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  1. WOW, the topic got real intense for a few post. Here's my thoughts........

    1. This is the exact reason why the Authors and their superiors elected not to include certain things in the book. Human beings are so set in their ways of thinking, due to how we are all raised, due to pollution of the civil development of our cultures. This being stated, we cannot possibly conceive of the true meanings of the facts in the book unless we let go of what we were taught as kids growing up. I as a reader need to let go of the EGO that was taught me to be open minded enough to understand the facts of the book. Can you imagine what we would be arguing about if they elected to include all the knowledge in their possession? If we didn't die from our brains exploding we would surely kill each other arguing over what is right and what is wrong. I now understand why the book was not formulated into a RELIGION. This is the problem that religions have that further keep them from the truth.

    2.Even "IF" and I stress IF, the book states that a Healthy non Handicapped "Violet" person is superior to any person of another race or blood strain, such is not the case on Urantia. Our populations blood is polluted with bad genes, all of ours!!! This is because of the rebellion and so much more that has gone wrong on our planet. This means that we all are equal because we all are of bad(unevolved) blood. The race card may apply on a non-tainted world, but not ours. Even if such was the case on Urantia, the books says nothing about not loving a person under us in status. So what if some race is better than another, they are all suppose to love each other anyways.

    3.My pizza is soooooo tasty. (Just trying to lighten up a serious subject with a little humor) LOL

  2. Hello again friends. Long time its been huh? I just recently passed trough a week of not reading, filled with doubt. I guess I was at the same point that you were describing Rick. Throughout the week I prayed my heart dry.......Asking the Father for understanding and clarity. Eventually, it was made apparent to me that putting the scientific facts aside whether or not any of the book is true or not, the spiritual truths in the book are far more advanced and spiritually sound than anything on Urantia today. This was the answer to my own doubt and question. If I recognized that fact, then I must admit that no Human no matter how great could forge such spiritual values, therefore the book must be written by "Advanced Beings" as it says it is, therefore the entire book is true and a good guide to live life by. I guess that "The Great Doubt" is the one that erases all doubt thereafter if we overcome it. My point is that that one moment of doubt is something we all muss pass through, kinda like an initiation or a process of rebirth. As one grows in spirituality new moments of doubt will come but, if we remember the lesson learned as we overcame "The Great Doubt" all will become clear, true, and serene. Sorry, if Im kinda tooooo out there right now. Im just on a spiritual kick today, despite almost getting fired from work and worrying about a Big test I have today. A lot of my views are based on my experience with 12 step recovery, the two books just seem right for each other. I wonder if the founders of the program were readers of TUB.

  3. I am interested in doing my part to spread the message in my area. I am a lonely reader and need a group to help me learn and associate with. Any Ideas? The closest group to me is about 30 miles. In todays world of gas prices....thats a fortune!
    I so desperately need like minded people to be with. I get so depressed being the only reader in my area.



    Admin Update: Take this link to the new: Study Group Directory



  4. [quotIe name=Bill Martin' date='Apr 5 2008, 02:03 PM' post='3363]

    What does it matter if the whole world crashes?


    Exactly! If it is the fathers will, let it happen. I think that if Urantia is to end, it is just part of the natural order of the universe AKA Evolution. All things Boil down to the fathers will. I personally am ready to start my Ascendant Career.

  5. AH YES! The ARMY, I remember my brief time there. Hoooahhhhhhh! I only finished Basic then was let go due to a medial disability. I only wish I was able to stay. I too met various people in My Platoon. I knew a SeT Worshiper and a Necromancer. LOL. Not the Best of People though. Such sadness in their souls. I too met with opposition with people in my Platoon. I only wish I knew the Book back then. It would of saved me the pointless and unnecessary name calling that I now regret. I do feel happy for you. Soon you will be close to where so much of Urantian History has taken place. You will be literally closer to EDEN than any of us will ever be. I do send you my thoughts and prayers for your safety.

  6. Well stated facts. I guess I just dont really have any good experience with this problem. I heard about the book online and wasn't introduced to a cover until I actually bought the book. At that moment the cover wasn't an issue as I really needed the book. Also, I am surrounded by mostly open minded people at NA meetings who know the importance of Spiritual Open mindedness. It is only when I hang with my old Pagan friends that I get made fun of. Hmmmm. Like I said, maybe I just haven't encountered this problem enough to truly understand its Importance.

  7. I am so sad to be living in a world where religious intolerance is taught behind closed doors. Certain symbols and key words are TABOO. If I had one wish.....It would be For Both Organizations to pull together and combine their resources to Institute a learning center. Each age has had a center of learning that taught the ways of the father and Evolved Ways of Living. We are in a lost age, so far from the original teachings of the Material Sons, Melchizedek, Moses, and Micheal. I would also like to see a New Temple of the Universal Father. Each age has had a Teacher. Where is the teacher of our age? Such things would portray us as "Just another Weirdo Cult" in an age of today. That truely makes me sad. I endure ridicule from uneducated peers. They call me a follower of something along the lines of Scientology. I am glad though that I have found someone willing to accept the Revelation. I let him approach me. I think that I will buy him a copy, It will be a good Investment. I now have someone to share my views with on a regular basis. Until we reach the age of Light and Life, such underground dissemination will have to be our Methods. I now believe that the cover or version doesn't matter. A truely open minded person will be interested regardless of Cover. Such is the case with my friend.



    P.S. Sorry for going off topic. I just had to share what I feel needs to happen

  8. I too am glad that you have found us Rey. I am a newbie to the book as well. i am 21 and found the book at 19, when m soul was lost. Only recently have I chose to accept the fathers will in my life. My next Goal is to study diligently and find a local group to share the Spirit of The Father with.

  9. It is so nice to see another young one such as I reading the "Big Blue Book". I am 21 and found the book at 19. Only recently have I made the decision to accept the Revelation as True and study it to the best of my ability. I am not that far in my studies yet so I really can't answer your question. Sorry. I can however offer info on what the revelation says about our understanding of Deity Personality. The Book constantly states that we see personality and spirit as part of something completely physical. We cannot possibly conceive of the spirit of god as being physical and spirit at the same time. The book says it is above and beyond our finite mortal minds to understand such concepts of The Universal Father. I am paraphrasing the book as I understand it of course. So, more studied readers forgive me if I have misstated facts. All parts of the Revelation that pertain to Deity, still confuse me. But, more studying offers more understanding. So, keep studying brother and the answer will come to you in your own understanding.

  10. I wonder if the tree is still among us. Maybe the Apple in the garden of Eden stems from some truth. An Apple is a fruit and the Tree did grow fruit. We really wouldn't be able to tell any way since the fruit would have a neutral effect on us If ingested. Just makes me wonder........



    P.S. Why is a star revealed when an Apple is cut in Half? Coincidence??? I'm eating an Apple right now! LOL

  11. Sorry for being a recluse on the board. Im more of a topic starter than a replier. But, as the Universal Father would have me share, here I am replying. I have a Uversa Press Version and I have to agree with you all. The cover is very misleading. Just the other day, I had to sit there and listen to my mom bash the book and call it a "Revelation from a Nuttjob!" I know Its not her fault. She just doesn't have all the facts and gets the wrong impression from looking at the cover and reading the back. She also is repelled by anything that is "Christian". And, as the cover looks Christianized, so she is repelled. I think this is a big problem. Some like I use to be, If still in the stage of Denial and Hatred mode that we all are raised on towards other beliefs, might be too closed minded to pick up the book due to the cover. If someone who has had quarrels with Christianity, looks at the cover, He or she might scoff and not give the book a chance. However, if one saw the Blue Hardcover Book, one might not be so repelled. This one problem is such as misfortune to those lost souls, who need guidance. I only pray that one day they will get the Revelation some way or other. I am truly thankful to God that I never subscribed to hatred and intolerance for other spiritualities and that he guided me with an open mind trough all my "trial paths" to this wonderful Blue Book.



    P.S. I am again sorry for replying so late into the discussion. Just trying to juggle life's day to day task in so little time.

  12. So, I guess after a little reading I came to an answer of my earlier question. Apparently, Our Material Sons and their family were sort of psychic. They were able to communicate by thought up to 50 miles. Something to do with a part of the brain. So, maybe my abilities are natural and part of evolution. This is after all, an experimental planet.

  13. I know it is not a religion. "CONVERT" was the wrong word to describe what I meant. What I meant to say was, It is very hard for me to accept the message that the book has to offer. I am a man who likes to follow rules. A spirituality without any clear defined rules for success is completely baffling! But, as you said, I need to keep studying and eventually I will understand in my own way and time.



    Dear Friend,


    Welcome to the Urantia Book forum! I hope you enjoy your visits. here. I'll try to answer several of your questions.


    1. "The only thing keeping me from converting is my hook on being a psychic and rune reader." The Urantia Book

    is a book, not a religion, so there is nothing to convert to.


    2. "Is there anywhere in the book that allows or disallows the use of psychic activities?" Not in so many words, but by continuing your study, you will end up answering this question for yourself. Wouldn't it be nice to find a list of do's and don'ts? Wouldn't it be nice to have a recipe for spiritual success? But there are no shortcuts, no speed lanes, no fast tracks. Living day by day, steady and sure is the best method to get what you long for. There is no substitute for personal experience.


    And there is no substitute for God.




  14. First of all I would like to say, hello to all my brothers and sisters in light and life. Im glad I found this site. I have been reading for about a year and have many questions but no one to ask. I am a man who craves spiritual knowledge and have always searched for that "moment of clarity" or "spiritual awakening". Nothing has ever really clicked. Then, I found the UB and was hooked. I cant really describe what with, but It just feels right. You know what I mean. For the past few years I have been a follower of the gods of my ancestors. I followed that because allthough it was a pagan religion and it allowed for the use of divination and psychic activities, it never required spellwork and superstition. Those are two things I dont really believe in. I never questioned my spirituality till I started reading the UB. Ive always had gnostic tendencies and I just pushed them back into my subconscious. I use to be a kabbalist but then I became a pagan. Kabbalism allowed for me to believe in GOD that was different but the same. I think Ive allways believed in God but knew that the GOD religions of today were not right for me. So, I just settled for paganism. Since reading the UB, I think Ive found a GOD spirituality thats right for me. The only thing keeping me from converting is my hook on being a psychic and rune reader. So my question is, Is there anywhere in the book that allows or disallows the use of psychic activities? I am so gifted and it is my calling. I am a natural teacher and guider when it comes to divination. It would be a shame to give it up. For such a guy lost in spirituality, I sure seem to have alot of spiritual wisdom for other people. I can help them but I can never help myself! I know Im so young compared to others. Even though Im 21, I dont feel that I should be doing what other 21 year olds do. If I had my choice, Ide stay home all day and work on my spirituality. Nothing but that! Unfortunately, in todays world one has to work and be responsible to live.


    On a less serious note: Im glad to be here and look forward to discussing these confusing pages!

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