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9. The Midway Creatures

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Guest rich.sachs

they sure do and yes it is. i don't know that even if i separated the parts and papers and analyzed them separately that i could question the reports. it's easy to return good for evil, just look at everyone as a struggling, little child of god. that and the fact that fulfilling the gospel of doing the will of god, which includes being of service to your fellows is a requirement. we can experience annhiliation if we don't. 2:3.3 Cessation of existence is usually decreed at the dispensational or epochal adjudication of the realm or realms. On a world such as Urantia it comes at the end of a planetary dispensation. Cessation of existence can be decreed at such times by co-ordinate action of all tribunals of jurisdiction, extending from the planetary council up through the courts of the Creator Son to the judgment tribunals of the ancients of days. The mandate of dissolution originates in the higher courts of the superuniverse following an unbroken confirmation of the indictment originating on the sphere of the wrongdoer’s residence; and then, when sentence of extinction has been confirmed on high, the execution is by the direct act of those judges residential on, and operating from, the headquarters of the superuniverse.


there will be no book II.


All of the Revelators in the papers respect the Trinity and Jesus, and explain the love, truth, justice, mercy, fairness, beauty and goodness they all live by. This is the flow of TUB. This is the spiritual message, consistent throughout.


If one separates the parts and papers and analyzes them separately, it's easy to question various reports; when one takes the book as a whole, the continuity and flow become clear, IMHO.


I'm still working on how to return good for evil, so I realize my own failings when compared to Jesus' teachings, good evidence of God's will in action. I only wish they would reveal Book II.


Best to all!

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