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  1. Welcome Bonnie,

    I am so glad you are here. We can use more sweetness and light. Dive right in and dan't be bashful!

  2. by the way, welcome to this forum, my fellow child of God

  3. i've always dug the blues,man. Been down so long, looks like up to me.

  4. Nice birthday Martin!

    Welcome and hope to

    discover insights and penetrate reality with your assistance. with your help we may well intercept our destiny and become what we are supposed to. be

  5. I think you are really "down-to-earth and I enjoy the fresh perspective of your comments.

  6. I too am glad you are here, Emily. Your questions are why we are here. Welcome!

  7. You know you don't have to die to be "born again" though your friend has had the privilege, perhaps, of perceiving the next or more spiritual level of her existence, all of this insight is available to you-now.A cosmic "spark" of the purest spirit reality in all reality is resident within your innermost being attempting to spiritualize your very existence. You might already kn

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