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  1. A direct phone line was installed from the SS's apartment to the Sadler’s, someone could track that down if they wanted.
  2. No compromise no bridge? Its confusing though, because those very same compromises were detrimental to the original gospel message and stand as a great obstacle for the reception of the 5th epochal in this age. So this brings us to the question, should we compromise the UB for the sake of numbers? If not then why, because Abner seems to be vilified for remaining true to the original gospel that was hijacked by Paul? Colter
  3. There is no mention of an end times for Urantia. Colter
  4. I'm stunned, just utterly speechless! Colter
  5. Hi friend of W, line 105: When the plans of the Material Son went astray, Adam and his family were not permitted to carry the core of the tree away from the Garden. When the Nodites invaded Eden, they were told that they would become as "gods if they partook of the fruit of the tree." Much to their surprise they found it unguarded. They ate freely of the fruit for years, but it did nothing for them; they were all material mortals of the realm; they lacked that endowment which acted as a complement to the fruit of the tree. They became enraged at their inability to benefit from the tree of life, and in connection with one of their internal wars, the temple and the tree were both destroyed by fire; only the stone wall stood until the Garden was subsequently submerged. This was the second temple of the Father to perish. I like this focus on the "core" of the tree, I had not picked up on that before. Now I have this vision of one of those "Sausage Trees" from the African Serengeti, mostly trunk or core with small leaves. Colter
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