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Found 1 result

  1. . Dear Forum Friends, 13 members have joined since January 12. Hope you all will feel at home here on the Forum. It was designed to serve you. Please don't be shy, tell a little about how you found the book, what it means to you, and what you want from the Forum. If no one has said it: WELCOME!! alterry2 Majestone FrancieG rebecca collins CleoXIII LoyalTadPole markwinfield1 Susan Alan Hooker donald beauchamp On the Path pana fanofVan Jean-Paul Guisan Dook *** REFERENCES & LINKS Forum HELP Read The Urantia Book Search The Urantia Book Download The Urantia Book The Urantia Book In 12 Languages Topical Studies The Urantia Book, Audio Version Download Urantia Foundation's Index OPAD Index Page Forum Main Index Page Artist's Concept Of The Master Universe (Gary Tonge) Urantia Book Internet School (UB scholastic study courses) UAI Main *** In posts with UB quotes, two methods of reference are used by members, one is by page and paragraph. The other is by Paper, Section and paragraph. The first method is based in the original text of 2097 pages. Quotes referenced using this method appear this way most often: P.1727 - §8. Paragraph zero indicates the paragraph is continued from the previous page: P.32 - §0 The second method is usually presented this way: 1:1.1, meaning Paper 1, section 1, paragraph 1. Paragraphs in the Paper's introductions (prior to the sections) are indicated by the use of a zero. 1:0.1 indicates Paper one, paragraph one of Paper one's introduction. The Foreword is assigned 0. The first paragraph is 0:0.1. *** There are several search engines available for the text on the Internet. Urantia Foundation offers its search engines free and available to all in several languages. *** Many "secondary works", articles, brochures, pamphlets, books and courses, have been created by a wide variety of reader/believers since the publication of the text in 1955. Artist's Conception of the Master Universe The Urantia Book Historical Society The Urantia Book Internet School The Science Content of TUB History of Life The Paramony (Biblical references compiled in one book. Available commercially and online.) Topical extracts can be useful for triangulating on revelatory meanings. Take this link to an extract of material on Personality in the Revelation Scroll to posts #33-35. 84 Uses of Truth, Goodness and Beauty in The Urantia Book *** Online Dictionary: Dictionary.com Forum Rules ***
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