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  1. Hey Todd I have been meaning to ask you since Philo was a philosopher what do you think of his writing's? Philo is very highly regarded by the U.B.


    Also just food for thought, I don't know whether this is true or not, but I talk to a man in his 80's threw email who has been reading the u.b for over 50 year's and he knew someone "allegedly" hahah who was apart of the contact group. He said that first contact actually happened around 1905 and the paper's were slowly put together aftewards. Of coarse this is just talking to someone threw email's so for all I know he could be making that up hahah.


    Also we are a expirimental world, so I am not sure what exactly human's are capable of, though I have researched alot of alleged channeling's and things of that nature and I found them all rather disturbing hahaha. But how was paul of tarsus able to view the mansion world substance???..and how was it that so many human's became aware of jesus arrival ie. the man who spoke to the 3 wise men. How was it that so many prophet's knew so precisley about lucifer....How is it that a divine being can make himself known to a human being?...

  2. Well for comparasion instead of an owl I was just looking at wikepedia on information about Quetzalcoatlus and they flat out say they are not sure how this creature was able to fly and giant creature's like this but that it definitely did " The nature of flight in Quetzalcoatlus and other giant azhdarchids is poorly understood".The high estimate's for weight of this creature is 450-550 Lb's. A 200 pound weight load would be easy for a creature this massive.


    It's impossible to say that the feat of this bird is impossible seing as there has been a creature that has weighed 500 pound's and was able to take flight, perhaps even effortlessly.....Hopefully we can find this bird though soon enough, I am very curious to learn more.

  3. As opposed to many bird's who can only lift half their wieght, Great Horned Owls can lift 2-3 times their own weight and carry it off. There is also a youtube video of a Golden Eagle picking up a goat and carrying it off, haha.


    Just speculation but IMO Adam would probably weigh etleast 400 pound's, he is after all carying adonis dna haha. I have met a few 7 foot men and for them to be 265 pounds would require almost no body fat, etleast that is what it looked like. I would gather than an 8 foot man with muscle and no body fat who was had amazing proportion's would be in the 400 pound range. IMO, Adam would be perfectly proportional. Though he probably also was given the strongest and most agile bird. Still I am guessing that this beast would be massive, and it must have a large skull cavity considering it's intellegence. If it's related to an ostrich, than I could definitely see a large creature getting a running start and lifting a large load, also large birds can soar for mile's so I doubt that would be an issue. For a 8 foot 400 pound man though to be comfortable on the back of a bird and the bird to be comfortable with a 8 foot man on this back haha, this bird would have to have a massive core.


    That is some great research you guy's did I am really curious about these bird's I haven't done any research on this topic.



    •Great Horned Owls are early nesters. The eggs are laid and incubation occurs while snow is still on the ground.

    •Special flight feathers allow the owl to descend silently on its prey undetected.

    •The Great Horned Owl has the largest eyes of all North American owls.

    •It can lift and carry prey much heavier than itself (eg. a 3 lb. owl can carry 8-9 lb. prey.

    •The common "hooting" owl often heard at dusk and at night. It has a deep, resonating hoot, usually in a series of five (hoo, hoo hoo, hoo, hoo).

    •Often called "cat owl" in Newfoundland because of facial resemblance to a lynx or house cat.


    I once walked up to a great horned owl in the wood's these creature's are incredible....References to a great horned owl’s grip strength state such things as equal to a golden eagle’s, equal to the bite of an adult German shepherd, five times stronger than the grip of a man or up to 500 psi.

  4. how'd you suddenly only have 14 posts boom? that dream thing is very cool of course. it wasn't in god's plan for me to come across the book sooner than i did, but of course i wish it had been. by the time i came across the book i had screwed up my mind pretty bad. the changes in morality that i started to go through were so mentally taxing that i quit a high paying accounting job that i had at the time. but if i had come across this book before all my alcoholism and such, the journey would have been a lot easier to start living the idea that jesus came to give me life and give it to me more abundantly. in other words, my life has improved immeasurably because of the book in terms of understanding what love and service are and how to live a full life, but i could have done it a lot sooner if i had had jesus' revelation in tub, the gospel of revelation about these things sooner.


    god or helper spirits like angels or thought adjusters, etc., could bring the awareness to the book to many in something similar to how you became aware of it, but they don't do it en masse, but i'm sure a few people have gotten awareness of the book at a nice, young age without looking for it in a bookstore. yes, truly one of the best features of this book is that no mortal could have strung words together to make sentences like the magnificent sentences in this book. if it's completely wrong, at least it teaches me about love and service and good things. we just finished a science paper about energy in our group and the inverse proportion reality of two was commented on. so this book simply has it all, cutting edge science and cutting edge philosophy of emotion.


    I dont know why I haven't posted much I just started talking to other u.b reader's last fall, before that I had kept entirley off the internet forum's, infact I have still yet to meet another person who read's the U.B. Definitely having the book has saved me alot of time's from doing alot of stupid thing's and it keep's me in check when I start to do stupid thing's now hahah.


    I was praying alot when I was 16 I can't help but think what happened had something to do with a response to a prayer, maybe it can happen to alot of people if they prayed for help. I actually am surprised alot more people haven't found the book threw a dream, maybe it has happened more people just haven't posted their story about it. I know some u.b reader's don't like to think that you can have vision's in dream's because of the danger's associated with thinking your thought's are the thought adjuster's and the danger's of believing in information you conjured on your own and thinking they are from a divine source. Which is understandable.


    The first while after finding the book was pretty exciting though, I would have euphoric moment's sometimes thinking how this book just fell from the sky and how its about about the sky hahah. I mean I couldn't logically explain what was going on, and the excitment of it back then would sometimes be overwhelming. Even now I wonder what else could happen.....I read about god-consciousness and read about these story's of conversation's and I can't help but think unexpected and amazing thing's await anyone who dare's to fully let the gospel of jesus and the revelation transform their mind.

  5. I guess I feel like that dream was a cheat code though because I never really had to test its authneticity out. However at about age 20 I started really researching the science claim's and I have been really impressed with the correlations I have found. I mean even if this was science fiction how could anyone just make this stuff up. Even something like this just blows my mind still. (474.1) 42:4.11 The increase of mass in matter is equal to the increase of energy divided by the square of the velocity of light.

  6. Hi guy's I forgot this website even existed haha, apparently I am a member to haha. Well for me when I was 16 I had a dream and in the dream the urantia book was written out in big letter's and it was spoken out very loudly to me, so I woke up and wrote the word down. The next day I found the book on the internet and at first I thought alien's were abducting me at night and indoctrinating me haha, and then when I read about who the author's really were I felt my entire body tingle and all of my sense's just when into an amazing zone. At first I didn't understand alot of the paper's but I would read just a paragraph at a time and I could sense the intellegence behind all the word's and I could not in my mind correlate that immense intellegence to anything I have ever seen.


    Then afterwards I had sensation's and an intuitional feeling about the existence of some of the people in the u.b such as Machiventa. For some reason I could just feel that this was a real being and that he was around somewhere.


    Now I am as impressed with the scientific correlation's that the u.b offer's as at some of the spiritual concepts being presented, and the one sentence which I am slowly discovering everyday that makes more and more sense is about how doing god's will is an exhibition of creature willingness to share your inner life.

  7. How about these interesting theorie's and speculation's that urantia makes or that are connected to urantia. Like the Gene that regulate's brain size that appeared suddenly about 16 thousand year's ago. Or the theory that all blue eye'd people have common ancestor's. Or the Foxhall people. orrr about how urantia say's our larger bird's are the direct discendant's of dinasour's. Orrrr the supposed location of Atlantis/Eden in the Medditeranian. Orrrr Prevalence of Calcium in the universe. orrrr the Clay Tablet's of Sumeria. There is so many to get at....

  8. If Canada heat's up 2 degree's it does not affect me at all. Infact I welcome heat, my city is freagin cold for half the year.


    hahah im joking but seriously guy's do you have any idea how many eskimo's and homeless people die each year from Global Coldness, we need to start heating things up here in Canada so we don't have any more of these death's.


    hahah im just kidding, i don't mind the cold. Anywho does anyone want to talk about a different theory this one is getting kind of old.

  9. I know here In Canada the Green interest is taking the country by storm and is usually the number 1 issue that Canadians are willing to talk about. Im not saying na na na boo boo to America im just saying that there is change in this direction where I live and it is really positive. Already we are giving tax break's to people wanting solar panel's and Geothermal energy. being off the grid is an attractive thing and I know my city is shifting towards that area. In plumbing we get asked all the time about making the most effecient and most green system as possible.


    maybe it will just take one country to lead the way. Cough Canada hahaha. Im not trying to be an ass, but the people in this country are relatively very interested as a whole on this topic and there are no real debates to wether it should be impliminted. As canadian's we do just flat out agree with each other on a lot of topics like this. Neway's sorry if this came off as Canadian propaganda. haha I will admit though that The United states' has system's that work much better then our's it just when it comes to green our country does hold a special interest in this topic, and its only a matter of time before we go completly green.

  10. How about this. We start using clean energy for the simple fact it is cost effective, and nice to breathe in. and it seem's like we are moving towards that direction anyway's. I think the argument comes down to pollution is avoidable, and increasingly so. So If we have the technology we should avoid pollution, and i agree and I do not think any human being really want's to live in pollution etleast no for a long period of time.

  11. Yea there was a huge crisis that Global cooling was going to wreak havoc in the 1970's. I definitly agree though that there is a impact on human life from CO2 emmision's. I think the there is enough evidence to show that pollution does cause serious illness ranging from Asthma to cancer. However I think the planet is alot stronger then the human body, and that it would take a serious punch to knock the earth to its knee's. But i agree that we need clean energy for the sake of our general well being. Solar Panell's are quickly becoming more effecient and already is becoming a profitable market. I am doing research right now into the installation of sollar energy and I will most likely be installing sollar panell's for customer's in the city i live in because it is so profitable and actually will save you money. Neway's There are so many theories out there, but I think its safe to say pollution can and does kill people, and for that reason it is worth scrapping.

  12. Here's the actual quote for your reference:




    In Truth




    But were this ozone layer just a trifle thicker, you would be deprived of the highly important and health-giving ultraviolet rays which now reach the earth's surface, and which are ancestral to one of the most essential of your vitamins.


    And yet some of the less imaginative of your mortal mechanists insist on viewing material creation and human evolution as an accident. The Urantia midwayers have assembled over fifty thousand facts of physics and chemistry which they deem to be incompatible with the laws of accidental chance, and which they contend unmistakably demonstrate the presence of intelligent purpose in the material creation. And all of this takes no account of their catalogue of more than one hundred thousand findings outside the domain of physics and chemistry which they maintain prove the presence of mind in the planning, creation, and maintenance of the material cosmos.





    Page 666


    Your sun pours forth a veritable flood of death-dealing rays, and your pleasant life on Urantia is due to the "fortuitous" influence of more than twoscore apparently accidental protective operations similar to the action of this unique ozone layer.


    Were it not for the "blanketing" effect of the atmosphere at night, heat would be lost by radiation so rapidly that life would be impossible of maintenance except by artificial provision"


    NOTICE the very last line say's that HEAT would be lost by radiation so rapidly that life would be impossible of maintenance. HEAT is measured as temperature so I am not missremembering. and the "Blanketing Effect" is a direct reference to the ozone. and I am not giving this statment as a MATTER OF FACT it is just an OPINION. LOL easy there friend i am not trying to convert anyone to anything, i just thought it was an interesting line in Urantia, that May or may not mean anything but i found it interesting never the less. I just wanted to make a simple reference to that one line because it was an interesting line in reference to the topic of conversation for this forum which is called GLOBAL WARMING. and it seemed to me that Global Warming has alot or etleast something to do with the ozone aka "blanket".

  13. I love this quote from urantia.


    "The cross forever shows that the attitude of Jesus toward sinners was neither condemnation nor condonation, but rather eternal and loving salvation. Jesus is truly a savior in the sense that his life and death do win men over to goodness and righteous survival. Jesus loves men so much that his love awakens the response of love in the human heart. Love is truly contagious and eternally creative. Jesus' death on the cross exemplifies a love which is sufficiently strong and divine to forgive sin and swallow up all evil-doing. Jesus disclosed to this world a higher quality of righteousness than justice--mere technical right and wrong. Divine love does not merely forgive wrongs; it absorbs and actually destroys them. The forgiveness of love utterly transcends the forgiveness of mercy. Mercy sets the guilt of evil-doing to one side; but love destroys forever the sin and all weakness resulting therefrom. Jesus brought a new method of living to Urantia. He taught us not to resist evil but to find through him a goodness which effectually destroys evil. The forgiveness of Jesus is not condonation; it is salvation from condemnation. Salvation does not slight wrongs; it makes them right. True love does not compromise nor condone hate; it destroys it. The love of Jesus is never satisfied with mere forgiveness. The Master's love implies rehabilitation, eternal survival. It is altogether proper to speak of salvation as redemption if you mean this eternal rehabilitation.

  14. Hello Fellow Readers. To date, I've read through paper seven; chapter three.


    If I understand correctly, soul presence is acquired. It is not automatic:




    Is it possible the mortal can be made aware of this soul acquisition, this emerging reality? If I'm losing my mind, I'd like to know now.





    I remember in Urantia it say's the degree of spiritual aquistion for any person is the degree of love we have for other personalities'. IF you can truly love and feel it in your whole being. Then im sure it is a good indication of some GOOD VIBRATIONS hahah. or some good soul.

  15. P.1219 - §1 During the life in the flesh the evolving soul is enabled to reinforce the supermaterial decisions of the mortal mind. The soul, being supermaterial, does not of itself function on the material level of human experience. Neither can this subspiritual soul, without the collaboration of some spirit of Deity, such as the Adjuster, function above the morontia level. Neither does the soul make final decisions until death or translation divorces it from material association with the mortal mind except when and as this material mind delegates such authority freely and willingly to such a morontia soul of associated function.


    It is said we must begin to live as if we were future finaliters. I say begin here and now living your every moment as a morontia ascender focusing upon the absolute reality of the adjuster gift and the unifying gift of personality which is from beyond and before (paucity of language, here) God the Father fragmented his Deity nature





    AMAZING quotes!. Quotes like that leave me speachless, and i feel like just gazing into space, and picturing these literal Physical worlds that are inhabated by our brave and amazing brethren. I am sure even the local Spirit's and midway'ers of earth recognize the true intention's of these noble and brave men and women who are willing to truly live with God and concentrate their will with his and with Jesus'.

  16. That Post was a bit Lengthy but there is so much Truth's in Urantia bout the different Races that are NOT ambigous to today's world and today's science that I thought i would but a little. Anyways getting onto Global Warming. There is one HUGE quote in Urantia that shed's light on this situation. Urantia states that if The ozone were to be depleted then we would lose all our heat at night, because the Ozone act's as a blanket and trap's many of the life giving energie's. So if we were really destroying this ozone the North Pole would actually be getting colder, and we would be expereincing a Global cooling, ESPECIALLY AT NIGHT!. haha. I mean think about it if there is a huge hole in the ozone then at night think how freakin cold it would get!. there would definitly be some scientific evidence if we were expereincing this cooling. NEways This just makes complete sence to me and urantia does not give any indication that we are Killing the earth. however It does not say we are not killing ourselves, and I know that if i take a trip to Manhattan my lung's feel liek shit, but where i live near the rocky mountain's in Canada my lung's are somewhat safe from pollution. IM completly for a Serious pollution change though for that very reason im more concerned about little children's lung's then i am of the polar bear. Anyway's that's my 2 cents.


    oh and Im to lazy to find the exact quote however, but if i have to i will hahah, the good thing about the UB is if you can remember one keyword on the search engine you can find any reference in it.

  17. Skeletal and Skull variation's which are very simple to see and very distuingishable are hinted at as being the easiest and most clear way in Racial determination. The reason this is looked at soooo horriblly in science is because of the Potential for Scientific Racism.


    Another angle to look at is that Urantia hints that our basic scientific theorie's are incorrect and that we are often ignorant of our origin's.


    This quote gives a classic example of how even our basic scientific Philosophie's are not always right.

    "Time and the production of large numbers of a species are not the controlling influences. Mice reproduce much more rapidly than elephants, yet elephants evolve more rapidly than mice."


    As for our basic flaw of always using Natural Philosophy and placing theories on our origin's here is a classic mistake in using that "natural" philosophy as shown in urantia


    "not all the suppositions of natural philosophy are valid; for example, the hypothetical ether, which represents an ingenious attempt of man to unify his ignorance of space phenomena. The philosophy of the universe cannot be predicated on the observations of so-called science. If such a metamorphosis could not be seen, a scientist would be inclined to deny the possibility of developing a butterfly out of a caterpillar."


    If we are to use natural philosophy it does seem that the race's just did migrate out from Africa from the ape, and changed the colour of their skin in correlation with how close they were to the equator, but even that does not make sense. IF that were so then the Native American's of Canada would be lighter then the ones down south, but that is not true. It would also mean that Vietnamese people would be much darker then Tibetan's but this again is not true.


    Here are the quotes from Urantia about the Specific Races.


    "Each of the Urantia races was identified by certain distinguishing physical characteristics. The Adamites and Nodites were long-headed; the Andonites were broad-headed. The Sangik races were medium-headed, with the yellow and blue men tending to broad-headedness. The blue races, when mixed with the Andonite stock, were decidedly broad-headed. The secondary Sangiks were medium- to long-headed.


    Although these skull dimensions are serviceable in deciphering racial origins, the skeleton as a whole is far more dependable. In the early development of the Urantia races there were originally five distinct types of skeletal structure:


    1. Andonic, Urantia aborigines.


    2. Primary Sangik, red, yellow, and blue.


    3. Secondary Sangik, orange, green, and indigo.


    4. Nodites, descendants of the Dalamatians.


    5. Adamites, the violet race.


    As these five great racial groups extensively intermingled, continual mixture tended to obscure the Andonite type by Sangik hereditary dominance. The




    Page 905


    Lapps and the Eskimos are blends of Andonite and Sangik-blue races. Their skeletal structures come the nearest to preserving the aboriginal Andonic type. But the Adamites and the Nodites have become so admixed with the other races that they can be detected only as a generalized Caucasoid order.


    In general, therefore, as the human remains of the last twenty thousand years are unearthed, it will be impossible clearly to distinguish the five original types. Study of such skeletal structures will disclose that mankind is now divided into approximately three classes:


    1. The Caucasoid--the Andite blend of the Nodite and Adamic stocks, further modified by primary and (some) secondary Sangik admixture and by considerable Andonic crossing. The Occidental white races, together with some Indian and Turanian peoples, are included in this group. The unifying factor in this division is the greater or lesser proportion of Andite inheritance.


    2. The Mongoloid--the primary Sangik type, including the original red, yellow, and blue races. The Chinese and Amerinds belong to this group. In Europe the Mongoloid type has been modified by secondary Sangik and Andonic mixture; still more by Andite infusion. The Malayan and other Indonesian peoples are included in this classification, though they contain a high percentage of secondary Sangik blood.


    3. The Negroid--the secondary Sangik type, which originally included the orange, green, and indigo races. This is the type best illustrated by the Negro, and it will be found through Africa, India, and Indonesia wherever the secondary Sangik races located.


    In North China there is a certain blending of Caucasoid and Mongoloid types; in the Levant the Caucasoid and Negroid have intermingled; in India, as in South America, all three types are represented. And the skeletal characteristics of the three surviving types still persist and help to identify the later ancestry of present-day human races."


    If urantia is right about Mongoloid's then we should expect to find Some brunnetes in Mongolia, which we have.

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