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  1. Allow me to express my gratitude to Rick, Bonita, Coop, Nigel, Absonite, Bill, Scott, EEB, and all others here who have chosen the "job" of teaching. None here are "chosen", except by the receptivity of all of us students or any of us students and by the generosity and determination and volition of all who contribute here. Some teach some truths better than other truths or other teachers and so it will always be. Me? I am student learning to become student-teacher for I see the growing need for more knowledgeable and more enlightened "teachers" and hope to become one. And here on this Forum of learning, teaching, and sharing, I am learning much about the Revelation, myself, my relationships, and the mind of the new reader and fellow student in their multi-faceted presentations of preconception and misconception (a common trait shared by us all to some degree). It is not good for any here to energize discordance regardless of any disagreements we naturally come to in regard to the complexities presented us with clear warning: mortal mind does not and cannot but rarely achieve true objectivity, time frame perspective, and discernment of many issues provided for our study in text. There will never be uniformity in the experience or understanding of the Revelation due simply to the nature of mortal mind and its limited capacity for comprehension and the even more limited perspective or point of view(ing) truth and reality, eh? This makes our sharing of multiple perspectives especially important, for by such triangulation of concepts and perspective each student may be rewarded by personal progress and we may all the more easily shed those prejudices or preconceptions which obscure the greater truths available by transcending those prejudices in mind via such triangulation with those we respect as teachers. Thanks to all for being here, I cannot express how profoundly grateful I am for that which I have learned here thereby. I am reposting the original (#1) post by Rick to guide us all back, I hope, to that which supports Melchizidek's recognition of planetary evolutionary progress and the mechanisms and agents of Father and Michael which are fully engaged in supporting progress made and advancing progress to come. May we all refocus on the positive aspects of that issue....progress.....made and yet to come. And I agree with Bonita that the very foundation unit of civilization and progress is the family and it needs reinforcement and social support. Technology and mechanization has destroyed the extended family in America, we are now "nuclear" or small unit families which are under severe stress. Is this inevitable? Will developing countries avoid it? (China is certainly on the same path). Remember in all the stress of failures, it can be difficult to discern the hand of Father as He relentlessly but patiently turns our lemons into His lemonade. Let us be of good cheer as we share in this certain progress. Posted 02 December 2012 - 08:26 AM Dear Forum Members and Guests, One of the most frank and (personally) startling statements from the Revelators about achieving our long sought after peace, was this one from a Melchizedek (70:3), one of the wise men of our celestial overseers: ...The peace of Urantia will be promoted far more by international trade organizations than by all the sentimental sophistry of visionary peace planning. Trade relations have been facilitated by development of language and by improved methods of communication as well as by better transportation....He goes on: ...The absence of a common language has always impeded the growth of peace groups, but money has become the universal language of modern trade. Modern society is largely held together by the industrial market. The gain motive is a mighty civilizer when augmented by the desire to serve.... P.787 - 4This is the season when the western world begins to chant the ancient adage that still goes unfulfilled, 'Peace on Earth'. Now we are shown the way by one who knows many worlds, many campaigns, many great teachers. It seems worthy of highlighting on the Forum, and in our war-ridden world at this time of the year when we celebrate the life and teachings of the "Prince of Peace", so that we can intelligently steer the honorable drive for peace in the right direction. And a chance to hear others' reactions to Melchizedek's unorthodox peace declaration.
  2. A personal discussion between Jesus and the rich man is an interesting reflection on this particular aspect of the larger topic of peace to come....if only eventually, eh? I'll post just the beginning....but a good read: 5. Counseling the Rich Man (1462.2) 132:5.1 A certain rich man, a Roman citizen and a Stoic, became greatly interested in Jesus’ teaching, having been introduced by Angamon. After many intimate conferences this wealthy citizen asked Jesus what he would do with wealth if he had it, and Jesus answered him: “I would bestow material wealth for the enhancement of material life, even as I would minister knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual service for the enrichment of the intellectual life, the ennoblement of the social life, and the advancement of the spiritual life. I would administer material wealth as a wise and effective trustee of the resources of one generation for the benefit and ennoblement of the next and succeeding generations.” It would seem to me that opinions on the success and failure of our taxing and religious institutions to fairly and justly administer "public wealth" and transfers, it might be more profitable, so to speak, to focus on those evolutionary and transformative progressions experienced and the challenges to peace which remain obstacles to further progress. Tax codes aside, there is an amazing transfer, voluntary, of wealth to uplift and serve others. This is relatively new and encouraging. Where might that lead us all? How? What can we support rather than oppose? Just sayin'......
  3. So, Michael's TA and Michael and the Supreme - all have the experience in truth that a soul/morontia mind acquires by mortal mind in the flesh. Or so I understand the following: (1179.2) 107:2.8 7. Personalized Adjusters, those who have served with the incarnated Paradise Sons, together with many who have achieved unusual distinction during the mortal indwelling, but whose subjects rejected survival. We have reasons for believing that such Adjusters are personalized on the recommendations of the Ancients of Days of the superuniverse of their assignment. (1180.2) 107:3.9 The valor and wisdom exhibited by Thought Adjusters suggest that they have undergone a training of tremendous scope and range. Since they are not personalities, this training must be imparted in the educational institutions of Divinington. The unique Personalized Adjusters no doubt constitute the personnel of the Adjuster training schools of Divinington. And we do know that this central and supervising corps is presided over by the now Personalized Adjuster of the first Paradise Son of the Michael order to complete his sevenfold bestowal upon the races and peoples of his universe realms. (1200.2) 109:6.2 As related to fusion candidates, if a Mystery Monitor is deserted by the mortal associate, if the human partner declines to pursue the ascending career, when released by natural death (or prior thereto), the Adjuster carries away everything of survival value which has evolved in the mind of that nonsurviving creature. If an Adjuster should repeatedly fail to attain fusion personality because of the nonsurvival of successive human subjects, and if this Monitor should subsequently be personalized, all the acquired experience of having indwelt and mastered all these mortal minds would become the actual possession of such a newly Personalized Adjuster, an endowment to be enjoyed and utilized throughout all future ages. A Personalized Adjuster of this order is a composite assembly of all the survival traits of all his former creature hosts. (1200.3) 109:6.3 When Adjusters of long universe experience volunteer to indwell divine Sons on bestowal missions, they full well know that personality attainment can never be achieved through this service. But often does the Father of spirits grant personality to these volunteers and establish them as directors of their kind. These are the personalities honored with authority on Divinington. And their unique natures embody the mosaic humanity of their multiple experiences of mortal indwelling and also the spirit transcript of the human divinity of the Paradise bestowal Son of the terminal indwelling experience. (1200.4) 109:6.4 The activities of Adjusters in your local universe are directed by the Personalized Adjuster of Michael of Nebadon, that very Monitor who guided him step by step when he lived his human life in the flesh of Joshua ben Joseph. Faithful to his trust was this extraordinary Adjuster, and wisely did this valiant Monitor direct the human nature, ever guiding the mortal mind of the Paradise Son in the choosing of the path of the Father’s perfect will. This Adjuster had previously served with Machiventa Melchizedek in the days of Abraham and had engaged in tremendous exploits both previous to this indwelling and between these bestowal experiences. (1201.3) 109:7.2 Personalized Thought Adjusters are the untrammeled,unassigned, and sovereign stabilizers and compensators of the far-flung universe of universes. They combine the Creator and creature experience — existential and experiential. They are conjoint time and eternity beings. They associate the prepersonal and the personal in universe administration. * (1201.4) 109:7.3 Personalized Adjusters are the all-wise and powerful executives of the Architects of the Master Universe. They are the personal agents of the full ministry of the Universal Father — personal, prepersonal, and superpersonal. They are the personal ministers of the extraordinary, the unusual, and the unexpected throughout all the realms of the transcendental absonite spheres of the domain of God the Ultimate, even to the levels of God the Absolute. (1201.5) 109:7.4 They are the exclusive beings of the universes who embrace within their being all the known relationships of personality; they are omnipersonal — they are before personality, they are personality, and they are after personality. They minister the personality of the Universal Father as in the eternal past, the eternal present, and the eternal future.
  4. Bonita - I wanted to acknowledge your answers to my question for I am deeply imbedded in your recommended thread....and I recommend it to all!! Also, my question was a garbled mess as was my hasty rebuttal. A more straightforward question would be: Do you think the Melchizedek missionaries are the original source of messianic expectations of later times? Or are there historical records of this expectation prior to that period too? I understand how twisted such things can become over time, especially with only oral teachings and priesthoods and kings to "personalize" such for further distortions to come. Anyway, thank you for sharing and for your patience with me.
  5. (1017.1) 93:3.7 Melchizedek taught that at some future time another Son of God would come in the flesh as he had come, but that he would be born of a woman; and that is why numerous later teachers held that Jesus was a priest, or minister, “forever after the order of Melchizedek.” (1017.2) 93:3.8 And thus did Melchizedek prepare the way and set the monotheistic stage of world tendency for the bestowal of an actual Paradise Son of the one God, whom he so vividly portrayed as the Father of all, and whom he represented to Abraham as a God who would accept man on the simple terms of personal faith. And Michael, when he appeared on earth, confirmed all that Melchizedek had taught concerning the Paradise Father. I would presume that this is the origination and not Zoroastranrism.
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