
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here is the promised translation.

I hope I didnt destroy it too mutch :)



In darknes of your past,

and in uncertinty of your future,

in blessing of your helpings,

and in missery of your weakness,

I lay my promise: I AM HERE.


In play of your feelings,

and in severity of your thoughts,

in wealth of your silence,

and in poverty of your speach,

I lay my promise: I AM HERE.


In multitude of your tasks,

and in emptynes of your employment,

in all might of your capabilities,

and in boundries of your talent,

I lay my promise: I AM HERE.


In success of your talks,

and in boredom of your prayers,

in joy of your success,

and in pain of your failings,

I lay my promise: I AM HERE.


In narowness of your everyday,

and in places of your dreams,

and in unreliability of your mind,

and in strength of your heart,

I lay my promise: I AM HERE.


Phil Bosnan

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Hi all!


Just over five years ago when I was just starting to read the Urantia Revelation, I wrote this poetry.

I hope not to destroy my own writing ! originally in language Spanish.

The point of origin was Morontia Mota: "Only a poet can discern poetry in the common place prose of routine existence".(557.6)







Freedom, wants the poet ... through life.

Sounds of wings to the wind, like, the poet ...

Locked. is located. powerless ... notes.

What do, everything ... to explore ... all ...

And I'm trapped here! thinks the poet.

...As static is ...!



Great inner strength,seized the poet.

His heart expanded ... sees.

In mysterious instant, the picture becomes.

Curtains before him, gliding. appear.

In fresh breeze and everything has changed!

Write your hand ... verses that even he knows

where they entered.


Upon returning from his flight, his hands close together.

Sprigs ... colors ... beautiful ...

brought to the ground

With them and painted it gray and dark.

He can not stop writing now ...

what has been given ...

Like, the poet ... share your flight.


Know,.. the poet ...


Feel ... Think.


Go reappear coming of impotence ...

And other verses ... thence emerge ...

Free and accompanied, he feels, the poet.

By the dictates of the Soul ...

Attuned to it ...


Cries the poet on paper ...

Tears of gratitude and joy

For those moments lived ...

That will last forever ...


As in present state

in his mind-heart.

Between smiles and tears ... the poet knows ...

I've never been alone and locked up alone!


Laugh ... the poet ...


Meanwhile new verses ... are already appearing.

Trying, always trying to find

Reality of living on this earth, knowing that most

is still in darkness.


Alina says the poet:


-The hope is present

For in the contrary case you would not be

writing to all those persons who is also seeking

the reason for existence.


The poet observes Alina,

his eyes.serious and firm

A shy smile.Leave hover in your face ...



... And will help someone ...?



* * *

Edited by Alina
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The kingdom of heaven could be compared to the cook who found a huge box of fruit in his kitchen. Oranges, apples, pears, pineapples, bananas, cherries, mangos and so many kinds were in it. The fragrance and beauty of the fruit was so great he preapared a feast of it for everyone. On his tables he put out his finest linen and silver. He phoned his family and told them to come for the feast. He told them to invite their friends and everyone else in town and people from the country to come share with him his joy and overflowing abundance.

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The Feast



Won't you come...oh please do!


For the table is laid and the kitchen busy too!


It's a glorious day to share all I have with you!


The bounty of harvest is too great for me alone.


There is more than enough for all.


You need naught but appetite and a little time.


Our Lord provides all else that may ever be needed.


Won't you come....oh please do!



The Feast





(from a frustrated poet...a little improv on Meredith's post)

Edited by fanofVan
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Riley Martins – Thought Adjuster


The poem


I have traveled far and swiftly, Across

yon deep and leaning sky; I have

witnessed a novas burst, and saw living

planet die.


Across to voids of space unmeasured, Oh

yea,Omsa-La-Juwann: I have pierced the

quantum octaves, mastered hyper warps

in time.


Vaulting onward o’er the spiral, on a

journey here to save: fellow beings

wrought of madness, from yon weeping

living grave,

Nestled there upon the ether, as a jewel

among the stones: Earth the precious orb

of legend, soon your glowing shall be



Children of the living waters, possessors

of the staff of reason: Beings of celestial

promise, doomed to perish in mid-



From the stone axe to the heavens, lo’

the vision did not fade: still that pulsing

seed of hatred, lay thy fate beneath the



Before me the planet lay in shambles,

eco-destruction beyond repair: by the”

greed of false controllers”, acid

permeate the air,

Pristine waters from the mountains, die

en-route down to the sea: thus to hasten

soon the horror, the sapien race may

cease to be.


All my dreams of bio-perfection, was but

a futile deed: Seeking to create apure

utopia, we unleashed a monster seed.

Still within them lay the

spirit , to transcend the

rabid beast:

And to comprehend the Omsa of the

elements of peace.


Oh ye marvels of creation, why have you

not sought the light: Must you fade into

the shadows, of that still,cold, azure


Unto you my sign is written, there upon

the living fields, Lo’ the circle is eternal,

though you perish , you yet

shall live.


Interfaceing with the acids, beneath

some new Jurasic sea: To turn again and

scan the heavens, and to learn again to

be, to be.


If I did not breach your stratos, you

would surely some day breach mine: Tis

a factor without question,tis a factor but

of time.


I have not returned to conquer, nor to

alter the flow of fate:

But simply to gather a

certain number , soon

before it is too late.


Too unstable to embrace, yet far too

noble to cast away: Beautiful life form

though unsuccessful, might succeed

another day:

There upon the flowering meadows, Oh,

shining precious Biaveh.

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Hi all!

I hope you understand! I wrote some time now with all of you! :ph34r:


Thanks PIke :) !






State of Siege


From today I declared

state of siege in my mind

not transcend borders

that are not good for me

Do not go beyond the scope

my cherished wish.

Do not listen to those things


I do not need to know

Do not read for some time

nothing to interfere.

the path I have outlined

of ideal growing.

I can only work

in the reduced space

of my mind and my thinking.


This space is not small!

Only requires expand

the home.

That is in front of my!

Working there to let me see

the breadth of ideas.

Listed for action!


Soldiers. thoughts ...

have to walk very upright

Do not allow anything.

find them distracted..

They are on alert for

any movement.


I must not go outside

When the night has come

only permitted out in the light of day!

But always with precausión

and for identification!


Through the window I look

as they march together

The purpose is only one.

True freedom!


The Authority is watching

It is not superb, his attitude

Fulfills its mission!

Keep in place.

The undesirable and daring.


The day must come soon

that this state change.

for a time not set.

I have not let anyone

invade my privacy.


Then... I'll go out running

to a larger space,

Toward the achievement deserved

of personal choice.


G. E. G.B.


Edited by Alina
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Wow! I'm so glad you started this topic, Alina! Thanks Pike, Coop, fanoVan!


Your poem, Alina, "State of Seige" expresses so well something I can relate to. I wrote something similar, perhaps, as your state of seige. I marvel that my own state of seige is like yours, at least in some respects. I call mine "Horsework."






Still those stampeding horses running loose in your brain!

Put a pen around them or drive them off a cliff into the ocean.

Build a fence behind you!

Corral them!

Take away their food, their water.

Let not their neighing and braying distract you!


By what authority speaks the outrageous leader?

The one neighing and braying the loudest,

The one snorting and stomping, blowing and pawing,

And those lesser ones nipping at its withers,

Nipping at its flanks, braying and vying for authority,

Vying for recognition, vying for all the mares?

Let not their vying and whining disturb your course!


Dare you go in among them where they are?

Hoofing and stomping, kicking up such a cloud of dust

Into the stratosphere seen from space?

Seen from the center of the universe?

Seen by God whose very eyes see all, read all, know all?


Go there, then, into that confusion and anxiety.

Go there with a rope and shield, if you must.

Capture their leader whose name is fear.

Hobble its legs and muzzle it.

Take away its range.

Neutralize its lead.

Subdue it behind an extra fence.

Make it submissive as a pet trained to stay put.


But, even wild horses are a part of the universe economy.

When domesticated they are useful and intelligent.

They are companions and assistants in the labors of man.

But they require grooming,

A clean environment, pasturage,

Proper food and water, exercise,

And training.

And mostly training.

It’s horse work.





All the best,


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Yes... Merediht! I'm glad too! We are in a similar tune! :)

Thanks to Pike that he came to start this topic!

The extra-ordinary is that, in addition, you understand me! :D


Love to all!




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As electron circles around the atom core.


As Moon circles around the Earth.


As Earth circles around the Sun.


As Sun circles around the Milky way.


As Milky way circles around Heaven.


I circle around you, Father.


by Pike

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Glory Road


Oh how long I have wandered...

Thrashing through the brush and weeds,

Looking for the way from here to there to anywhere

Not Here.


Taking any trail found....

No matter where it might lead,

Every little copse and spring discovered



Looking for what I do not have....

But need and long for with whole heart,

Moving forward...I hope



Suddenly I trip and fall...

Over a giant blue book not there a moment ago,

I land face first stunned

On the Glory Road!


What's this I cry out?

Where did this super highway come from,

Look at all the traffic,

Believers all laughing arm in arm

Skipping up the widening thoroughfare

Toward towering peaks

Floating above the clouds.


Peace and tranquility replace confusion and despair!

God's call and direction

So obvious now.

What of the others still lost I inquire?

Worry not says a Voice

For every little trail in the wilderness

Brings all my children to





Peace. :rolleyes:

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An angel whispered in my ear

But I can not tell!

He advanced on my way to what could be achieved.


Someone pushed me from behind,

light the path for me.

Between coos and pushes

and it finally hit.


Very naughty angel laughed

and made to run again!

Happened several times until

the sleeping, me.

I realized that it was

shown that distance costs.

I followed uphill and I'm still chasing ...


But I understood the game

And I no longer treat such a hurry to reach.

Rather walk slowly looking around.

And faster without losing detail

I have to find.


Waiting for more friends, got together to play.






Then I wrote this short poem, reminded the Reversion Angeles!

Is it because I found it funny. :D




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Thanks Everyone , Ive Been Enjoying Them ALL !


Alina ~ Can I Share Your Poem Elsewhere ?

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Hi All!


Yes... Yes brother Coop, with pleasure!

Please, write my name:Graciela Emma Gatti, because some are already published in some books of mine.







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For a man of too many words, poetry is a therapy, reaching for meaning in the unsaid....like painting or drawing with words. Mine are always extemporeaneous expressions of my ponderings...or wonderings....or wanderings.....a trail blazing hero of days gone by, Daniel Boone once said, "I've never been lost, but I was once bewildered for 3 or 4 days...."




Knowing where I am now


Knowing where I wish to be


I can hardly be lost, eh?


Yet I know not which path to choose

From here to there,

Up, down, around, or through

Every thing and direction seems to be obstacle

To anywhere not here.


But tis not anywhere I seek

But somewhere...somewhere else.

I look for a place never found by me before

The next purpose or challenge

Not yet here or now.


For one who cannot stay put,

Who leaves whenever yonder calls,

Lonely and lost can be your due.

But I have never been alone on this wilderness trail,

God's mind and spirit always upon me.


Backtrail filled with adventure, love, friendship,

What have I to fear or regret?

In front of me, more of the same certainty still to come.

The trail always brings purpose to the moment

For the one who but looks and listens.


This yondering upon the path of my choosing

Has no beginning I remember

And has no end I know of or hope for.

This journey becomes ME somehow

And feels forever now,


For where my feet are now

Does not measure my journey or my destination.

For where I am hardly matters

To where I started or where I'll BE

In the eternity sure to come.


Until God says well done and

Welcome to trail's end,

I will pass by and wonder at

Infinity's perpetual yonder.

My heart, mind, and feet certain...if just a little


Bewildered Along The Way!

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The green, green, here and now, is

In this beloved land,dressed with truth tapestry

... Toward the four winds ... ...

This is green, now is telling me:

Do not you see I'm speaking from this harmonic light?


The green really is everywhere!

And almost shouting, says:

Green, green, I'm here, I'm here, really.

Not easy to understand the language of these green

We speak over here.



Between here and beyond, where green is

The increasing human distracted for to listen.



The songs of beauty, reflecting the truth.

The Beauty songs that reflect the goodness.

Of him. here and there it is!

Awaiting the time we woke up for real.

The truth is this, not hiding from anyone!

May seem inappropriate and fantasy stories ...

for those who ignore the origin...truths ... in this eternity ...


They appear suddenly, like little sparkles. the Whole.

For those who already know, these green Truths.

However, this pretty much covered with kindness,

perhaps out of habit, we dare to watch.

Neither we encourage you to peer through a small space.


Because this green is great!

The Beautiful reflection of Truth

contained in a point, singing all your notes...

...Mota ... not let you see, but climbing heights.

Look, look!

I,,, I'm here.Green says his human.


Singing birds perched on branches avenues.

They sing happy, in the goodness of Heaven

Shout some under the rising sun.

Wake up! Wake up!

That the sun has risen. newly!


AH! Truth, Beauty, Goodness

Look. Here, look!

Trying ... always trying

to listen, understand you

And above all ...

Love you...





Edited by Alina
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My Hope


Oh my hope how you have changed.


I have escaped your gravity to soar beyond its grasp.


I no longer need your gentle path to lead me further.


My future and glory now assured.


Hope realized.


Now certainty in destiny and God's love.


What now to hope or fear?


The blooms of hope still open on the vine.


Not for me but those who have too little of your fragrence.


Yes I still have hope.


For all the world without it I offer


My Hope


For You Too!!

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FanofVan. I thought, to respond to you quickly! :wub: :D




My hope is present,

I do not ever away!

Not for me!

But for those

to come!


The future


Who can stop it?

It is true that nobody wants

being petrified!


The family, friends

The whole Humanity!

will always

Moving ...

The Age of Light and Life ...

is about

A little each day!


So ...

Yeah ... there is hope

to deal with all

those who want

enter this sweet...


That every day!



So be it!






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