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  1. Great idea. We can rest for a bit. Mario
  2. How would you like to be managing the validating members section of over 200 subscriptions in the last 3 days, writing to each one and waiting for their response as the spammers keep piling it on? I'm sure Nigel can give you a better answer. These spam attacks are intense, disruptive. I don't know at this time if there is a way to prevent them from subscribing. They have affiliates all over. Is there an easier way? When I see IP address originating from Russia, Ukraine, & vicinity & China, & Scranton, Pennsylvania (there's a hive of them there) I skip the email address check (step 3). Also by looking at certain email addresses, they are usually weird, as if computer-generated, or random like if you press your fingers on the keyboard without looking at it... kind of quality. When you're under spam attack you learn some things by feel or instinct. Most of the time I don't go through all the steps. I use 2 windows vertically arranged on my large screen. One window has 2 tabs: the IP lookup and Google search. The other window has these tabs: ban filter and manage validating. Once you have a system going it's not too bad. Mario
  3. Hey Meredith! When someone subscribes to the forum I still get notified. In the last few days my email was flooded with these. I don't know how much Nigel had already got rid of when on Jan 7th I started banning IP addresses. This is what we have on the ban filter: Jan 7 - 47 IP addresses Jan 8 - 91 Jan 9 - 44 so far today Wanted to see if there is a pattern. I'd like to see it taper off or better yet stop. These spammers are sophisticated and relentless. If we can keep them from getting through they just may give up on our forum and look for easier targets. Was about to post this... a new registrant: PaniBankowYIP: jan.malinowski1r@gmail.com What I do is 1. copy IP address and paste it on http://whatismyipaddress.com/ip-lookup - located in Poland, I'm already suspicious 2. go to Manage Ban Filters and paste it there, hold off on the Add New Filter button 3. copy email address and Google it, and Bingo, we see something like this Stop Forum Spam 9-Jan-11 16:53,, PaniBankowY, janmalinowski1r@gmail.com [ jan.malinowski1r@gmail.com ], Poland. 9-Jan-11 16:53,, ReantHonHoarl ... 4. Go back to Ban Filters and hit the Add New Filter button 5. Go to Manage Validating, check mark on applicant.. If there are several applicants, I go through each from step 1 to 4, checking off each one to be deleted. 6. When I've gone through the list, select DELETE these accounts, and click on Process button. Over and out. Mario
  4. Great! That must have been when I took a break. After breakfast I came back and continued without refreshing my browser. You're up way early at 5 am. Have a wonderful day. Mario
  5. Nigel, Something strange just happened. I was processing the manage validating section, got rid and banned some IP addresses. There were about 10 or so more on the list which disappeared suddenly. Wondering if you deleted them or the spammers withdrew. Mario
  6. One of the very first IP addresses I put on ban filter yesterday is located in Pakistan. I just removed it from the ban filter. I hope you still have her email address. She would have to register again. Sorry about that. Or if you know the email address she used you can register her, I think. Mario
  7. These don't show up. They may have been 'validating members' that is, they have not yet been approved and most likely among the 56 registrants I've deleted this morning. The only registrant I have not deleted is on_606, dreede@sbcglobal.net, IP Mario
  8. My mistake in approving this person Nicky Bendix. If I remember correctly, Nigel asks registrants first why they want to join the forum. Is that still the case? This person's email is nickybendix@yahoo.dk. Googled it and did not find anything off. IP address based in Sweden. The only other registrant I let through is Ray (5sandy4) one who signed up last Dec 26, raywise52@hotmail.ca, IP address (St. Johns, Canada) One of you could ask these two that I mistakenly let through... message them, check them out to see if they're legit. What I will do is from this point forward not approve anyone. Will leave that to you guys. I will delete and ban registrants who most likely are spammers. Mario
  9. Hi Nigel, Just cleaned up 20 more registrants adding their IP addresses to ban filter. Can't find syncceams or earlier Cigarddffs. May be one of the bad guys that got in. Click on their names takes you to forum front page. Mario
  10. Noticed about 200 new subscriptions in the last couple days. Most likely a spam robot. Added some IP addresses to the ban filter. They looked suspicious. We had this problem before in the Spanish forum. To check on IP addresses I go to Look up IP address A lot of the spam we got on the Spanish forum were originating from Russia, Ukraine, former soviet republics in Europe. I also copy the email address Google it to see if it is associated with spam. For example margaretanderson@mail15.com. If you Google that address you'll see what I mean. So I'm adding her IP address located in Pennsylvania to the ban filter. Between 4:29 and 4:31 are 4 new applicants to forum. Checked them and they all are associated with Stop Forum Spam. Between 4pm and 5:25pm I've added 20 IP addresses to the ban filter and deleted the applicants associated with them. In time I hope these spam robot sign ins will decrease. Update: At a little after 10pm 12 more IP addresses were placed in ban filter and deleted the applicants. Deleted & banned altogether about 52 IP addresses today. Mario
  11. Love that picture of an even bigger box enclosing the big box that encloses a little box, or several little and medium ones. Why not get rid of all the boxes altogether? Maybe because it's scary to not have a box to be cozy in. Easy to get lost without a frame of reference or 2 or 3. Wife just walked in. See you later. Mario
  12. Great to hear that, Nigel. There's a part of me that missed you all, which I'm realizing just now. Was not quite sure if this is where I should be posting because it said 2008-2009. I revised it to 2010. My bluebird avatar is ugly. Will have to replace or delete it soon. Hey, you guys & gals rock! Mario
  13. Been gone for a long time. Just curious... see what's going on in the forum. I see some old familiar faces. Recently I started a local blog called Oregondonter and that is what got me thinking of the Ubook again, little by little. I have not read the book for ages it seems but today I took a peek in my iPhone which has the Kindle edition of the book. Mario
  14. Retiring in one week (June 1st). I hope to get back to making art and figure out how to survive on reduced income. And stop by here once in a while. Mario
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