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  1. 531.5) 47:2.1 The infant-receiving schools of Satania are situated on the finaliter world, the first of the Jerusem transition-culture spheres. These infant-receiving schools are enterprises devoted to the nurture and training of the children of time, including those who have died on the evolutionary worlds of space before the acquirement of individual status on the universe records. In the event of the survival of either or both of such a child’s parents, the guardian of destiny deputizes her associated cherubim as the custodian of the child’s potential identity, charging the cherubim with the responsibility of delivering this undeveloped soul into the hands of the Mansion World Teachers in the probationary nurseries of the morontia worlds. (531.6) 47:2.2 It is these same deserted cherubim who, as Mansion World Teachers, under the supervision of the Melchizedeks, maintain such extensive educational facilities for the training of the probationary wards of the finaliters. These wards of the finaliters, these infants of ascending mortals, are always personalized as of their exact physical status at the time of death except for reproductive potential. This awakening occurs at the exact time of the parental arrival on the first mansion world. And then are these children given every opportunity, as they are, to choose the heavenly way just as they would have made such a choice on the worlds where death so untimely terminated their careers. Children who die when too young to have Thought Adjusters are repersonalized on the finaliter world of the local systems concomitant with the arrival of either parent on the mansion worlds. A child acquires physical entity at mortal birth, but in the matter of survival all Adjusterless children are reckoned as still attached to their parents. ~ The Urantia Book, (49:6.12) This awakening does not happen until one of the parents arrive on the first mansion world. "In the event of the survival of either or both parents"..."concomitant with the arrival of either parent"........I blame the schools......A pre-adjuster child who does not have a soul cannot awake on the mansion worlds without one of their parents. They literally need their parents for continued life. It is because they are not individuals yet, they are still attached to their parents in a very real way. If you read these paragraphs a few times maybe you will get it. But the experiential personality of mortal man is not observable as an active and functional reality until after the material life vehicle of the mortal creature has been touched by the liberating divinity of the Universal Father. Essentially the personality is not an active and functional reality until a child is touched by the liberating divinity of the Universal Father. This does not give us an exact moment for when a child receives a personality, but it does show that they are not functioning with one all the time (Admin edit: erroneous and personal comments deleted.) Because from a higher perspective, all potentials are actualized. Even though an infant jesus has personality in potential, from gods perspective those potentials have all been actualized. "Jesus loved even little children". Why did the authors have to put in the word "even". Why didn't they just say "Jesus loved little children". Its because that personality is only potential when the child is really small. Yet Jesus made no distinction between potential and actual, in Gods eyes we are already perfect. I agree I think we should treat me better.....hahah Im just joking. I agree once the childs mind enters the seventh circle, that child develops the powers of personal choice. A child does not enter the seventh circle upon conception, this also relates to encircuitment of the Holy Spirit. I will get to this in a later post....
  2. A pre-adjuster infant child is not yet an "individual". 47:2.1.The infant-receiving schools of Satania are situated on the finaliter world, the first of the Jerusem transition-culture spheres. These infant-receiving schools are enterprises devoted to the nurture and training of the children of time, including those who have died on the evolutionary worlds of space before the acquirement of individual status on the universe records. This quote shows that we can observe human beings where there is no functioning personality. Ie. infants, and than the Father through his personality circuit touches this child and from infinity comes the personality which is transcendent of all Matter, Mind and Spirit. But the experiential personality of mortal man is not observable as an active and functional reality until after the material life vehicle of the mortal creature has been touched by the liberating divinity of the Universal Father I have to add that the chances of both parents not surviving death is incredibley remote. There are very few iniqitous mothers out there. The chances of both parents being iniqitous is incredibley remote.
  3. The spirit of intuition when experienced by a personality is more than just instinct, there is literal intuition in play. So by your logic there are animals literally with the ability to counsel? There are animals with spiritual courage? These spiritual adjutants impinge on animals but this adjutant ministry in not spiritually manifested in the animal mind. An ant does not have spiritual substance directly coursing through its consciousness. These little material ant adjutants minds experience the energy of intuition (instinct). They don't actually get the full "spirit of" anything. When the authors say that animals function "only on the motor level". That means they are just acting and reacting on a motor level. The Spirit of Intuition is not a "motor level of behaviour". Councel is not "motor level of behaviour". A animal does not comprehend, (spirit of understanding), understanding implies a level of being much higher than on the "motor level of behaviour".
  4. 47:2.1.The infant-receiving schools of Satania are situated on the finaliter world, the first of the Jerusem transition-culture spheres. These infant-receiving schools are enterprises devoted to the nurture and training of the children of time, including those who have died on the evolutionary worlds of space before the acquirement of individual status on the universe records. In the event of the survival of either or both of such a child's parents, the guardian of destiny deputizes her associated cherubim as the custodian of the child'spotential identity, charging the cherubim with the responsibility of delivering this undeveloped soul into the hands of the Mansion World Teachers in the probationary nurseries of the morontia worlds. Individual status- Meaning they have attained the status of a person (individual. If a child has died before the acquirement of individual status, they will be awakened "IN THE EVENT OF THE SURVIVAL OF EITHER OR BOTH OF SUCH A CHILD'S PARENTS. If no parent survives that pre-adjuster child does not get awakened. That is right but a infant has not achieved Individual status until roughly age six.In other words they are not yet individuals.
  5. @Alina yeap, if animals could recieve the literal spiritual ministry of all those spirits, they wouldn't be animals they would be human. They would have insight and courage etc.
  6. @Alina That quote says that the adjutant functions in these creatures, but an ants mind has nothing spiritual to it. There is a spirit of Intuition impinging upon the ants mind, but that ant is not going to experience literal spirit ministry within its own mind. That ant with its small adjutant mind is going to experience the energy of that spiritual ministry. That ant is going to experience an energy of instinct, which is the energy expression of the spirit of intuition. An animal cannot have literal intuition. Here is a quote that shows that. 16:7.2.The selective response of an animal is limited to the motor level of behavior. The supposed insight of the higher animals is on a motor level and usually appears only after the experience of motor trial and error. Man is able to exercise scientific, moral, and spiritual insight prior to all exploration or experimentation. 16:7.3.Only a personality can know what it is doing before it does it; only personalities possess insight in advance of experience. A personality can look before it leaps and can therefore learn from looking as well as from leaping. A nonpersonal animal ordinarily learns only by leaping. 16:7.4.As a result of experience an animal becomes able to examine the different ways of attaining a goal and to select an approach based on accumulated experience. But a personality can also examine the goal itself and pass judgment on its worth-whileness, its value. Intelligence alone can discriminate as to the best means of attaining indiscriminate ends, but a moral being possesses an insight which enables him to discriminate between ends as well as between means. And a moral being in choosing virtue is nonetheless intelligent. He knows what he is doing, why he is doing it, where he is going, and how he will get there. An animal does not have insight, its only functioning on the motor level of behavior, and humans can find themselves functioing on this same level as well. This quote ties into everything I have been saying. 6:7.5.When man fails to discriminate the ends of his mortal striving, he finds himself functioning on the animal level of existence. Yes you are personality but you also have an identity. Identity is not mind, or body. It is not tangible like the personality. That aspect of you that changes is not your personality though. One way to know the difference between our self and personality is that the personality is completely unpredictable. When someome says they like that aspect of you that they can predict they are talking about the self. Not even deity can predict personality because its entirely spontaneous. That is also probably why the authors mention to "make fewer personal plans considering other personalities". Because a personality is unpredictable.
  7. I said we can be a manifestation of that "the spirit of wisdom". An ant manifests the spirit of intuition by forming in colonies. That mindal adjutant energy within the ant is part of its mindal energy. That ant does not literally experience the "spirit of intuition" by having literal intuition. An ant is not literally intuitive. I am saying that an animal origin self experiences these mind adjutants initially as energy. They don't actually experience the "spirit of inuition" etc, because those are personal ministries. Only a personal being can literally experience "the spirit of intuition" an ant experiences the "spirit of intuition" as a purely mind energy. We have a temporal identity (animal-origin self) that dies when we die, and a surviving higher identity (personal self) (soul-self) that lives on. 71.2) 5:6.7 The material self has personality and identity, temporal identity; the prepersonal spirit Adjuster also has identity, eternal identity. This material personality and this spirit prepersonality are capable of so uniting their creative attributes as to bring into existence the surviving identity of the immortal soul. There is temporal identity, adjuster identity and the surviving identity of the immortal soul. This surviving identity and temporal identity are all us. Its just there is a higher and lower (us) we have a "better self". Which is our surviving and personal self. When we shift the seat of our identity from the material to the spiritual, it doesn't happen over night its a work in progress. That lower identity is slowly transfering by our own choices going up into that higher area of human consciousness and becoming personal. A child has created this higher identity (soul-identity) at age 6 when he/she has made their first morale decision. Our first morale decision was really that first truly personal choice of a child that created that higher personal self. That why is a child who has died before the age of 6, and had both parents been iniquitous that child would not resurect on the mansion worlds. That child would just cease to be. Its not until they form that personal self are they are functioning as personal beings. That is also why a child does not have a soul yet until they make that first personal choice, because our soul-self is a personal self. This doesn't mean that a child prior to age 6 does not have a personality either. They just haven't used it yet until they make that first morale decision. There could be a situation in which you have a 5 year old who desperately desires with all of his self to survive death. But let's say that child dies and both his parents are iniquitous and don't survive death. That child will not live again because he/she never got the chance to make a personal decision regarding his/her survival, because that child never had and never was functioning as a personal self.
  8. Yes I understand what you mean. Spirit substance is a progressing substance, spirit substance can lift us up. It can uplift us if our will (personality) allows it and it can act on that. Just in regards to the adjutants. The spirit of wisdom etc is a manifestation within us that ministers, but that "Spirit of wisdom" can be an experience of the personal self. We can literally be in our personal being the "spirit of wisdom". We can be manifestations of the "spirit of wisdom". We can identifiy with that ministry and become like that adjutant spirit within us. Our soul is literally superadjutant. This superadjutant soul-self is that higher self. So we don't have to experience these adjutants just as temporal self would experience them, we can experience them with our soul-self. Hence they can relate to our higher self. 12:6.7 But the morontia soul, being superadjutant, does not retain self-consciousness without the Adjuster when deprived of the material-mind mechanism.
  9. Oh wow. This is one of the most fundamental aspects of the revelation. Spirit does not dominate personality. Personality transcends spirit and mind, it unifies the entire selfhood "including spirit". Personality functions in spirit as Spirit Pattern, its the "wherein" part of that line "wherein,whereon,wherewith". Yea good catch, no I just misread that lol.
  10. I am saying that our adjutant mind can be engaged by our personal self within that inner temple. Nothing more nothing less. As Bonita pointed out the 7th adjutant does have a over control of the first 6, but thats not the only control going on our personality is capable of controlling the selfhood, and that selfhood includes our adjutant mind. "assent of the mortal mind". Ie. our adjutant mind can assend within our human consciousness, and our personality can dominate this adjutant mind. Also the authors make a point to say that its on the "personal level" where this dominance takes place.
  11. We share the 1st 5 mind adjutants with animals. I am saying that as a personal self or personal being we can utilize these mind adjutants in a personal way. Our adjutant mind is not being engaged by personally IMO when we are just living as a animal origin self/temporal self. IMO when we transfer our temporal identity to a personal identity we are utilizing our adjutant mind personally. Our adjutant mind is one aspect of our selfhood. The personality is "wherein,whereon and wherewith" this selfhood vehicle. IMO every human being has a higher self/personal self. Just some are stuck seated on that material mechanism near the bottom of their human consciousness.
  12. Just one note in there... We have a adjutant mind. These evolutional adjutants are fundamental aspects of our mind. Hence our personality can literally lift up those mind adjutants/our mind as a personal being. Without animals we could never have had these adjutant minds.
  13. Adjutant mind, which is the mind we have is under the control of our personality. The adjutant of wisdom, worship etc are mind adjutants that are under the control of our personality. I don't think I need to pull up quotes out of the u.b or quote chris halvorson to make this point. I will continue this thought later, I have probably pushed enough buttons for right now.
  14. @Bonita I am trying to introduce new concepts slowly and not throw the whole kitchen sink in yet. But yes the Spirit of Truth, Holy Spirit are included. If I threw out everything in one response it would be information overload. The 7 Universal levels of meaning are also included. This hour glass model still fits. When we enter that higher domain of our self, those bottom 5 animal mind adjutants that we share with our animal friends are are not discarded. When we are functioning as our temporal self in the bottom half of that hour glass we are not really engaging those mind adjutants as a personal being. We are using them in a similar sense to how an animal would use them for instance its only in the personal sense that those 7 adjutants are the "spirit" of anything. When we get to that higher level of functioning in the temple within we can than bring those mind adjtutants up with us and they can become personalized. Those mind adjutants come up through that neck. and they are engaged nearer to our spiritual consciousness as opposed to our material consciousness. Our higher self can then dominate our lower self (reach down). Those mind adjutants are then no longer are experienced in a purely instinctual way but literally in a personal and spiritual way. An animal cannot not experience the spirit of intuition in a personal sense but we can when we dwell within this higher temple of our being. When those mind adjutants are down there the Spirit of Worship is just zeal, they are just energy systems that are and end in themselves. Literally and end in the self. They need to be threaded up to the cosmos instead of just being closed loops at the bottom of our temporal self. They need to be brought up where our personality can engage them, so that they are the Spirit of Worship and they are liberated to thread up into the universe. We need to bring love out of the basement so its not just some lust on the "flesh" universe level of meaning, or so its not just some emotion on the universe level of "feelings". We can take that love up the 6th universe level of meaning and engage at the top of our temple within and than fill our entire heart with it. Personality is a harmonizing influence. It is harmonzing all those aspects of us including those 7 mind adjutants which are not just sitting there at the bottom of our self, they are lifted up to that temple within and wrapped around the core of our being and personalized. They become part of our personal nature, as we begin to develop a personal nature. As we shift our identity from a temporal/animal origin self to a personal self.
  15. Yes it does. I will post on that tonight or early morning tommorow, just at work right now so I can't pull up quotes. Also one little concept to think about regarding this human heart is that we know that mind can really engage 7 adjutant mind spirits and there are the 3 cosmic intuitions. A map I use in my mind is picturing those first 5 adjutants that are shared with our higher animals cousins as being sort of the general area of our temporal self. Than as we get to that bottle neck of the hourglass our self starts to engage those 2 higher mind adjutants plus and finally as we reach the height of that hour glass we are engaging our entire heart, or our entire consciousness, and at the very top we being to engage those cosmic intuitions and finally at the top of this hourglass map there is the 3rd cosmic intuition of spiritual worship. IMO once we engage that spiritual intuition we have engaged our entire consciousness we are finally capable of making "whole-hearted" decisions. We also know that our consciousness rests just below spirit which is above, so it makes sense from a map perspective that our highest cosmic intuition is also spiritual insight. Also one more note, the secondary midwayer creatures are not animal-origin beings. They dont have a animal-origin self. They also don't have those first 5 mind adjutants. In essence they really only have a personal self (top 2 mind adjutants and the 3 cosmic intuitions). They don't have to grapple with that temporal self. They also have morontia mind.
  16. I agree self-consciousness is just a starting point. However we cannot skip steps. I am just speaking of our regular human consciousness. Within our regular human consciousness there is an upper domain. Human consciousness is seated on the physical mechanisms below and is just below the spiritual ministries above. We do not have to bring our temporal identity which is seated on the electrochemical mechanism below all the way up to the superconsciousness we just have to take it up one level within our regular human consciousness so that it is seated just below the spirit ministries above. Also I am stating that within the upper domain of our regular consciousness we can experience self-consciousness because of personality. Not that the upper domain of our human consciousness literally is self-consciousness. This higher domain of our being is also referred to in the u.b as the "heart". Its the temple within. Its the core of our mindal being. "God lives within the hearts of men". This impenetrable temple is located within our consciousness. We do not really have to go that far to experience it. Yeap that is because only god can grow us. We can only provide the favorable conditions for growth. We can see how the juxtaposition of our human consciousness relates to our identity. Human consciousness rests gently upon the electrochemical mechanism below and delicately touches the spirit-morontia energy system above. 112:2.20.The material self, the ego-entity of human identity, is dependent during the physical life on the continuing function of the material life vehicle, on the continued existence of the unbalanced equilibrium of energies and intellect which, on Urantia, has been given the name life. But selfhood of survival value, selfhood that can transcend the experience of death, is only evolved by establishing a potential transfer of the seat of the identity of the evolving personality from the transient life vehicle—the material body—to the more enduring and immortal nature of the morontia soul and on beyond to those levels whereon the soul becomes infused with, and eventually attains the status of, spirit reality. This actual transfer from material association to morontia identification is effected by the sincerity, persistence, and steadfastness of the God-seeking decisions of the human creature. There are many ways in which the authors hint at sort of a verticle climb of our identity. In the case of human consciousness it does seem quite literal. That is why IMO the hourglass as a model of the human consciousness is a great map. We can use this visualization technique to get our head out of the gutter hahah. Or I should say our identity out of the gutter.
  17. That is a good question. The only way for me to answer that is to unpack everything that we are. So this is going to get confusing lol and I am expecting a lot of push-back on this but that is alright as well . Luckily there is a paragraph in the urantia book that I can use as an initial starting block. 1:7.6.The higher concepts of universe personality imply: identity, self-consciousness, self-will, and possibility for self-revelation Identity-Personality is a fact that engages a self. That process is called identification. We end up with a personal self (identity) that reflects the individuality of the personality. The personality has an identity, and this personal identity becomes our morontia-self/identity. Self-consciousness- We now have a upper domain of consciousness when we have that domain of a personal self. And the consciousness of this personal self can look back down on that animal origin self and be conscience of it. Hence we are self-conscience. Personality gives us feet to stand in that upper domain of our consciousness. Self-will-There is a will that comes with personality. Self-revelation- As a personal self there is initially a growing relationship to the thought adjuster. That fragment of god within is working to reveal the nature of reality to us as much as it can. That inner revelation auto revelation/self revelation is possible because of personality. That mere animal origin self does not have that possibility to grow a relationship with the Adjuster but the personal self does. I am not saying personality is something that exists outside of ourselves that we have to go out and get. It is us. Its just there is a really complex relationship that is involved. I will say this though, it is a level of deified reality. It transcends mind, it transcends spirit and it transcends matter. Its certainly is something that we probably won't really get a good handle on until we have progressed far in our career in the next life though.
  18. Exactly right Alina a personality does not have to interpret,choose or discover it can see the forest from the trees it is a level of deified reality it's literally engaging us from above in the personality circuit of the father. Our mindal self can take its que from the personality. The personality can see where to leap and inform our mindal self. Gods volition can flow through down the personality circuit where our personality resides and into us.
  19. @Raymond. Personality is a tricky topic its sort of this transcendent reality that is not really tangible to us. Another definition we can give personality is: (A level of deified reality) and I mean deified with a lower case (d). The authors seem to use a lower case d to signify something that is deity-like. We can achieve god-likeness, or adjuster-likeness. We are co-creational but not creators, we are not Deity. Our personality is not a level of Deity reality, but it is a level of deified reality. Lol Anyways here is the quote. 0:5.1.Personality is a level of deified reality I think that line shocks and confuses some readers, because we think well I am just this little creature here on urantia who is growing. But we have to remember that personality does not change, it engages us directly through the personality circuit of the universal father. The personality of the Universal Father literally transcends all the absolutes. Personality literally transcends all.
  20. Yea I think so. There are quotes in the u.b about how the Adjuster is located within the heart of mankind. This heart is the core of our being, this heart is that higher personal self. What we are actually trying to do is transfer our identity from that lower area of our consciousness that is materially linked up to that higher area of our consciousness that gently rests below spiritual ministries from above. This higher domain of our consciousness is that temple within, the longer we can dwell within this temple the more god will grow it. We can supply the favorable conditions for God to grow this higher personal self. I use the model of an hourglass as a mental construct. In our consciousness we are trying to re-purpose our temporal (animal origin) self up through the neck of that hourglass into the higher personal domain of our consciousness, we are trying to lift the the seat of our identity up to our mindal "heart" which is the core of our personal self. Once we are truly seated in the heart of our being (personal self), we can than make whole-hearted choices. This new self which is the joint creation of our material self and the adjuster actually becomes the soul-self. The soul-self is actually our higher self. IMO that is the difference between a whole-hearted decision and a half-hearted decision. Essentially the difference of where our identity is seated. When our mind begins to dwell in that upper domain of our consciousness we can more directly receive spiritual ministry from god. The spirit literally impinges upon the top of our consciousness. This is when we can begin to experience our personality IMO. Personality is coming directly from infinity, it cannot reach us directly if we are dwelling at the bottom of our consciousness. This animal origin self is scaffolding, so we can get to a level where god can reach us more directly and where we can experience our own higher transcendent nature (personality).
  21. This should help... 16:8.2.Though we can hardly undertake to define personality, we may attempt to narrate our understanding of the known factors which go to make up the ensemble of material, mental, and spiritual energies whose interassociation constitutes the mechanism wherein and whereon and wherewith the Universal Father causes his bestowed personality to function. The personality functions "wherein,whereon and wherewith" the selfhood. Essentially it is in,and on and with the material,mental and spiritual energies. The selfhood is essentially a vehicle for the personality. 16:8.3 the manifestation of personality is further conditioned and qualified by the nature and qualities of the associated energies of a material, mindal, and spiritual nature which constitute the organismal vehicle for personality manifestation. Here is a list of what the personality is self-conscience of. 16:8.7.The relative free will which characterizes the self-consciousness of human personality is involved in: 16:8.8.1. Moral decision, highest wisdom. 16:8.9.2. Spiritual choice, truth discernment. 16:8.10.3. Unselfish love, brotherhood service. 16:8.11.4. Purposeful co-operation, group loyalty. 16:8.12.5. Cosmic insight, the grasp of universe meanings. 16:8.13.6. Personality dedication, wholehearted devotion to doing the Father's will. 16:8.14.7. Worship, the sincere pursuit of divine values and the wholehearted love of the divine Value-Giver.
  22. Just a thought to ponder the u.b uses the words (personality integration) a couple times. So there is (personality integration and experiential personality realization). I was just waiting for us to all agree on self before I bring up these topics.
  23. Nice to see that there is agreement on a topic . Raymond you asked how would you be able to tell the difference between your temporal identity and your soul identity. IMO its a child-like viewpoint where you experience other beings on a deeply personal level and you should be experiencing the individuality of the whole with this identity. Just my opinion though. If anyone wants to listen to some interesting insight on this topic Chris has a ton of audio on this topic at symmetryofsoul.org under the archive just look for personality and selfhood, the 1st 15 minutes of the show is just review though so if someone does listen they can probably skip over that. I will probably re-listen to those audios this week.
  24. Here is another example where we can see that there is a temporal identity which will not survive and a higher identity (surviving identity) which is the joint creation of the adjuster and us. This higher identity is the identity of the soul. When we die it continues. (71.2) 5:6.7 The material self has personality and identity, temporal identity; the prepersonal spirit Adjuster also has identity, eternal identity. This material personality and this spirit prepersonality are capable of so uniting their creative attributes as to bring into existence the surviving identity of the immortal soul. Luckily most human beings have a surviving identity as a result of the universal bestowal of thought adjusters. IMO most of us walk around using only our temporal identity though. 12:6.8.The persistence of memory is proof of the retention of the identity of original selfhood; it is essential to complete self-consciousness of personality continuity and expansion. Even Jesus the man had a higher self/identity. I think a few readers have got tripped up on Jesus in thinking he had 2 personalities. He really only had one personality, with two identities/selves. He had a acquired divine self/identity and a human self. Just like how humans have a temporal identity, and a higher soul identity/self. 88:3.8.3. The acquired spirit identity of the man of Nazareth which was built up during his lifetime in the flesh, first, by the direct efforts of his Thought Adjuster, and later, by his own perfect adjustment between the physical necessities and the spiritual requirements of the ideal mortal existence, as it was effected by his never-ceasing choice of the Father's will, must have been consigned to the custody of the Paradise Father. Whether or not this spirit reality returned to become a part of the resurrected personality, we do not know, but we believe it did. But there are those in the universe who hold that this soul-identity of Jesus now reposes in the "bosom of the Father," to be subsequently released for leadership of the Nebadon Corps of the Finality in their undisclosed destiny in connection with the uncreated universes of the unorganized realms of outer space.
  25. Just to throw in another aspect to this. There is also the notion that eternity wraps back around on itself in a circle. In this model perhaps all those "theoretical" future facets of god are actualized and can engage the present from the distant eternity future. In a sense perhaps God can move in both directions of eternity. On the highest functional level all potentials have been actualized. So IMO even the unknowable and theoretical aspects of God are in play. 1171.5) 106:8.12 The association of these three Trinities in the Trinity of Trinities provides for a possible unlimited integration of reality. This grouping contains causes, intermediates, and finals; inceptors, realizers, and consummators; beginnings, existences, and destinies. The Father-Son partnership has become Son-Spirit and then Spirit-Supreme and on to Supreme-Ultimate and Ultimate-Absolute, even to Absolute and Father-Infinite — the completion of the cycle of reality. Likewise, in other phases not so immediately concerned with divinity and personality, does the First Great Source and Center self-realize the limitlessness of reality around the circle of eternity, from the absoluteness of self-existence, through the endlessness of self-revelation, to the finality of self-realization — from the absolute of existentials to the finality of experientials. Also some interesting sentences in this paragraph may shed some light on how experiential reality meets up with existential reality.
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