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  1. Thanks everyone. I'm concerned about someone that I care about and I don't know how to help him. I know that alcohol keeps people on a low vibrational frequency, where spirit cannot have a relationship with you. I wish I could help him realize this. I want to help him from a spritual understanding, if possible, because this addiction is all about issolating people from their spiritual potential; maybe lower engergies are responsible. I'm sure they love to hold people back from spiritual advancement.
  2. Are there any good passages or advice (based on urantia teachings) to help an alcoholic, shift their thinking and open their eyes. thanks.
  3. What about the 12/21/12 date? I know that most say, "it's nothing at all". However, there must be something that is going to happen, whether it is a shift in consciousness, planetary alignments, etc... I've also heard quite a bit about the theory of a 5th dimetional shift. Any thoughts on these ideas? Thanks
  4. Does anyone know if the Urantia mentions anything that sounds like the Christian "Rapture"? As we approach 12/21/12, I have heard many theories of the "new heaven and new earth" mentioned from Matthew, where people think of it as a type of rapture senario. Some new agers refer to a new dimentional shift , in which the description sounds a lot like rapture.
  5. There are Christian Dating websites, so I thought that there might be a Urantia Dating website. I did a seach and was excited to learn that one exist, but then I was disappointed to learn that it is not active. It appears active, but there is no way to contact anyone or add a photo, so apparently someone started a website, but it doesn't work. Thanks.
  6. I am new to this forum and I sincerely wish to follow the rules, so I don't mean to step outside the boundaries. It's hard to discuss a relevant topic, and leave out the WHY it's important for me to know, because it leaves everyone confused, with comments of "who cares", because I can't tell them why I care, since I have to leave the story out. What I can tell you is this: I am a student of the Urantia and trust it more than any other source. As I am a mere human, the urantia could be telling me exactly what I need to know, but I may not get it...or even find it within the thousands of pages. I am NOT a person who is INTO ufos or Channeling. I'm NOT facinated by it. I DON'T think it is a FUN topic; I am not drawn to it because of TV programs, I'm NOT seeking it....I just want to live a blissfully normal life. But if it happens to you, would everyone agree that it is wise to understand and research what's going on? The first place I look to for understanding is The Urantia. However, I've been sidetracked to some biblical explanations, which (yes) did make me fearful. So, this is why I ask.... have circuits been open? Are we safe? Is the war over or at it's height? From what I've read (forgive me If this is outside the rules, but I don't want to cause any more confusion), some of this is of spiritual nature (they are dimentional) and are appearing to MANY people. Some stories are positive and wonderful; some are not. Apparently, some are actually from other planets; some are spiritual. This is why the biblical community has mentioned the "spiritual war". One biblical source said that there is a dimentional group, flying around, saying that Jesus is their master head and they are here in peace and wish to protect our society from nuclear dangers. Now, it sounds a little crazy, but despite that, these guys appear to people all over the world. So, the biblical community started talking about it, crying out "deception". For this reason, I duck my head, run inside, for fear (even though I should apparently not be fearful). So, even though I'd love to befriend and open my heart to some "visitor". It seems wise to study, be aware and know what's going on. Thanks.
  7. Bonita, I did not post Thurston's article...someone else did. I came onto this thread and responded to the article that was already posted, but it made sense to me. It came from the Urantia Book. There are things happening out in the world that make it hard to simply overlook this issue. As the world changes, we have to understand what's going on; If you are lucky, you can ignore it and be joyful. If you run across it, you're going to be asking questions. Let me ask you a hypothetical. I know you think this is nonsense, but it IS happening, whether you want to acknowledge it or not. Say there were UFO sightings in your neighborhood and various things had been reported. Then, one night you go out to take your dog out for her bathroom needs, and suddenly a bright light pops on over top of you....a silent (no sound) thing slips up to you out of no where and suddenly turns a bright beam on you. Do you feel fearful or ask them for tea? I don't know. So, me? I'd hold my head down and get inside as fast as possible. This is something that can happen to the most spiritual/god - loving people. You would not be looking for trouble or wanting this to happen....It just does. After an event like that, would you be talking about how foolish the TV programs are and how they just want high ratings OR would you be asking questions, especially in a forum where people are students of the same source you trust. For me, the next thing I'd do, was look up info on the subject, and thus ran across biblical folks saying that it's fallen angels, so the next thing I do, is come here to this forum, to see your thoughts. Suppose the one-time event suddenly made more appearances. Would you ignore that? Should you encourage them, as they are possibly "friendly" or check into it a bit further? Frankly, I'd LOVE to be free of ALL fear ... truely. So, would that be your advice in this circumstance?
  8. Bonita quote: " Seems to me that you're saying that anyone can be deceived and no one can be trusted"..... I never said that; I am not presumptuous enough to know that answer. I am only trying to understand. I'm not "saying" anything. Bonita quote: "Listen Marisa: If worrying about Thurston's tripe makes you more joyful; Spend all of your days reading Thurston and thinking about his words. Worry yourself away! ...... Forgive me if I misunderstood, but this feels like a sarcastic comment. If you consider my desire to understand a topic unimportant to you, then why make comments. Bonita quote: "I honestly cannot tolerate this stuff"..... Then WHY are you making comments on this post. There are plenty of other topics in another thread, which may be more tolerable to you. Using multiple adjectives to belittle my intelligence, spirituality, and my interest in this topic, which I am currently studying, is pretty upsetting to see. Everybody is a different level of understanding and may have questions that may be of no interest to you. Saying, "this has to stop" makes me (as a new poster) feel very unwelcomed. I am new here and I have no idea of the history in this forum previous to my post. This is what I've heard from you: "Malarky", "shallow", how stupid "people like YOU are" for paying attention to this article, etc... Plus, None of this is referring to anyone of evil intent or desire. I'm referring to people who are sincere, love god, pray and are only seeking good....period! So, why even mention people with evil desires. Of course, the topic would be silly, if it was regarding people who are TRYING to do evil things, and lastly, this topic has nothing to do with Halloween...that didn't even enter my mind. This topic is important for me to understand and if it's silly to you, please don't degrade me for asking. Thanks.
  9. Hi Bonita, Thurston's article explains that "Caligastia deceives and goes after sincere individuals who believe they are doing the right thing". So, are you saying that this is just a bunch of "malarky" that we shouldn't care about? Thing is, it's going on with sincere urantia students. They are not untintelligent/ungodly people who don't pray or aknowledge their thought adjusters guidance. Your quote: "This notion that communication circuits have something to do with the strength of evil or the presence or potency of an evil personality truly bewilders me". "What is going on these minds? Why such shallow comittment to our heavenly helpers? "...... Does that mean that things that are going on all around us and affecting many people are unworthy of understanding? People who are acknowledging or experiencing this are "shallow"? If one is experiencing this, isn't it wise to analyse what Thurston's article is telling us? Why would he waist time on this article if it wasn't worthy of concern. Your quote: "Why people waste their time paying attention to UFO claptrap never ceases to amaze me. "Why not give equal time to prayer and boost the ratings of God instead?" .... Does that mean that people who are acknowledging the events happening all around us are not Praying and focused on god? That couldn't be further from the truth. Many are very spiritual and very focused on god. Just because it many not have been your experience, does not mean that it is not happening on a wide scale to others. Isn't it wise to attempt to understand how it fits in with the heavently father's plan? Do we just stick our heads in the sand and ignore that it's happening. Thurston even put a calculation of time frame mathematically. Why was he interested in this if it's a waist of time, unimportant and malarky? Thanks.
  10. Bonita, Does that mean that you believe the circuits have been opened? Otherwise, I would think that we still have something to fear, regarding the deceptive influences of Caligastia.
  11. I am confused about a few aspects of Thurston's article (from Urantia) and would be interested on some feedback on the topics below: 1. The time calculation estimated by Thurston seems to show that the "fullness of time" could take 100 to 800,000 years. Unless I misunderstood, he seems to indicate that the 800,000 years have now past. Does that mean that the quarintine may have ended and that the circuits have possibly opened? I'm not clear on this. 2. I have many concerns regarding the recognition of rebellious beings. His article mentions that they (Caligastia)" seek an "audience, acting as human proxies..to establish strategic alliances with humans (or groups), to work through blind agents (sincere individuals trying to do the right thing). He (Caligastia) uses misdirection and confusion regarding his real purposes and will conceal his real puposes from this human" friends" Based on this summary, it seems that we are not safe to seek any spiritual connections, without encountering rebellious beings. I think about the UFO phenominon and worry about whether most of these are manifestations of rebellious beings or whether they are our unseen friends from the seraphic planetary government. How would you know the difference? With all these deceptions, how will we ever recognize our true friends? As we progress spiritually, do we fear the unknown or the "new earth/5th demintional" transitions that the new age community have been discussing OR is that also a deception? If the circuits are open, do we have anything to fear? If you have any insight or thoughts on this, please let me know. thanks.
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