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  1. Perhaps every religion is right, this is not me to decide poterno. But talking about Islam and comparing social (and spiritual) with the Cristinesimo we should see the difference between the peoples conquered by Islam and Christian
  2. Bill Martin it is important to accentuate the positive, that is true. But at this particular juncture I'm hearing about the American Embassies, how they have been the object of fierce assault by al Qaeda. Not everything is safe in the world. Religious fanaticism is a serious threat. Despite this I am always optimistic
  3. Dear Bill Martin I agree with what you have expressed. I also would like to have a more complete contact with the Divinity Resident in order to understand certain things to a higher level. But for the moment, as well as deepen UB and to pray and worship me know if there is a desire to have survived to the present day a race of those memorabilil times. I understand that it is curiosity, but that's what I was going on in the mind. I also realized that no one can give an answer in UB and therefore there is no trace of what I ask.
  4. In the passage of the new John the Baptist is a true prophecy, which was announced earlier. In the case of "musician" says "may appear". It seems to me quite different. (1864.1) 170:5.1 Having Summarized The Teachings of Jesus about the kingdom of heaven, we are permitted to narrate later Certain ideas Which Became attached to the concept of the kingdom and to engage in a prophetic forecast of the kingdom as it may evolve in the age to come.
  5. I too have asked the same question. But perhaps we are not able (yet) to understand in depth the meaning of all this diversity there was for Urantia over thousands and millions of other realities. I think it is both an honor and a burden.
  6. FanofVan brother, I am very sorry but from my translator was not able to understand many meanings. Bonita: Yeah, I mean questo.Il chapter you showed p1919: 02 indicates a probability not already a certainty. However, the problem is not even that, in my opinion. I started this thread by saying that UB has given us a unique prophecy, that "sooner or later there will come a second John the Baptist." This is the only certainty we have in our future or that of future generations. Personally, I am comfortable and confident that however things go will do the will of God But if I look at the world I discover that there is so much confusion, terror and evil. Let us leave aside the "end of the world" and "Caligastia." As you can see this world after almost 100 years after revelations of UB? It should have been better?
  7. Ok, I think that the problem is solved, at least for now. I get always the message that says: You can make 9 more posts until Today, 09:40 PM. Apart from all this ..... Thank you for the work you have done but it remains one last question, for example of the breed Nodite person has completely track? There is no longer a region that preserves the characteristics of this breed. Another example, the race of the Bretons and the Basques are not the surviving breeds? And finally, how did the idea of ​​Hitler, the Aryan race? They were all crazy or something was not it?
  8. PIKE: In this historic moment and even before we are witnessing a global crisis of values. But now appears to me that UB is not yet recognized as a revelation (of many) and that the New Age is enchanting the rest of the population which is not found in religions. FANOFVAN: If others are not scandalized, nor I will. Moyer has already indicated the day of judgment (his first) and failed. But even if his theory on the second coming of Michael should not be considered as pure truth, nevertheless contains some serious questions. BONITA God honors our free will and our will, but I do not think we can rule out the possibility that it comes from the second coming of Michael. It also remains true that the location of the second coming of Michael today is completely arbitrary. But we can not exclude that Caligastia be freed to make a show of himself and try to corrupt all men, including the elect. ___________________________________________________________________ I am unable to write, perhaps an automatic mechanism of the forum. I respond here to the two recent speeches by FANOFVAN and BONITA FANOFVAN: I spoke Moyer only to make a comparison of how to interpret UB and I have also said that the only prophecy that I have found in UB is the new John the Baptist. So if UB makes us a prophecy for our day (in fact say, "sooner or later") then we can be sure of this. However on (and here I called dance Moyer) today in our planet's okay. I also believe that the revelation of UB does not enter at all into the fabric of the planet Earth, it is still living in the informal economy. BONITA: Of course, I'm helping with google translator. I said that the second coming of Michael is independent of everything. In about Caligastia, what you say is true. He however, today, it is free to do whatever he wants, is limited. MIchael If you were to go, perhaps Caligastia can be left free to do whatever he wants, even blatantly in front of everyone
  9. I was wondering if in UB there are references to ancient breeds, such as the Nodites etc. .. And if you can figure out which people have given rise. I know that some superior races came together in northern Europe, including Denmark and other countries. Can you tell me more precisely about? _________________________________________________ I am unable to write, perhaps an automatic mechanism of the forum. I respond here to the two recent speeches by Rick Just Rick, I read the whole thing but maybe I missed the steps which lead me to understand, in today's world, what are the Adamic races or Nodite and more. For example, in Europe there are people that are very similar as the French, the Spanish and the Italians. Others, however, are different, the Germans, and others the British, Danish and many other breeds. America is the mixing of many breeds. Now I was wondering if you can go back through the description of UB to identify the modern breeds and how they are related to the old ones. Excuse my English written language, sometimes you do not understand. I've been using to help me, the translator google. I realized just now that this thread has been closed. I do not understand the reason which led to its closure, I may have been a stumbling block for someone if I asked to know the origin of the modern breeds? Among other things, when I was not even given a hit.
  10. Ernest predictions that do not correspond to those proposed in this tread, so it's quite the opposite. I have cited as an example to say that not everyone thinks in a certain way. I am convinced that as UB says, sooner or later our planet will come the era of light and life, but I am also aware that the revolt of Caligastia has not been fully completed, the judgment of the rebels has not yet occurred and perhaps these events will involve both good and evil to Earth. What you say is right, and today more than ever should be preached the Kingdom of God or Kingdom of Heaven. I am equally convinced that there is no better method than direct testimony. My concern is only one, that the men and women of our time do not recognize the truth of these testimonies and be content with a substitute for the truth.
  11. Ok Bonita. Can I ask you a question that goes beyond the main theme, even if it is partly relevant to it? Been to Ernest Moyer? What can you tell me of his prediction?
  12. Exactly, you hit right in the UB about the prophecy foretold. Now it is said that sooner or later a new John the Baptist preached the truth of the Kingdom of Heaven. As far as the planet of Light is life, although this is an event that must be checked, soon later, it is said that the procedure is the standard one. The earth is a planet with a decimal and rebellion yet to be determined. Many things could be different. After the preaching of the truth we will be in front of an unknown quantity. Perhaps more than one. I was wondering then, how should this be interpreted preaching of the new John. The acceptance or rejection of the truth? Melchizedek will again take the reins being the vicar of Michael, or will the intervention of Michael himself? Our civilization multiethnic resist the challenge of evolution or perish? These and many others are my concerns for others.
  13. what you say is right fanofVan, but as I said to Meredith, I wanted to deepen especially the prophetic aspect of the cap. 170. http://urantia.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/1336-prophetic-forecast-of-the-kingdom/ Thanks to you too
  14. What you say is absolutely right Meredith, but I'll leave a link where I'm introducing the subject of the Kingdom in more detail. http://urantia.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/1336-prophetic-forecast-of-the-kingdom/ thanks
  15. 5. Later Ideas of the Kingdom (1864.1) 170:5.1 Having summarized the teachings of Jesus about the kingdom of heaven, we are permitted to narrate certain later ideas which became attached to the concept of the kingdom and to engage in a prophetic forecast of the kingdom as it may evolve in the age to come. Let's find out what prophecy is talking about?
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