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  1. I was walking with my friends past a bookstore, when I suddenly heard myself saying 'there it is!'. That was the Urantia Book on display in the store window. I had never heard of it and I didn't know what it was about. Nevertheless I just had to rush in and buy it. That could very well have been the most significant event of my life. From then on the UB has been my treasure. It was 1991 and it took many years for me to finish it especially because my native tongue is Finnish and this is the English edition. Later to my delightful surprise I found out that Finnish was among the first languages it was translated to. Nowadays I mostly read the online version. I've always been interested in art, philosophy and the meaning of life. Before UB ancient Eastern philosophies had given a lot of insight to my seeking of the path but I felt there were still some parts of deeper truth missing. Overall I don't really believe you can learn from books how to live, unless supported by your own experience, direct or indirect. I have a strong confidence in intuition as my guidance as opposed to pure reason. So maybe there are some causes to why I feel I'm just in the beginning of my journey. Count me as a starter in the concepts of UB wisdom. The more I have 'learned' about life and everything the more it has become evident how little I actually know and understand. I guess it's part of being a human to become aware of your limitations. My world vision has been greatly enhanced by reading the UB though - at least that's how I see it now. I've defined myself as an artist and as I am inspired by the UB so is my art - in a sense. However it's little more complicated than just that, even controversial as I really can't relate to anything concrete to support the connection. I don't feel comfortable at all e.g. depicting anything from it let alone adding citations to my works. My art is more like a child's play than anything else. It was like that even long before I had read the UB. My personal mission as an artist could be put to words as 'visualizing the invisible'. If that makes any more sense than any other definition. Maybe I'll post some examples for you to decide and see what I mean. All in all I anticipate some interesting conversation with you on this forum. Thank you everyone for being here and good luck in your efforts whatever they are on this path called life on Urantia.
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