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  1. Well I guess I will try and get myself back on the topic with the I AM. Here are some interesting quotes about the I AM... I was trying to say earlier how a super-additive consequences does not have to have a beginning. The Infinite Spirit is an example of this. The Infinite spirit is literally the "conjoint" or conjoining of the Son with the Father. So we begin with duality and move to a triune relationship, and the Infinite Spirit is not merely the sum of the Father and Sons personality but a super-additive being from the two. Yet he never had a "beginning". This quote is also another time where the authors point blank say the Father is the I AM. IMO this quote shows that the Father did not let go all of his I AM characteristics and one of the main on to is that "infinity of will" so not only is a Universal Father but the Father-Infinite.
  2. @Absonite Ahhh I see. You didn't quite mean (map) in the same sense I thought you did.
  3. @ Van Secular totalitarianism is not just north America's noose it's wide spread in almost every nation on the planet and it has developed into militant secularism as mentioned in the u.b. I am a glass half full kind of guy to though. On a side not I think a well done animated movie that stays away from the Jesus papers would be awesome.
  4. Well one of the things the authors are doing is they are building off the bible. They are using Jesus' method of building off what is already known and expanding on it. Jesus did this all the time. There is a reason the authors start their papers with the "Universal Father" and not the "Supreme". They start with what man already feels comfortable with and expands on it. In the beginning papers they hardly mention that God is multiple personalizations etc because like Jesus they know that someone should be eased into something new first. That is why the Supreme papers are in the middle of the book relatively. There is also a reason Jesus spoke like this. He can give deeper meanings and speak to the heart of the poet. Another part of it is that they are teaching us how to use the English language properly. Their job is not to just reveal new information but to "expand cosmic consciousness" in order to do that they go about using the English in such a way that it reflects the harmony of the cosmos. They could have just written out facts, but they are revealing truth. A map is better for giving facts no doubt, but it wouldn't give us truths as well. Its just like a kid who goes to school, the teacher doesn't just give him the answer sheet and say memorize this. She/He teaches them how to understand the concepts on their own, and find the answers on their own without being hand-fed the answer. In this way the Urantia author accomplishes their goal in "expanding cosmic consciousness". Sure it takes longer for the student to learn the truth, but when they have learned the truth they their mind has expanded. The authors are also able to add double and sometimes triple meaning to words. Here is as silly example of this. (11:1.4) The Father is always to be found at this central location. Did he move, universal pandemonium would be precipitated, for there converge in him at this residential center the universal lines of gravity from the ends of creation. Pandemonium is a word made up from a novel called "Paradise Lost".....The irony here is that, paradise would be lost if God did move haha, and also oddly enough pandemonium is the capital of hell in the novel Paradise Lost. It is literally the most wicked place a man could conceive. Also Pan=all encompassing Demon=self explanatory Pan-Demonium is literally (all-encompassing hell). There is so much irony in that. The authors could have chosen so many different words here. They could have said "Did he move, universal hell/destruction/chaos..ect would be precipitated but ironically enough they chose this word that maximizes the message and gives irony at the same time. Little things like that are spread through out all the papers. We are just scratching the surface of all the double meanings in the papers. Even the word Urantia has a hidden meaning. Uversa is a neat one. U= 21st letter in the alphabet. We are Superuniverse number 7th, there are 3 Deity responsible for our creation. 3 X 7=21=U and Versa is latin for Hub. Uversa is literally the hub of Superuniverse number 7. There are so many reasons the authors use the words the do in the u.b. I have just scratched the surface.
  5. @Absonite I just want to respond to the story vs map issue right now. Have you ever wondered why the authors of the u.b use words like Absonite, and Urantia, Uversa, Morontia etc..It is because they are trying to teach us how to use the english language properly. They have a specific reason for using the words in the way they do. They really are giving us so much more than a map. The way in which they are giving this information is awesome. I am sure you know that a word like Absonite is a combo of "Absolute" (Abso) and "finite" (nite) Abso-nite. We have to pay very close attention to the words in the u.b and if we do we can find huge treasures, which I am sure you are aware of already. Uversa is another neat word. Why would they use this word? Its simple U- is the 21st letter in the alphabet. We are Superuniverse number 7. So 7th superunvierse X 3 (paradise deities) = 21. They don't flat out tell us that but they are trying to get us to discover this and Versa is latin for hub. So it makes sense that Uversa is literally the Hub of the 7th Superuniverse. The time issue is a bit more trickier obviously. Especially when the authors use words like "consequence" we immediately think that because something is the consequence of something else that it must have had a "beginning". Yet this is not the case on the highest functional levels of reality. "All potentials are actuals" So how is it that we can move from two things coming together and producing a super-additive consequence "essentially how can we move from duality to triunity" and have no beginning there? One of the ways to look at this is from the the "end" going backwards. Just think about this. Infinite-eternal and eternal-infinite. What is the difference? The difference is that God can progress from a "beginning" forward into eternity. But at the same time since reality is an ellipse the end of that ellipse which wraps back around on itself can move backwards in time towards the "beginning" so essentially the future and past meet up. Hence there is no time and there is no "beginning". There is just an Infinite-eternal ellipse and an eternal-infinite ellipse depending on which direction you are moving. Of coarse god literally spans the Infinite-eternal ellipse. So within reality he can move from any direction at any point. He can also move down into finite reality from the heights of Infinity as the Supreme Being or even other personalizations. As Bonita mentioned earlier personality is Spirit Pattern. 115:3.1.The absolute cosmos is conceptually without limit; to define the extent and nature of this primal reality is to place qualifications upon infinity and to attenuate the pure concept of eternity. The idea of the infinite-eternal, the eternal-infinite, is unqualified in extent and absolute in fact. There is no language in the past, present, or future of Urantia adequate to express the reality of infinity or the infinity of reality. Man, a finite creature in an infinite cosmos, must content himself with distorted reflections and attenuated conceptions of that limitless, boundless, never-beginning, never-ending existence the comprehension of which is really beyond his ability. Also one more note the authors some times will capitalize Infinity. Ie. in the same sense they capitalize Absonite, or Supreme. They are trying to tell us that there is a functional level of reality that is Infinity in the same sense that there is a functional level of reality that is finite. Yet as the authors say "a finite creature in an infinite cosmos, must content himself with distorted reflections and attenuated conceptions" of that limitless reality.
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