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Never knew this site existed, I was using urantia/facebook, a closed site for people to talk about the book. I was shown this site by a friend I met on Urantia/facebook. Anyways, I should introduce myself. My name is Martin, I am from Ireland. I have been reading the Urantia book for the past seven years since I was about 21. I have not stopped reading it since, in Ireland there are only two Urantia readers, me and my brother Barry. I looked up and down the country for other readers but only to find two half hearted believers.


I found the book through my brother Barry who was reading it for three years before me, Before I started reading the Urantia book, I would like to point out I have no interest in God. Not for any real reasons, just had no interest on the subject. Then one day when I was off for the weekend at work, I went to see a movie called "the passion of Christ" Not because I had a interest in Jesus, just because everyone was talking about it. So off I went and watch the film, there was a scene in it where Jesus was carrying the cross and fell down, and his mother ran to him. Jesus looked at his mother, put his hand on her face and said "behold mother I make all things new" And he picked the cross up, and marched on to his death. That scene, among other things impressed my mind and made me ask myself about God, Jesus and so on.


Since I respected my brothers views I asked for the Urantia book, I started from the paper "the birth and infancy of Jesus" and read it to the end. And it changed my life. I went on to read parts 1-3 and I tell you, it was only for the Jesus papers that I was able to read parts one to three and slowly accept it. I could not deny the Jesus of Urantia, it really spoke to me. I have read the book five more times since, and I am sure I will continue till the day I die.


There is not a doubt in my mind after seven years of reading about how real this book is to me. I am not a naive person, I did have troubles coming to terms with the Urantia book, but it was undeniable.



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Hello Martin,

I greet you from Argentina


I loved your story and meeting with the Urantia Book! It's really touching when a brother is presented and in this case it seems incredible that an ocean separates us! but there is no possible distance for the affinity and the meeting produced by this wonderful fifth Revelation ..







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HI Martin B)


A Big Welcome Brother


I Look forward to hearing more from yah

Were ALL Student / Teachers Shareing and learning together in fellowship.

Its so great that you and your Brother can share and discuss the UPapers Together .


Im Irish but Have never Been To Ireland ... Yet .

Its Such A Jewel The Emerald Isle , And The Very Best Beer on the Planet ! ;)


May GOD Bless You and Yours


Faith son






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Hello Malamantia,


I understand your feelings to the every word.

After finishing the book for the first time, I knew I will never be the same person anymore.


Peace be with you

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