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  1. Hi Meredith, UAI Members, Rey Baskerville, Here are a couple of links with pertinent information about channeling that were provided to us previously by Jeff Wattles: Shamamism" http://www.correctingtime.com/content/team...e/shamanism.xml True and False Freedom: http://www.ubhistory.org/Documents/OP19890...WattlesJ_02.pdf Shirley Pelland
  2. Hi Rick, Hi Bill, We are indeed learning to be wise when we look through the "bonfire of vanities" and discern "motives". I love it when I see use made of an opportunity to bring the light of truth to another. Nice Bill. While we can't change the past or deliberately re-direct anyone's motives we can strive to be right with God and if so we should be able to have truth at hand and present it in an inviting way. (I think that loving others as the Father does is one of the key factors in the process) Perhaps those trappings which we wear like coats of comfort will be discarded as we find, more and more that truth is not something we need to fear. Life is Great (if we learn from the difficult lessons)
  3. Hi Susan, Hi Nigel, Why do we need an apology? Well, because it shows us that they are sorry that they participated in destroying the copyright and seeking to destroy the Foundation and that they had no respect for the DOT. How do we know that we can trust them if they aren't even sorry about it? I don't have any problems moving forward...it's just who with. And I don't mind, and would rejoice, if anyone who was party to that particular rebellion would like to change their mind. But we don't know it if they don't tell us. What can they be forgiven for if they don't seek forgiveness? Loyalty to God is in his hands. Loyalty to an organization is in ours. If we allow unrepentant rebels to join our organization why should we be surprised that they want us to accept their counterfeit book? If they want to put it behind them, then fine. But from what I'm seeing...they don't. We have people from the Fellowship in the UAI telling us that book is just fine with them and should be for us too. Shirley
  4. Hi Again Susan, I originally believed that profit motive was one of the main reasons for the breakup. So many readers wanted to do whatever they wanted to make a mission/business of the Revelation. If not just selling the book, but their secondary works and T-shirts and movies and from what I saw they just all teamed up on the Foundation, who wouldn't allow it. As for their profit motives today. It's hard to say what they would lose and what pet projects, good, bad or ego driven or not, would suffer from the loss. Now with a foothold (or two) in the Foundation it definitely looks like a conflict of interest or a juggling act. Trying to go forward without admitting mistakes must be very ackward. The quote you posted is a really good one for the situation. I wish I had my computer with folio views up. (I like searching quotes in a format I'm familiar with too.) But there is one that comes to mind about not putting disloyal leaders back to work as leaders. But this being a decimal planet, perhaps, and/or being pretty much left alone to work things out as best we can, sure makes for some unbelievable happenings. As far as the notion that they might actually believe they were told to destroy the copyright, even to lie and discredit Dr. Sadler and the very Revelation, well....I don't know if they would...do you think? I know many of them think they channel all sorts of divine beings or aunties and uncles. It does make for a pretty sorry state of affairs when we are expected to answer to the authority of rebels. It sure would be nice if they (everyone in the group as well) could just fess up, apologize and make amends. I think that could lead to a more lasting friendship then just trying to hide or dismiss the history or pretend it was well-intentiond. I wonder if the Angels of Progress are enthusiastic about how much more quickly we moved things along then must have been intended. Fifty years is not that much time, but the Revelation is getting out all over the world. I'll bet the Angels of the Churches are shaking their heads. I think it would have looked better to the world we live on and to those looking down on us if we could have spent more time and energy learning to work together instead of some of us rushing head-long while others dug in for slow growth. Shirley HULA Kapuna (elder)
  5. Hi Susan, Thank you for responding. My father once found a 1st Printing at a garage sale. Virtually every word in the book was highlighted or underlined or both. I guess he had to get a new one jus to start over. I tried little variously colored sticky tabs on my big leather book and had so many of them I could hardly turn the pages. The pages are still a little messed up from trying to remove them. I like your ornery ideas though. Thanks for those. I guess we just have to do what we can with what we're given. I think there are a lot of signs that the copycat book is a big disservice. But I'll maybe get into that with your next post. Shirley HULA (you know da kine)
  6. Hi Meredith, I like the idea of letting them adjust themselves. That does seem like a good way to handle the situation. There is so much to learn when life gets complicated by mistakes like another version of the book. Especially when there is such animosity about how and why it happened. It's hard to get over the resentment especially when we get new members in the organization trying to tell us it is a perfectly fine book to have alongside ours. But I don't suppose it's likely that those who perpetrated all this will ever actually be sorry for whatever reasons they did and we will just HAVE to live with it as best we can. They can deal with their disloyalty and I can learn to be more tolerant. Maybe...hehehe, but those old angers still bubble up to the top when it gets put in my face sometimes. I really don't like to see the Fellowship members come on with their anything goes ways like it's what we're going to get whether we have other and better ideas or not. Water must flow to the lowest level. I keep looking to spirit which rises to the highest and should bring like up with it. Must be steam we are realizing. Thank you for keeping peace and steadfastness in balance. My best to you, Shirley
  7. Hi Meredith, I certainly would think that would be the best but in a recent conversation with a reader in GLAMUA, she said they had someone new come in with a Uversa Press book and it caused confusion and frustration because of the incorrect pagination and they gave him a proper book to read and that he was so attached to his own book that it didn't go well and she wished they could go back and handle it differently. I can understand that. But what would be a good way to gently handle the problem? Maybe give them one side-by-side for reference and perhaps let them take it home and get used to it gradually? Shirley
  8. Hi Nigel, Yes, it is always good to dialogue with those you disagree with. I think a great way for us all to be friends would be if the Fellowship would apologize for destroying the copyright and stop printing their book. They were not authorized by the Contact Commission to print and protect the book as the Foundation was. It was a huge mistake for them to usurp that responsibility. But mistakes are made and must be dealt with justly, fairly, kindly and mercifully. Shirley
  9. As a continuation of a recent flurry on the UAI list where just about everyone in the UAI who is not a dual member of the Fellowship is against the Uversa Press book, and because it is so confusing in our study groups, how do we gently lead new truth seekers away from a counterfeit publication? I know how it is to become attached to the book you read. I didn't want to let go of one book I had borrowed even though it was replaced by a brand new one, because I had become attached to it. My father had a friend who did not want anything to do with the UB because he had found a copy of Clyde Bydells (sp) Concordex at a garage sale and it was so full of truth that he didn't want to touch anything that might change his opinion. But seriously folks, the Uversa Press book is a travesty in many ways and we should not have to have it shoved down our throats by the people who publish it. I think this will become even more of an issue as more spin-off groups start publishing their versions of the UB. So how do we best deal with it in our study groups and in our organization? Shirley Pelland HULA (Kapuna)
  10. Hi Alain, Roberto, Gaetan, It seems to me like we are all of like mind on this issue. We all want to help and there is much work to do but perhaps the hardest part is waiting for things to happen and complete in proper order to move on. I think it is in the Foundations best interests to get books out to readers. I don't think there is any funny business of feet dragging going on a the Foundation to stop the flow of books or translations. But if we are to be the right hand of the Foundation, or readership arm if you prefer, it would probably make all of us feel better if we were doing as much as we can to help out. I like Gaetan's idea about the liaison committee. (Did I spell that right? Is there a spell check on here?) Some of the local associations participate in the Adopt-A-Translation program and have lots of fun figuring out ways to fund and further a pet translation. Maybe we could suggest a page for that in the Tidings, or a page that has the latest status on all the translations and perhaps the Foundation could tell us where our help is currently needed with each translation. Thanks to the information Gaetan provided it appears that there are some big problems in South America that need to be dealt with. Sounds like a book distributor is a bit tardy in payment and I hope the Catholic Church isn't coming down against the UB. I was encouraged by a bit in the Tidings about the local church welcoming UB readers. Whatever we can or can't do to help, it sure doesn't come down well to jump to conclusions and act on assumptions. At least we have the teachings and even if we have to print out one paper at a time and pass it around, we'll find a way to read it and share it if we want to bad enough. But it does help to know that there are problems and what they are. That is the first step in finding a solution. For what it's worth there may even be something to be said for the difficulty of the challenge making the reward even sweeter. Most of us have found out that we aren't usually too successful spoon feeding the teachings even to those we dearly love. Most people seem to have to want it and go after it and get it their own way. All the same, I would kind of like to hear more of what the Foundation is doing. It makes me feel more in touch with advancing the Revelation. Shirley
  11. Dear List, Marian Hughe's has recently, and very vocally, brought our attention to a problem with the distribution of Urantia Books in South America. I have no idea whether or not the Foundation has this problem in hand or not but if there is any way that the UAI can help with the problem I hope that the Foundation will find us friend and seek our assistance. I personally don't think that the best solution is to lay blame. A better solution may be found through recognizing a problem and working together towards a solution. Rick Warren has suggested a few ways that the UAI can help, that do not seem to be stepping on the toes of the Foundation. As usual, these will involve some expense. Marian has promised $1,000.00 to the UAI. That may have been made from grace or turning the other cheek for the slap she took for not listening to the warnings and requests that she observe UAI list policies, but whatever, maybe the UAI will now have some additional funding to help get books to South America. Urantia Book readership has had problems in the past with bookstores. If we undercut bookstores, they don't want to sell them. Now it appears that just the fact that the book is available is a detriment to sales of other books. I personally believe that Marian has a valid concern. Maybe we can find some way of opening a flow of conversation with the Foundation that will be less threatening to the Foundation than what the posts of Marian and those of us who want to know the truth of the situation and sincerely desire to help have had to offer thus far. P.1592 - ?1 "Your spirit unity implies two things, which always will be found to harmonize in the lives of individual believers: First, you are possessed with a common motive for life service; you all desire above everything to do the will of the Father in heaven. Second, you all have a common goal of existence; you all purpose to find the Father in heaven, thereby proving to the universe that you have become like him." I believe we all have the same goals in common. Let's work together to find ways to realize them. With love to all, Shirley
  12. Dear friends, I have been listening to my copy of Rebecca Oswald?s latest CD October Wind. If you have ever heard her play at a conference or heard her last CD Pray Tell Me How, you will know what a delight her new CD is. If you haven?t, you should! It is really great. She has always been an awesome and inspiring talent and she is maturing into a well seasoned composer of unusual ability. You can order her CD, and they will make great Chirstmas presents, from her at: Rebecca Oswald 1210 W. 5th Ave. Eugene, OR 97402 541-684-9748 raoswald@aol.com http://www.rebeccaoswald.com More love and joys of the season, Shirley
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