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  1. I've only ever seen the emblem as 3 concentric circles, colored light blue, on a white background. I cannot seem to find any where in TUB where it defines the colors of the actual emblem. Does TUB say that the colors are light blue and white, or doesn't it matter? I suspect that the urantia foundation just decided on their own to use light blue circles on a white background, and that the actual colors were never defined by TUB. Am i correct? If i were to draw the emblem using different colors would it be considered incorrect?
  2. "At such times the Most High observer functions as the Most High regent, exercising unquestioned authority over all ministers and administrators resident on the planet" Do any of these beings have the ability to physically step into human affairs? as what would be needed in the case of a nuclear war, or exaustion of natural resources? or does "all ministers and administrators" include the living human ones?
  3. by the way, thanks for the references phil that was helpfull.
  4. what about the possibility of us humans destroying the earth or life on it ourselves via nuclear war, global warming, consumption of natural resources, ect.. do u think celestial beings would step in to prevent this, or would they let nature take its course? and considering the vastness of the universe im willing to guess this likely would of happened to other species on other planets too maybe?
  5. i under stand that. but my question was does the UB make reference at all to the very descriptive prophecys of the end times in the books of daniel and revelation? daniel was written before jesus' time. were his dreams divine visions? if so is the end of earth and its inhabitants just some sort of misinterpretation of them?
  6. Hello all, In the biblical books of daniel and revelation, and certain gospels, it explaines that urantia will eventually be destroyed by god and all humans will go through a "final judgement". i have searched through the urantia book somewhat and am unable to find any information regarding these end time prophecies. Does the uranta book mention the end times at all or at least explain the human mis conceptions of the prophets that recieved these revalations?
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