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How to process problematic posts

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Background, or How this came about:

The reason I created this new sub-forum is so we can better focus and become better at moderating the forum. This is where we (I wish I did not have to get involved, but at this time we're short handed with Ellen quitting)....


...where moderators identify, discuss and decide on what action to take about posts that may be inappropriate for the forum. Let us say one of you finds a post that may be questionable.


Processing problem posts

(This is a work in progress)


1. Identify it

Post title

URL link of post for quick access by other moderators


2. Why you think the post is questionable

--words or phrases that bother you, that you think are inflammatory

--the tone of the post (sometimes it is not so much WHAT one says as HOW one says it... this can be complex and subjective)

--which forum rule or rules are being violated


3. Action you recommend we should take

--wait & see, do nothing

--warn the poster (privately or publicly?)

--suspend member (30 days or 60 days)

--ban member


To break a tie, a 3rd moderator's vote may be necessary


4. Decide on the moderator who will deal with the violator

Probably best to have only one moderator involved so that the violator will not get mixed messages

Jorge suggested this is admin's job. Okay, Jorge, we'll try that for now.



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Revisiting this topic as the other thread is getting long.


At breakfast this morning my wife saw my face and asked what's going on. I do not normally discuss Urantia matters with her as she is not a reader. We ended up talking about this problem here at the forum and two things came up:


1. The Moderators get to vote on the removal of subscribers. The Admin (although he/she can give an opinion) cannot vote. Whatever the Moderators decide, the Admin executes (whether he agrees with it or not).


2. How do the Moderators arrive at a decision? Either through the MAJORITY RULE (2 votes beat 1 vote) or CONSENSUS (everyone has to agree on the removal). The advantage of the majority rule, besides it being democratic (one moderator's vote does not outweigh another's) is that it is quicker than by consensus where the Moderators may never arrive at a final decision. Which one do you want to use?


With Ellen's proposal, we have in effect TWO removal issues. For simplicity's sake let's address them separately:


1. Rob Davis-- we already have some votes. Rob D has since removed the link in question. What forum rules did he break? We need some grounds for removal. In the Forum Rules, under Prodedures


4. The fact that a warning has been issued to a specific person, along with the reason therefore, will be made public on the forum. A private reminder may be sent directly to a forum member without public notice.


I need a good reason, a statement from the Moderators why he is being removed which will be quoted in the announcement.

My personal opinion: As an avowed advocate of TM, Rob D's presence in the forum contributes to distraction, diffuses focus on the objective of this forum-- the study of the Ubook. Keeps the forum staff occupied-- we all have better ways of using our time.


2. Rob Reno -- with your vote please give your reason for removal

YES remove: Ellen

NO let him stay:


If we can get these removal issues right this time around, similar questions in the future would be cleaner and quicker!





Hello, this is a very good topic and quite necessary.

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