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  1. right to the center Bonita. Thank you for forming to word my thoughts
  2. Yes it sure does. Before TUB during tests I would become angry with God for allowing such things to happen to me, but I always knew that everything will end OK. Now, I try to get the most out of the test. When it finishes, I meditate on the test and try to remember as much as I can out of it, so I can move to knew topic.
  3. Hello, During this life we are constantly being tested (OK, there are some quiet periods). TUB taught us that this testing repeats until we finally learn the lesson we are being taught. Yesterday I came to conclusion that when we realize the moment that we are being in the middle of the test, that we are just few steps from finishing the test. During last year I learned to recognize the test very soon as it starts. There are few clues to do that. Sudden feeling of being alone, separated from source and center. Uncommon situations in daily life and some more clues which I believe are different from person to person. But there is big step between realizing that you are being tested and finding what is the purpose of the test. And what a great feeling it is when you finish the test positively and of course not so great when you fail ;( But failing is also a way of learning, so next time you can do better. How do you handle your tests? Do you pay attention to them or you just "walking" the life? P.S. And did I mentioned that during the tests Jesus is always with me, by my side
  4. Just few days ago I was telling my friend a story about little green man of Ireland, and he was astonished
  5. Great story! I never heard it before and it talk really looks like midwayers are described in it. Now I wonder if there are similar stories in other cultures? In last past few weeks I'm watching ancient aliens series on history channel. When you put this in TUB context it looks very interesting
  6. If we can't blame dog for being a dog And bird for being a bird, than we shouldn't blame our brothers and sisters for being humans
  7. Man can never know to many languages. It is selfish to speak only one language. It is really sad when brother meets brother and they can't communicate. But on the other side it often happens that my brothers don't understands me in my native language
  8. Thank you Bradley. I don't have slightest doubts that we will gether our thoughts again. We just have to be little patient.
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