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  1. This forum has been so great for me! You are all great contributors. You insights have kept me humble and even more open to absorption. Keep up your great works! Ray
  2. This is fascinating for me to envision the spirit of one individual hovering/encompassing an entire world(s), unfragmented, that can communicate on an individual basis with me.
  3. I have had a private inquiry with Bonita regarding the spirit of truth; since I had recalled that she had mentioned or that is referred to 'the Spirit of Truth' as a person sometime ago in one of her posts. For all the years I've been reading the UB I always forseen this spirit as an all encompassing force of our Creator Son utilized as an aide in recognizing both truth and beauty as represented by the Father-Son, Creator Son. Bonita has provided me with some quotes that refer to this Spirit as a 'he' or 'him' which I took to be in reference to a masculine spirit-force not a person. Perhaps an entity that is a personal entity? Am I the only one that always thought this way?!
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