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  1. right to the center Bonita. Thank you for forming to word my thoughts
  2. Yes it sure does. Before TUB during tests I would become angry with God for allowing such things to happen to me, but I always knew that everything will end OK. Now, I try to get the most out of the test. When it finishes, I meditate on the test and try to remember as much as I can out of it, so I can move to knew topic.
  3. Hello, During this life we are constantly being tested (OK, there are some quiet periods). TUB taught us that this testing repeats until we finally learn the lesson we are being taught. Yesterday I came to conclusion that when we realize the moment that we are being in the middle of the test, that we are just few steps from finishing the test. During last year I learned to recognize the test very soon as it starts. There are few clues to do that. Sudden feeling of being alone, separated from source and center. Uncommon situations in daily life and some more clues which I believe are different from person to person. But there is big step between realizing that you are being tested and finding what is the purpose of the test. And what a great feeling it is when you finish the test positively and of course not so great when you fail ;( But failing is also a way of learning, so next time you can do better. How do you handle your tests? Do you pay attention to them or you just "walking" the life? P.S. And did I mentioned that during the tests Jesus is always with me, by my side
  4. Just few days ago I was telling my friend a story about little green man of Ireland, and he was astonished
  5. Great story! I never heard it before and it talk really looks like midwayers are described in it. Now I wonder if there are similar stories in other cultures? In last past few weeks I'm watching ancient aliens series on history channel. When you put this in TUB context it looks very interesting
  6. If we can't blame dog for being a dog And bird for being a bird, than we shouldn't blame our brothers and sisters for being humans
  7. Man can never know to many languages. It is selfish to speak only one language. It is really sad when brother meets brother and they can't communicate. But on the other side it often happens that my brothers don't understands me in my native language
  8. Thank you Bradley. I don't have slightest doubts that we will gether our thoughts again. We just have to be little patient.
  9. Hi all, I logged in the new site and frankly I'm not so excited as Rick and Meredtih. One Croatian poet wrote 100 years ago "In the world of changes, only change constant is." I know that change always brings us good things (directly or indirectly) but as my sisters and brothers noted here before me, service to brothers and sisters shouldn't have price tag. For me it is choice to by food for my children or to pay the fee for the forum. The choice is very clear to me. I'll miss thoughts of people which grow to my soul in last two years, but we will gather again in some better place which wan't bind us with money which become such a big issue in our lives. Meredith, Human government in the conduct of material affairs continues to function throughout this age of relative progress and perfection. The public activities of a world in the first stage of light and life which I recently visited were financed by the tithing technique. Every adult worker--and all able-bodied citizens worked at something--paid ten per cent of his income or increase to the public treasury, and it was disbursed as follows: 1. Three per cent was expended in the promotion of truth--science, education, and philosophy. 2. Three per cent was devoted to beauty--play, social leisure, and art. 3. Three per cent was dedicated to goodness--social service, altruism, and religion. 4. One per cent was assigned to the insurance reserves against the risk of incapacity for labor resultant from accident, disease, old age, or unpreventable disasters. P.625 - §1This is ideal which will one day rule on this world two, but I think we wan't be here to enjoy it For example in Croatia through different government wages people 45% of their income. And again it is problem to get educated and receive health care if you don't have money. The one who have more gets better education and health care. So, for all on this forum who thinks that my thoughts made them smile and even had some value send me personal message and we can exchange e-mail. Alina, my soul sister. we will keep in touch (by the way it is snowing again) Menno, thank you on the book. At the moment it is at one special person which I managed to interest in the Kingdom of Heaven. J.R. - you were my great inspiration. Bonita - thank you on your swift and fast mind (and tongue). You always made me (re)think my conclusions and ideas. Rick - your OPAD was one place to adjust my thoughts about red parts of the books. In Croatia I'm still alone in this Urantia adventure so This forum was only place where I communicated with other readers. I wish you all happy journey. I will keep my sight to new page but I will decide will I actively participate or not. Until Father join us together again. Hrvoje Pajk aka Pike
  10. Thank you Alina, right quote in right moment. I'm really looking forward to meet you one day. We are so alike
  11. Hi RIck, is there a way that I copy one complete topic? There are topics like Discern poetry and Qoute with Art which really deserves to be copied to new forum
  12. When things are going in unexpected way, wait to se what God really has in mind.
  13. Hello, Do you know the situation when our children needs to do something and they have tramendeous wish to do it by them self? And as a parent you wish to give them advice how to do it And children replays: no, no! I will do it alone! And then you let them do it. Superwiseing the situation from distance because you know that they are doing it wrong. And then after they fail to do it at the end they come to us asking for help that we offered on the beginning. And let us think a bit a little about ourself. When Father offers us a hand and we say we can do it alone. And at the end we take the hand we were offeref. See the resemblance? It is better to take a hand as soon it is offered.
  14. Imho, living mortal life is one big practice ground for mastering Patience and thinking, especially because we can't go nowhere until we are called. Patience, more patience and some more patience. When I become impatience i take a deep breath (actualy several deep breaths ) and calm my body. And then always it comes to my mind word: Patience
  15. If i head a little more time i would now search for right emoticon to express my joy! Thank you all for helping me grow.
  16. Or trying to explain God'ss Love to someone who thinks he is the center of the Universe. (1440.4) 130:8.4 At last they reached Naples and felt they were not far from their destination, Rome. Gonod had much business to transact in Naples, and aside from the time Jesus was required as interpreter, he and Ganid spent their leisure visiting and exploring the city. Ganid was becoming adept at sighting those who appeared to be in need. They found much poverty in this city and distributed many alms. But Ganid never understood the meaning of Jesus’ words when, after he had given a coin to a street beggar, he refused to pause and speak comfortingly to the man. Said Jesus: “Why waste words upon one who cannot perceive the meaning of what you say? The spirit of the Father cannot teach and save one who has no capacity for sonship.” What Jesus meant was that the man was not of normal mind; that he lacked the ability to respond to spirit leading.
  17. I agree Absonite, I did consider Dimesnion from physical point of view. for defining position in space. And as Nelson wrotte it is hard for mortal mind to comprehend true meanning of Universe. When I thougth about this topic I considered that Paradise has phyisical coordinates and considerd this problem from material point of view because I want to settle this Universe "navigation" issue in my mind. Thanks on your thougths
  18. Hi Alina, I wanted to post this quote in my original post also, but I was destracted by something and forgot. It has sense: three on the finite level length, height, depth three on the absonite level time, spiritual gravity, ??? and one on the absolute level Paradise I also agree with Nelson. I also beleive that it is almost imposible for Human mind to comprehend some things. But we can allways try. Right? People without dreams are People without vision. Hrvoje
  19. Hello all, Today I was reading a part in chapter 130 On the way to Rome, and a quote from here had me thinking about Universe Dimensions (By dimensions I don't mean on size). Here is the quote which caught my attention: (130:7.6) There are seven different conceptions of space as it is conditioned by time. Space is measured by time, not time by space. The confusion of the scientist grows out of failure to recognize the reality of space. Space is not merely an intellectual concept of the variation in relatedness of universe objects. Space is not empty, and the only thing man knows which can even partially transcend space is mind. Mind can function independently of the concept of the space-relatedness of material objects. Space is relatively and comparatively finite to all beings of creature status. The nearer consciousness approaches the awareness of seven cosmic dimensions, the more does the concept of potential space approach ultimacy. But the space potential is truly ultimate only on the absolute level. 130:7.7.It must be apparent that universal reality has an expanding and always relative meaning on the ascending and perfecting levels of the cosmos. Ultimately, surviving mortals achieve identity in a seven-dimensional universe. So, here is revealed that Universe has 7 cosmic Dimensions. Could this Dimensions be connected to ones that Humans identified: 1. Length 2. Highth 3. Deepness 4. Time If yes, then we have 3 more to uncover. On the list I would defintly put 5. Spiritual Gravity - Gravity that pulls us in spin toward Paradise . And this leaves 2 more (or 3 if I missed the 5th one) Feel free to comment and reveal to me your thoughts
  20. Hello, I would like to share Croatian point of view. In last 100 years we past through many political models. Kingdom, comunisam, totalytarisam, democracy and socialisam. Last 3 in last 20 years. I think that all of this models are not badly imagined and the problem was in people which were behind it. People with lust for power, lust for glorification of ego, lust for material things. And people which do not care for their brothers and sisters. When one model was finished the same people become leaders of new model. I beleive that you get the picture. IMO, all of this had to happen during political growth. People must see how bad things can get, so when they elect next time they will remeber what all previouse models Brought them. Sad things is tha people with ideas and ideals doesn't want to waste time on corupted politics. Gordian knot It will take some time to antagle it
  21. Hello, I agree with Bradly and would like to share personal experience. Fear is one great obstacle in human progress, material and spiritual. In last year, most of above quotes past through my personal experience and it sat in place. Battle with fear started one evening with simple question which appeared in my mind: What bad can happen to me? And I remembered following Jesus sentence: (100:2.7) Jesus portrayed the profound surety of the God-knowing mortal when he said: "To a God-knowing kingdom believer, what does it matter if all things earthly crash?" Temporal securities are vulnerable, but spiritual sureties are impregnable. When the flood tides of human adversity, selfishness, cruelty, hate, malice, and jealousy beat about the mortal soul, you may rest in the assurance that there is one inner bastion, the citadel of the spirit, which is absolutely unassailable; at least this is true of every human being who has dedicated the keeping of his soul to the indwelling spirit of the eternal God. If I have to leave this plane of existence today, I'm assured that journey continues. So: - fear of death - un logical. Life doesn't end with end of material life. - Fear of common day challenges - un logical. All challenges have it's purpose. As soon as we master one challenge, new one begins - Fear of opinion of other people - un logical. Everybody has right on his opinion. It is not necessary that everyone likes us. - etc. General conclusion, Fear has no sense and I should leave it behind me and start to live without it. And it was good decision. Life without fear is really beautiful. Another qoute which really set me free from material worries is: (140:6.13) And then Thomas asked Jesus if they should "continue having everything in common." Said the Master: "Yes, my brethren, I would that we should live together as one understanding family. You are intrusted with a great work, and I crave your undivided service. You know that it has been well said: 'No man can serve two masters.' You cannot sincerely worship God and at the same time wholeheartedly serve mammon. Having now enlisted unreservedly in the work of the kingdom, be not anxious for your lives; much less be concerned with what you shall eat or what you shall drink; nor yet for your bodies, what clothing you shall wear. Already have you learned that willing hands and earnest hearts shall not go hungry. And now, when you prepare to devote all of your energies to the work of the kingdom, be assured that the Father will not be unmindful of your needs. Seek first the kingdom of God, and when you have found entrance thereto, all things needful shall be added to you. Be not, therefore, unduly anxious for the morrow. Sufficient for the day is the trouble thereof." This qoute made me think: Was I ever hungry? Was I ever without shelter? Was I ever without human love of any kind? Answer on all this question is NO! After this realization I started looking on common day problems as challenges from which I had to learn something. All of this must added to my growth but as It is mentioned above, Growth is unconscious. You can't see it if you search it, but when it accumulated you can see that you changed. It is like with children, If you see them everyday you don't realizing that they are growing. But if you don't see them for a while you are surprised how they have grown.
  22. Hello sister Alina and everybody else, Yes it has past some time since I last time left a learning conclusion in this place. Mainly because most of the messages that I learned was so personal that I dauth that they would benefit anyone. Lessons where somtimes hard but summary is following: Have faith in me and my decisions. I'm allways with you. Give your brothers and sisters a hand. Don't ask why do they need it and don't expect nothing in return. I will repay their debts to you when the time comes. Be in peace all the time. Again I tell you, I'm allways with you. Talk about Me with other people in casual ocassions. Don't be annoying to others. Family is allways in first place. This lessons are product of my mind and they formed during prayers and my conversations with Trinity. At the time I'm preocupied with my Family life and other tasks so there is not a lot of time left in a day for you my forum friends. Be you all in pece. Pike aka. Hrvoje
  23. no movement, no time. - Infinity Movement is measured with time. IMHO that is the way of reaching Infinity. But I'm looking it from 4D so my opinion is really low viewpoint
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