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  1. Agreed. You're not alone Bonita. Im with you.
  2. Who backed Jesus? The Father. Are you suggesting then that the Father is only backing UAI and the Foundation? Im sure you didnt mean it like that, but thats how it reads.
  3. Anytime. Well Truth needs to get out. And I feel ive been "called" to the occasion. I could always use a helping hand.... Anyway, as said above youre all welcome to join my forum. If you prefer email contact (and/ or phone?) ill pm anyone interested my info. Either way, please keep in touch. All of you.
  4. Bonita, theres alot we dont agree on. We but-heads in the beginning. But ive been reading along, and must say i agree with you on this 100%. I may or may not participate in the new UAI forum (cant figure it out). I like this one better. I may focus more time in trying to grow my Urantia forum when this one shuts down. Any and all (especially if you dont want to move to the new forum for whatever reasoning) are more than welcome to join mine. Even if you only post once in a blue spending more time in the new UAI forum, i would like to see you all over there. I dont want to lose touch with any of you. http://christianurantians.boards.net/index.cgi
  5. My full-sized Bible is 1408 pages total (including maps, etc). The mini-Bible only added an additional 140 pages to the thickness. I wouldn't mind a thicker book. I feel its easier to travel with smaller and thicker than it is taller and thinner. But that is just my opinion. Ill search ebay and see what i find on the one you mentioned.
  6. I dont have an iPhone anymore, though i do have an Android and have a copy on my Android. But im looking for a physical book. If it doesnt yet exist, ill wait until one is published. As useful as digital books are, they dont last and wont last if anything happens to the devices or the grid going down. Whereas a physical copy will last so long as it's taken care of. I may be "behind the times" but i like my physical books.
  7. As im sure everyone knows, the Bible comes in varying sizes. I have full-sized copies for my home and ministry and a mini one i carry with me. Is there mini Urantia Books and where can they be found?
  8. See you all in the next forum. Still working my way through Part IV
  9. There's evidence. It's just being covered up. For example: We are taught all humans have the same skeletal structure. However, all current races fit into three different skeletal structures (caucasoid, mongoloid, negroid). Three additional skeltal structures used to exist but have since vanished (went extinct?)
  10. Almost upto Part 4 and yet it seems so far away

  11. A guest on 'Coast To Coast AM' says he belongs to a part of the UB movement that claims to recieve additional revelations to the UB. Does anyone know of this? If its true, why would they pick such a small portion of the movement? Why not release it in text format like the UB? If each epoch is for the advancement of man; how was it determined, in little under 100yrs (60yrs since publication), and so few who had read the UB, that mankind is already ready for further info?
  12. Thankyou everyone. Ill use the advice for future people. She decided we cant be friends because I read the UB. She also said shes going to start a blog with the purpose of debunking it. Perhaps in her travels and research in an attempt to debunk it she'll come to realize the truths within it.
  13. Post away JR. Anything anyone can learn from can only be beneficial, even if not right away.
  14. Point well taken but its advice i seek. And yes they do, it is not i that seeks one but have been accused of joining one. She is one of many who view the entire UB community as a single cult. It doesnt seem to matter what is said, shes bent on proving to me its a cult and that im in danger. I see no danger in this book. I see danger in its people depending on how its interpreted, but thats true of all texts. How do i get the point across simply reading a book doesnt make you part of a cult? There are truths everywhere, people fail to see due to attitudes similar to that of this woman.
  15. Ive been posting articles about the UB to my one website keeping certain things out to try and get people as a whole, but particularly Christians, passed their bias in the hopes that at the end they will read the UB for themselves without pre-judging it based on others. A student of mine for about a year now took a paragraph that she knew wasnt my wording and googled it. Found the UB. Now shes trying to tell me its a false doctrine, that despite the fact its a study im forcing it on people, and that because it was from the 1920's it cant possibly be true. Shes suggesting im intelligent and all and that even the smart people get pulled into the cults. Shes accusing me of joining a cult and for adding the UB symbol to my logo. Now i can understand her concern because she was involved in a cult a few years ago. Aside from my ministry she goes to a few different churches in her area, and listens to tv pastors. The attitude she is expressing is precisely why i started my study keeping certain details, including the name of the book, out until the end. I dont want peoples bias getting in their way of judging the book themselves without outside opinion. Now that she has discovered the book and refuses to continue the study because she feels its evil, not from God, and too new to possibly be inspired from God; how do you feel i should go about this with her? If this was you, how would you handle it? Her attitude is a prime example of what i was trying to get at in some of my first posts here. This is how people view the UB.
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