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    I am interested in finding more of God, knowing more of Him thus being more like Him.
    "The thing that brakes my heart the most; a thing I will never be able to understand is the fact that some people are content with not seeking to find more of God, not wanting to know more about Him, finding more of Him, becoming more like Him... While trapped by their fear, they seem utterly and entirely oblivious to what is going on around them... It is true that, true love cast out all fear, for I love God so much; to find Him, I will even dare to tread where everyone warned me not to"
  1. Wow this is really amazing brother. I didn't read it to the end, but the parts I did read I was truly enlightened. I am busy at the moment, but when I get the time, I will come back and study it some more. Thank you for this, must've taken allot of your time. Blessings TruthFinder
  2. I love sharing my LARGE pieces Sorry if its a bit much, but its all so good. I have put my favourite part in bold... (1447.5) 131:4.1 The missionaries of Melchizedek carried the teachings of the one God with them wherever they journeyed. Much of this monotheistic doctrine, together with other and previous concepts, became embodied in the subsequent teachings of Hinduism. Jesus and Ganid made the following excerpts: (1448.1) 131:4.2 “He is the great God, in every way supreme. He is the Lord who encompasses all things. He is the creator and controller of the universe of universes. God is one God; he is alone and by himself; he is the only one. And this one God is our Maker and the last destiny of the soul. The Supreme One is brilliant beyond description; he is the Light of Lights. Every heart and every world is illuminated by this divine light. God is our protector — he stands by the side of his creatures — and those who learn to know him become immortal. God is the great source of energy; he is the Great Soul. He exercises universal lordship over all. This one God is loving, glorious, and adorable. Our God is supreme in power and abides in the supreme abode. This true Person is eternal and divine; he is the primal Lord of heaven. All the prophets have hailed him, and he has revealed himself to us. We worship him. O Supreme Person, source of beings, Lord of creation, and ruler of the universe, reveal to us, your creatures, the power whereby you abide immanent! God has made the sun and the stars; he is bright, pure, and self-existent. His eternal knowledge is divinely wise. The Eternal is unpenetrated by evil. Inasmuch as the universe sprang from God, he does rule it appropriately. He is the cause of creation, and hence are all things established in him. (1448.2) 131:4.3 “God is the sure refuge of every good man when in need; the Immortal One cares for all mankind. God’s salvation is strong and his kindness is gracious. He is a loving protector, a blessed defender. Says the Lord: ‘I dwell within their own souls as a lamp of wisdom. I am the splendor of the splendid and the goodness of the good. Where two or three gather together, there am I also.’ The creature cannot escape the presence of the Creator. The Lord even counts the ceaseless winking of every mortal’s eyes; and we worship this divine Being as our inseparable companion. He is all-prevailing, bountiful, omnipresent, and infinitely kind. The Lord is our ruler, shelter, and supreme controller, and his primeval spirit dwells within the mortal soul. The Eternal Witness to vice and virtue dwells within man’s heart. Let us long meditate on the adorable and divine Vivifier; let his spirit fully direct our thoughts. From this unreal world lead us to the real! From darkness lead us to the light! From death guide us to immortality! (1448.3) 131:4.4 “With our hearts purged of all hate, let us worship the Eternal. Our God is the Lord of prayer; he hears the cry of his children. Let all men submit their wills to him, the Resolute. Let us delight in the liberality of the Lord of prayer. Make prayer your inmost friend and worship your soul’s support. ‘If you will but worship me in love,’ says the Eternal, ‘I will give you the wisdom to attain me, for my worship is the virtue common to all creatures.’ God is the illuminator of the gloomy and the power of those who are faint. Since God is our strong friend, we have no more fear. We praise the name of the never-conquered Conqueror. We worship him because he is man’s faithful and eternal helper. God is our sure leader and unfailing guide. He is the great parent of heaven and earth, possessed of unlimited energy and infinite wisdom. His splendor is sublime and his beauty divine. He is the supreme refuge of the universe and the changeless guardian of everlasting law. Our God is the Lord of life and the Comforter of all men; he is the lover of mankind and the helper of those who are distressed. He is our life giver and the Good Shepherd of the human flocks. God is our father, brother, and friend. And we long to know this God in our inner being. (1448.4) 131:4.5 “We have learned to win faith by the yearning of our hearts. We have attained wisdom by the restraint of our senses, and by wisdom we have experienced peace in the Supreme. He who is full of faith worships truly when his inner self is intent upon God. Our God wears the heavens as a mantle; he also inhabits the other six wide-spreading universes. He is supreme over all and in all. We crave forgiveness from the Lord for all of our trespasses against our fellows; and we would release our friend from the wrong he has done us. Our spirit loathes all evil; therefore, O Lord, free us from all taint of sin. We pray to God as a comforter, protector, and savior — one who loves us. (1449.1) 131:4.6 “The spirit of the Universe Keeper enters the soul of the simple creature. That man is wise who worships the One God. Those who strive for perfection must indeed know the Lord Supreme. He never fears who knows the blissful security of the Supreme, for the Supreme says to those who serve him, ‘Fear not, for I am with you.’ The God of providence is our Father. God is truth. And it is the desire of God that his creatures should understand him — come fully to know the truth. Truth is eternal; it sustains the universe. Our supreme desire shall be union with the Supreme. The Great Controller is the generator of all things — all evolves from him. And this is the sum of duty: Let no man do to another what would be repugnant to himself; cherish no malice, smite not him who smites you, conquer anger with mercy, and vanquish hate by benevolence. And all this we should do because God is a kind friend and a gracious father who remits all our earthly offenses. (1449.2) 131:4.7 “God is our Father, the earth our mother, and the universe our birthplace. Without God the soul is a prisoner; to know God releases the soul. By meditation on God, by union with him, there comes deliverance from the illusions of evil and ultimate salvation from all material fetters. When man shall roll up space as a piece of leather, then will come the end of evil because man has found God. O God, save us from the threefold ruin of hell — lust, wrath, and avarice! O soul, gird yourself for the spirit struggle of immortality! When the end of mortal life comes, hesitate not to forsake this body for a more fit and beautiful form and to awake in the realms of the Supreme and Immortal, where there is no fear, sorrow, hunger, thirst, or death. To know God is to cut the cords of death. The God-knowing soul rises in the universe like the cream appears on top of the milk. We worship God, the all-worker, the Great Soul, who is ever seated in the heart of his creatures. And they who know that God is enthroned in the human heart are destined to become like him — immortal. Evil must be left behind in this world, but virtue follows the soul to heaven. (1449.3) 131:4.8 “It is only the wicked who say: The universe has neither truth nor a ruler; it was only designed for our lusts. Such souls are deluded by the smallness of their intellects. They thus abandon themselves to the enjoyment of their lusts and deprive their souls of the joys of virtue and the pleasures of righteousness. What can be greater than to experience salvation from sin? The man who has seen the Supreme is immortal. Man’s friends of the flesh cannot survive death; virtue alone walks by man’s side as he journeys ever onward toward the gladsome and sunlit fields of Paradise.”
  3. This last piece is my utmost favourite The best thing about the teachings of Jesus and about His life is you can sence the deep love He has for us in His words, its almost as if it comes alive when you read it. I can tell you one thing; long ago in my life, I used to be a druggy (Father God helped me out of it) but again I can tell you one thing, the words written in the Urantia Book is more addictive and more satisfying than any drug I have ever tried before in my life. (Said with all due respect) I will never stop talking about how grateful I am... Anyway, here's the piece I was refering to earlier at the top (1767.1) 159:3.13 Teach all believers that those who enter the kingdom are not thereby rendered immune to the accidents of time or to the ordinary catastrophes of nature. Believing the gospel will not prevent getting into trouble, but it will insure that you shall be unafraid when trouble does overtake you. If you dare to believe in me and wholeheartedly proceed to follow after me, you shall most certainly by so doing enter upon the sure pathway to trouble. I do not promise to deliver you from the waters of adversity, but I do promise to go with you through all of them.
  4. Hallo Urantians This is one of my Urantia Book Favourites. Most of you must've read it by now, but due to the fact that I'm new I still wanna share and get excited about it, how can we not. I truley enjoyed this part, it was the first part I layed eyes on, I just love the truth. 3. Instruction for Teachers and Believers (1765.3) 159:3.1 At Edrei, where Thomas and his associates labored, Jesus spent a day and a night and, in the course of the evening’s discussion, gave expression to the principles which should guide those who preach truth, and which should activate all who teach the gospel of the kingdom. Summarized and restated in modern phraseology, Jesus taught: (1765.4) 159:3.2 Always respect the personality of man. Never should a righteous cause be promoted by force; spiritual victories can be won only by spiritual power. This injunction against the employment of material influences refers to psychic force as well as to physical force. Overpowering arguments and mental superiority are not to be employed to coerce men and women into the kingdom. Man’s mind is not to be crushed by the mere weight of logic or overawed by shrewd eloquence. While emotion as a factor in human decisions cannot be wholly eliminated, it should not be directly appealed to in the teachings of those who would advance the cause of the kingdom. Make your appeals directly to the divine spirit that dwells within the minds of men. Do not appeal to fear, pity, or mere sentiment. In appealing to men, be fair; exercise self-control and exhibit due restraint; show proper respect for the personalities of your pupils. Remember that I have said: “Behold, I stand at the door and knock, and if any man will open, I will come in.” (1765.5) 159:3.3 In bringing men into the kingdom, do not lessen or destroy their self-respect. While overmuch self-respect may destroy proper humility and end in pride, conceit, and arrogance, the loss of self-respect often ends in paralysis of the will. It is the purpose of this gospel to restore self-respect to those who have lost it and to restrain it in those who have it. Make not the mistake of only condemning the wrongs in the lives of your pupils; remember also to accord generous recognition for the most praiseworthy things in their lives. Forget not that I will stop at nothing to restore self-respect to those who have lost it, and who really desire to regain it. (1765.6) 159:3.4 Take care that you do not wound the self-respect of timid and fearful souls. Do not indulge in sarcasm at the expense of my simple-minded brethren. Be not cynical with my fear-ridden children. Idleness is destructive of self-respect; therefore, admonish your brethren ever to keep busy at their chosen tasks, and put forth every effort to secure work for those who find themselves without employment. (1766.1) 159:3.5 Never be guilty of such unworthy tactics as endeavoring to frighten men and women into the kingdom. A loving father does not frighten his children into yielding obedience to his just requirements. (1766.2) 159:3.6 Sometime the children of the kingdom will realize that strong feelings of emotion are not equivalent to the leadings of the divine spirit. To be strongly and strangely impressed to do something or to go to a certain place, does not necessarily mean that such impulses are the leadings of the indwelling spirit. (1766.3) 159:3.7 Forewarn all believers regarding the fringe of conflict which must be traversed by all who pass from the life as it is lived in the flesh to the higher life as it is lived in the spirit. To those who live quite wholly within either realm, there is little conflict or confusion, but all are doomed to experience more or less uncertainty during the times of transition between the two levels of living. In entering the kingdom, you cannot escape its responsibilities or avoid its obligations, but remember: The gospel yoke is easy and the burden of truth is light. (1766.4) 159:3.8 The world is filled with hungry souls who famish in the very presence of the bread of life; men die searching for the very God who lives within them. Men seek for the treasures of the kingdom with yearning hearts and weary feet when they are all within the immediate grasp of living faith. Faith is to religion what sails are to a ship; it is an addition of power, not an added burden of life. There is but one struggle for those who enter the kingdom, and that is to fight the good fight of faith. The believer has only one battle, and that is against doubt — unbelief. (1766.5) 159:3.9 In preaching the gospel of the kingdom, you are simply teaching friendship with God. And this fellowship will appeal alike to men and women in that both will find that which most truly satisfies their characteristic longings and ideals. Tell my children that I am not only tender of their feelings and patient with their frailties, but that I am also ruthless with sin and intolerant of iniquity. I am indeed meek and humble in the presence of my Father, but I am equally and relentlessly inexorable where there is deliberate evil-doing and sinful rebellion against the will of my Father in heaven. * (1766.6) 159:3.10 You shall not portray your teacher as a man of sorrows. Future generations shall know also the radiance of our joy, the buoyance of our good will, and the inspiration of our good humor. We proclaim a message of good news which is infectious in its transforming power. Our religion is throbbing with new life and new meanings. Those who accept this teaching are filled with joy and in their hearts are constrained to rejoice evermore. Increasing happiness is always the experience of all who are certain about God. (1766.7) 159:3.11 Teach all believers to avoid leaning upon the insecure props of false sympathy. You cannot develop strong characters out of the indulgence of self-pity; honestly endeavor to avoid the deceptive influence of mere fellowship in misery. Extend sympathy to the brave and courageous while you withhold overmuch pity from those cowardly souls who only halfheartedly stand up before the trials of living. Offer not consolation to those who lie down before their troubles without a struggle. Sympathize not with your fellows merely that they may sympathize with you in return. (1766.8) 159:3.12 When my children once become self-conscious of the assurance of the divine presence, such a faith will expand the mind, ennoble the soul, reinforce the personality, augment the happiness, deepen the spirit perception, and enhance the power to love and be loved. (1767.1) 159:3.13 Teach all believers that those who enter the kingdom are not thereby rendered immune to the accidents of time or to the ordinary catastrophes of nature. Believing the gospel will not prevent getting into trouble, but it will insure that you shall be unafraid when trouble does overtake you. If you dare to believe in me and wholeheartedly proceed to follow after me, you shall most certainly by so doing enter upon the sure pathway to trouble. I do not promise to deliver you from the waters of adversity, but I do promise to go with you through all of them. (1767.2) 159:3.14 And much more did Jesus teach this group of believers before they made ready for the night’s sleep. And they who heard these sayings treasured them in their hearts and did often recite them for the edification of the apostles and disciples who were not present when they were spoken.
  5. Dearest Sister Thank you for your welcome. I am so happy to read that you are content with finding the Urantia Book, I feel exactly the same way and the UB is the water to my flaming head (I'm reffering to my signature) lol
  6. "A class of delighted children playing together and learning better our Father and His ways" - Dear brother. You couldn't have said it better How can we ever be more like Him, know His ways and making HIs will our will if we do not know Him or can't know more about Him? The UB is amazing and I enjoy it allot to delight with my brothers and sisters in the truth. Thank you for your welkom
  7. Dearest Sister T Thank you for your warm welcome and by mentioning your Thought Adjuster made my heart jump for joy I'm so used to not revering to my Thought Adjuster by true name in front of others. So when you mentioned yours so openly it struck me with happiness The most amazing thing that happened to me before I even knew about the Urantia Book was Father God (which I know now, was my Thought Adjuster) shared a bit of truth with me, for He well knew my path will lead to the UB. On meeting this friend, who introduced me to the UB, I felt strangely at ease with him and we could immediatly relate to the same "hunger" for more of God. He asked me to tel him more about my relationship I am having with God and so I started sharing things with him; things in the Universe, the seven circles and that God is in the middle of the seven circles and we as His children are somewhere in a "level". I also told him about my dreams I've been having, about us being more than what we preceive to be and one day, we are also meant to rule (watch over, care for) just like our Father. As I finished my story, I braced myself for a bible bash or a seriously worried expression, telling me to book an appointment for deliverance, but not this time, to my surprise, he knew exactly what I was talking about and I felt I could cry from the overwhelming feeling of relief, at last there was someone that knows about this, that knows what I am talking about!!! He then asked me if I know about the Urantia Book? The what? I asked. I couldn't even pronounce the name correct. I gave me a computer copy on a stick and from reading a few pages on my computer, I ordered a copy from Amazon. And so, on reading the Urantia Book, I discovered more and more about what my Thought Adjuster already shared with me and I will forever be utterly convinced that the Urantia Book is the true spoken Word of God. Please do not get me wrong, the Bible also had its role to play, no matter how confusing, it serves as a starting point, the gun that goes off when starting the race. Thank you again for your welcome, I will definitely enjoy it here.
  8. Greetings Urantians I am new here and I am so pleased to have come upon a site where I can converse with other Urantia Book readers. The Urantia Book is the best thing that could ever have happened to me... I always had this tremendous love for Father God and I also experience His love that leaves me standing in awe at times and I could never completely fully relate to God in the bible though I love Him so much, I gave it my all, I devoured the bible day and night, but to an extend that I have exhausted its content and realized that I need more (not to mention I was also always confused), but where can I find more of Him, then the bible? I was utterly and entirely depressed by the idea that the bible is all, I couldn't understand how can a Almighty God, the Alpha and the Omega fit into a book in any case? "Can the bible truley be all?" - I asked myself with my hands in my hair! Then I started getting angry and demanded more. I always felt something was missing and that I started feeling that the God in my heart is somewhat not the God in the bible. I kept this to myself only telling my husband (he understands me), for I didn't want to be bible bashed by my friends that are so zealously defending their “gospel” . But I was so hungry for the Father that I grew to know, Who abides in my heart, I longed for something more of that... And so I started searching and searching till I met a friend, who introduced me to the Urantia Book. Now, all I want to do is lock myself in a room and read it all day long; I didn’t realize that I was SO hungry for the truth until I started reading. I want to say thank you to Father God, thank you for leading me to this book. Thank you for your time on reading my letter. ~TruthFinder~
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